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Nickel Defense [Football]
When a defense brings in a 5th defensive back to replace a linebacker on the field, increasing its pass coverage.
Nickel Defense or Nickel Package [Football]
When a defense brings in a 5th defensive back to replace a linebacker on the field, increasing its pass coverage or give a different look to the blitz.
Nickel-Cobalt [Golf]
Trong face material often used along with stainless steel metal woods. It is lighter and stronger than typical 17-4 stainless steel.
Nickel-Dime [Poker]
Describing a small game.
Nickel-Dime-Quarter [Poker]
1) A small-stakes home game, with those being the chip sizes and betting limits. Usually, five cents is the smallest bet permitted and 25 cents the largest. Sometimes the nickel refers to the ante, the dime the minimum bet, and the quarter the largest. Also, quarter game. 2) Any small-stakes game.
Nickel-Dime-Quarter Game [Poker]
Nickel-dime-quarter (A small-stakes home game, with those being the chip sizes and betting limits. Usually, five cents is the smallest bet permitted and 25 cents the largest. Sometimes the nickel refers to the ante, the dime the minimum bet, and the quarter the largest. Also, quarter game.).
Nickels [Craps]
A term used by experienced players meaning chips with a five dollar denomination.
Nickels and Dimes [Poker]
Dime store (In lowball, a 10-5. For all meanings, also called nickels and dimes, Woolworth, or Barbara Hutton.).
Nidan Geri [Martial Arts]
Jumped double front kick
Night Eye [Horse Racing]
See chestnuts.
Night Eyes [Horse Racing]
See chestnuts.
Nightcap [Horse Racing]
The final race on a program.
Nihon Geri [Martial Arts]
Two successive kicks
Nihon Nukite [Martial Arts]
Two finger spear hand
Nihon Zuki [Martial Arts]
Two successive punches
Nijiri [Archery]
The handle of a bow, Japan.
Nina [Poker]
9 (the card or the lowball hand)
Nina at the Marina [Craps]
Nina from Pasadena [Craps]
Betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 9 (5&4)
Nina Ross [Poker]
9 (the card or the lowball hand)
Nine [Golf]
A nine hole course or the sequence of 9 holes of an 18 hole course.
Nine Iron [Golf]
An iron club giving a distance of between 105 and 140 yards for men's clubs. See "Niblick".
Nine Miles [Poker]
Nine-Pack [Bingo]
Nine numbers in a block on one card.
Nine-Way Hand [Poker]
1) Nine-way straight. 2) In the 52-card deck, a hand containing four cards to a flush.
Nine-Way Straight [Poker]
In the 53-card deck, open-ended straight.
Nineteenth Hole [Golf]
The bar at the clubhouse.
Ninja [Martial Arts]
"Stealer in." Japanese warriors most associated but sadly stereotyped with spying, infiltration and assassination. They became legends in their time, supposedly capable of disappearing into thin air and turning into animals.
Ninjutsu [Martial Arts]
The art practiced by the ninja of feudal Japan.
Nismo [Motor Sports]
Nissan Motorsport Engineering - Nissan's motorsport division
Nit [Poker]
To bide your time, patiently waiting for a playable hand.
Nit (National Invitational Tournament) [Basketball]
The oldest college tournament, in which 32 teams not selected to the NCAA Tournament compete each year.
Nitro [Motor Sports]
Short for nitromethane, an oxygen-containing exotic fuel.
Nitromethane [Motor Sports]
A mixture of nitric acid and methane which is used to fuel TOP Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars; is also called nitro or top fuel.
Nitrous [Motor Sports]
Short for nitrous oxide (N2O), the same stuff that the dentist puts you to sleep with. When injected into an internal-combusion engine, it provides extra oxygen (being about 35% oxygen, as opposed to air which is 21% oxygen), and gives the engine a BIG boost in power.
Nitrous Oxide [Motor Sports]
Nitrous oxide is comprised of 2 parts nitrogen and one part oxygen (36% oxygen by weight). When the nitrous oxide is heated it breaks down and releases extra oxygen, However, it is not this oxygen alone which creates additional power, but the ability of this oxygen to burn more fuel. By burning more fuel, higher cylinder pressures are created and this is where most of the additional power is realized. Illegal to use in any NASCAR stock car series. Both A.J. Foyt's and Darrell Waltrip's qualifying times in the 1976 Daytona 500 were thrown out because of evidence of Nitrous Oxide use.
Nits and Lice [Poker]
In high poker, two small pair, usually 3s and 2s. Also called mites and lice, mits and mites.
Njpw [Wrestling]
New Japan Pro Wrestling
Nl [Greyhound Racing]
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Nmw [Wrestling]
New Millennium Wrestling
No [Archery]
An arrow shaft, Japan.
No Action [Roulette]
A call made by a dealer that the casino will not cover a particular bet or that a particular spin or decision doesn't count.
No Brainer [Croquet]
A lucky and fortuitous shot.
No Decision (Nd) [Baseball]
The result when a starter is credited with neither a win nor a loss.
No Deduction [General]
In the event that two or more horses are withdrawn before coming under starterís orders, the total deductions wonít exceed 75p in the pound.
No Double after Split (Ndas) [Blackjack]
Casino rules that do not allow doubling when the player has split two cards.
No Factor [Golf]
Never a real contender in the race.
No Gypsy [Poker]
In the larger double-limit games, usually above 15-30, with a live blind, the situation in which players are not permitted to open by just calling the blind, that is, opening with a bet the same size as the blind. Thus, the minimum opening bet is always two bets.
No Hitter [Baseball]
A game in which a pitcher does not allow the opposing team to reach a base via a safe hit.
No Hole Card [Blackjack]
This describes any blackjack game in which the dealer does not take a second card until after all player hands are finished. If a player who has doubled down or split loses only the original bet to a natural by the dealer, the player's strategy and edge are the same as if the dealer took a hole card and checked it. If the player loses all on doubles and splits against a natural, the game is generally called "European no hole card".
No Lift [Weight Lifting]
An attempt judged invalid by at least two of the three referees. See also good lift.
No Mishaps [Golf]
Did not have trouble or excuse.
No Pair [Poker]
1) In high poker, a hand lower than one pair, usually named by its high card, as, for example, ace high. 2) In lowball, any hand without a pair. No pair usually implies a hand topped by a nondescript high card, as a 10 or worse, but some needle artists show down a good hand, like a 6, accompanied by the announcement, "No pair."
No Peeky [Poker]
A poker game played only in private or home games, a form of five- or seven-card stud in which each player gets all his cards face down, and is not permitted to look at them. The first player to the left of the dealer rolls (that is, turns face up) one card, at which point there is a round of betting. The second player then rolls as many cards as it takes to beat what the first player has exposed, at which point there is another round of betting. This continues on around, with each player rolling only as many cards as it takes to beat the previous player's exposed cards, followed at each such point by a round of betting. If at any point a player exposes five cards that cannot beat the player to his right, that player is out. Sometimes called beat your neighbor.
No Room. [Poker]
I have a full house.
No Third Dividend [General]
Occurs when there is seven or less runners in a race. In this situation, dividends will only be paid out on the horse's which finish in first and second place.
No Vacancy. [Poker]
I have a full house.
No-Brainer [Poker]
A hand so good that it can be correctly played even by someone with no brains. In lowball that would be a good 6 or better, and in high, aces full or better
No-Fault Insurance [Motor Sports]
A type of insurance where both parties in an accident file claims regardless of fault.
No-Limit / no Limit Poker [Poker]
A poker game in which players can bet as much as they have in front of them on any given round.
No-Match Numbers [Lotto]
A daily 3- or 4-digit number that contains no matching digits, as opposed to a double, triple, double-double or quad. Examples: 123, 498, 1234, 0659. These are the most common types of combinations. They show up in 3 out of 4 three-digit number drawings and in half of all four-digit number drawings.
No-Peek [Poker]
A class of poker games where players do not get to see their cards before betting. Rarely played in public games.
No-Rebuy Tournament [Poker]
Freeze-out tournament (A tournament in which players start with a specified amount and then can buy no further chips; once they lose their chips, they are out, as opposed to a re-buy tournament. The tournament continues until one player has all the chips. As players are eliminated, they may receive prizes based on the order of their elimination. For example, the final remaining player may win 50% of the prize pool, the next-to-last 25%, the third 10%, and so on.)
No-Spotter [Poker]
An ace, deuce, trey, or the joker, so called because when the card is lying face down and you lift its lower right corner you see no spots. Some lowball players couple the knowledge that a card could be one of these but that they don't know which one with game theory to decide on whether or not to bet.
Nock [Archery]
[1] The end of an arrow with a notch in it for the string.

[2] The grooves in the tips of the limbs of bow to fit the bowstring. [3] The act of fitting an arrow to the string.
Nocking Point [Archery]
The place on the bowstring where the arrow is placed for firing.
Nod [Horse Racing]
Lowering of head. To win by a nod, a horse extends its head with its nose touching the finish line ahead of a close competitor.
Noir [Roulette]
French term for Black Bet.
Nom De Course [Horse Racing]
Name adopted by an owner or group of owners for racing purposes.
Nomex [Motor Sports]
Trade name of Du Pont, a fire-resistant fabric used in the manufacturing of protective clothing.
Nomination Fee [Horse Racing]
A fee paid by an owner to keep his/her horse eligible for a upcoming horse race.
Nominations [Greyhound Racing]
The complete list of runners entered by owners and trainers for a race.
Nominator [Horse Racing]
One who owns a horse at the time it is named to compete in a stakes race.
Nomo Homo [Archery]
Buriat for bow.
Non Starter [Horse Racing]
A horse which has failed to come within a reasonable distance of the mobile barrier may be declared as a non-starter of the race by the starter or Stewards. All bets placed on a horse which is later declared as a non-starter, are refunded.
Non-Conforming Ball [Golf]
Any ball that does not meet the requirements as set forth in Appendix III of the USGA Rules of Golf.
Non-Conforming Club [Golf]
A club whose construction does not allow it to be played in any event (either professional, amateur or club-level) as sanctioned by USGA Rules. This includes any round of golf that will be used when establishing or maintaining a USGA handicap.
Non-Conforming Club (Driver) List [Golf]
A comprehensive listing of clubs (particularly drivers) that do not meet the USGA equipment requirements for one reason or another. The list, updated regularly, is available at
Non-Negotiable [General]
A promotional chip which canít be exchanged for cash.
Non-Playing Side [Croquet]
Area on the other side of the wicket that is being played.
Non-Renewable [Motor Sports]
The termination of the insurance policy at the expiration date.
Non-Sweater [Horse Racing]
See anhydrosis.
Non-Trip Chine [Powerboating]
A chine (on the sponson) that's angled so it won't "trip" on the water during a turn.
Non-Wax Ski [Skiing]
A ski that, in most circumstances, needs no grip wax to enable forward or uphill movement. All skis are sold without wax, yet all benefit from having wax applied frequently.
Noncomoquer [Poker]
In lowball, a card that does not pair one in your hand (thus making specifically the hand you were drawing to). When a player makes a good hand, he may say, "I caught a noncomoquer." Comes from pan (panguingue).
None on/Out [Baseball]
Refers to situation when there are no outs and the bases are empty (generally leadoff situations).
None on/Runners on [Baseball]
Describes the status of the baserunners
Nonstandard Hand [Poker]
Any of various hands not usually recognized as having value in card rooms and casinos, generally only found in draw poker. Nonstandard hands include hands such as big dog, little dog, big cat, little cat, kilter, skip straight, blaze, and the like. Also called freak hand, special hand.
Noodle [Cycling]
To ride at a relatively slow, easy pace.
Noon Sight [Sailing]
A sighting taken for celestial navigation at noon, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky.
Nordic Camber [Skiing]
The high arch built into Nordic skis to allow better gliding in cross country skiing. See also Alpine camber; camber; double camber.
Nordic Combined [Skiing]
A competitive event that combines ski jumping and cross country. Competition usually begins with a cross country race, followed by two rounds of ski jumping. See also Gundersen competition.
Nordic Skiing [Skiing]
This encompasses all forms of skiing involving 'free-heel' skiing, whereby the foot is only attached at the toe region to the ski. It includes biathlon, cross-country skiing, langlauf skiing, ski-orienteering, ski-racing (track racing), ski touring, telemarking, XCD skiing, and even bushwalking on skis.
Norm Point [Skiing]
The point at which, in ski jumping, a skier's trajectory is almost equal to that of the slope, and thus a safe and smooth landing point.
Normal Hill [Skiing]
A ski jump hill 90 meters high. Compare large hill.
Normally Aspirated [Motor Sports]
An engine that intakes air or "breathes" without the assistance of a supercharger or turbocharger.
Norris Division [Ice Hockey]
With the Smythe Division made up the Campbell Conference until the 1992-93 season; renamed the Central Division of the Western Conference starting with the 1993-94 season.
North [Sailing]
One of the 4 cardinal compass points. North is the direction toward the North Pole and is at 0į on a compass card.
North Pole [Sailing]
The "top" point of the line about which the earth rotates.
North Star [Sailing]
Polaris, the North Star, is visible in the northern hemisphere and indicates the direction of north. In the southern hemisphere the Southern Cross is used to find the direction of south.
North Wind, Northerly Wind [Sailing]
Wind coming from the north.
Nose [Horse Racing]
Smallest advantage a horse can win by. In England called a short head.
Nose Band [Horse Racing]
A leather strap that goes over the bridge of a horse's nose to help secure the bridle. A "figure eight" nose band goes over the bridge of the nose and under the rings of the bit to help keep the horse's mouth closed. This keeps the tongue from sliding up over the bit and is used on horses that do not like having a tongue tie used.
Nose Clip [Synchro Swimming]
A device that holds the nostrils closed to keep water out of the swimmer's nasal cavity while underwater.
Nose Cowl [Powerboating]
A streamlined covering over the front of the superstructure.
Nose Hit [Bowling]
A hit directly on the head pin; very often results in a split.
Nose Open [Poker]
On tilt (Playing poorly and irrationally due to emotional upset, often caused by the player in question having had a good hand beat by a freak draw from another player (often in complete disregard of the odds and good play) or the player having lost a pot because of his own bad play. Also called steaming, having one's nose open, opened up, unglued and being wide open). "He's got his nose open." Sometimes nose wide open.
Nose Picker [Poker]
The joker. (Look at a plastic deck.)
Nose Wide Open [Poker]
On tilt ( Playing poorly and irrationally due to emotional upset, often caused by the player in question having had a good hand beat by a freak draw from another player (often in complete disregard of the odds and good play) or the player having lost a pot because of his own bad play. Also called steaming, having one's nose open, opened up, unglued and being wide open). "He's got his nose open." Sometimes nose wide open.
Nosing Over [Motor Sports]
When a race car's performance (usually acceleration) "flattens out" or doesn't pull down the straights any more, which could be because of poor tuning or exceeding the engine's power range.
Not Classified [Motor Sports]
Competitor did not finish race.
Not Playing with a Full Deck [Poker]
An honest deck, that is, one containing all the cards. From this came the phrase playing with a full deck, which originally meant playing honestly, but was later expanded to mean rationally, and usually used in the negative as not playing with a full deck, that is, crazy or crazily.
Notch [Poker]
Just barely beat someone, usually by one card. In lowball, if your 8-6-7-3-2 loses to a 8-6-7-3-A, or, in hold 'em, your pair of aces K-Q-7 is beat by a pair of aces K-Q-8, you have been notched.
Nothing Ball [Bowling]
A ball that accomplishes little because of a poor hit, no action, or both.
Notices to Mariners [Sailing]
Official notices reporting changes to charts and other navigational and safety items.
Novice [Fencing]
A fencer not placed in the top three positions.
Novice License [Motor Sports]
License issued after successful completion of driver school. See Full Competition License.
Novice Permit [Motor Sports]
Paperwork that shows you are an MC club member and have turned in a physical exam form. Required to enter wheel-to-wheel driver school.
Np [Baseball]
Number of Pitches Thrown
Npsl [Soccer]
National Professional Soccer League ó a U.S. indoor league that plays its games in a modified hockey rink, much like the former MISL; plays by non-traditional rules to create a faster-paced, higher-scoring game; also, a different league by the same name that played in the 1960s, merging with another league to form the NASL.
Npw [Wrestling]
Northern Premier Wrestling
Nrap [General]
National Riffle Association of Pakistan
Nscw [Wrestling]
New South Championship Wrestling
Nswa [Wrestling]
Northern States Wrestling Alliance
Nt [Blackjack]
An abbreviation used in the subject of a post to mean the subject is the whole message and the post contains No Text; usually enclosed in parentheses.
Nu [Archery]
A crossbow, China.
Nubbin [Poker]
A very small amount of chips, or a very small profit.
Nucleus Players [Poker]
The regular players in a game, usually a home or private game; those players around whom the game is built.
Nukite [Martial Arts]
Spear hand
Number 2 [Bobsledding]
The person who sits immediately behind the driver in a four-man bobsled.
Number 3 [Bobsledding]
The person who sits behind Number 2 and in front of the brakeman in a four-man bobsled.
Number 8 [Rugby]
The forward who wears that number binds into the scrum, usually between the two locks, and is responsible for initiating attacks by the forwards or for getting the ball to the scrumhalf.
Number Five [Poker]
In ace-to-five lowball, 6-5-4-3-A.
Number Four [Poker]
In ace-to-five lowball, 6-5-4-2-A.
Number Hand [Poker]
In ace-to-five lowball, a 6 or wheel (sometimes a "good" 7); so called because players often refer to these hands by their positions on the scale of hands, starting with number one for a wheel, number two for a 6-4, and so on.
Number of Booklets Per Set [Bingo]
9000 divided by ON's. (The number of faces per page.)
Number of Pitches [Baseball]
This section shows the results of balls put into play while his pitch count was in that range.
Number One [Poker]
In ace-to-five lowball, a wheel (A-2-3-4-5.).
Number Pool [Keno]
The range of numbers from which you select the ones you want to play. A typical keno pool ranges from 1 to 80.
Number Seven [Poker]
In ace-to-five lowball, 7-4-3-2-A.
Number Six [Poker]
In ace-to-five lowball, 6-5-4-3-2.
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