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Reno Night [Bingo]
An evening of casino games like blackjack and roulette. These are sometimes held in bingo hall Is but more often in restaurants and hotels, Eagles & Elks clubs and other fraternal organizations.
Reno Trip [Bingo]
A blackout played for a Reno Trip for Two as the prize. The trip usually includes air fare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. Winners have a choice of taking the trip or a cash alternative, usually about $250 to $300.
Renshu [Martial Arts]
Practice or training period.
Renshu Shiai [Martial Arts]
Exercise sparring
Renshû-Hô [Martial Arts]
(Japanese) The "practise method". Renshû = exercise, practise and Hô = method, system. This expression is used in all Martial Arts when designating predefined exercises.
Rent Charges [Motor Sports]
The amount charged in addition to the depreciation and any amortized costs.
Renwaku Waza [Martial Arts]
Various techniques used in combination.
Renzoku Waza [Martial Arts]
Chained up techniques, series
Renzuki [Martial Arts]
Continuous attack.
Repeat [Poker]
Bet the same amount as on the preceding round of betting.
Repechage [Cycling]
A second chance given to losers of earlier heats in most match sprint competitions. The winner of a repechage continues on in the competition.
Replacement [Poker]
1) Twist. 2) In a draw game, a card substituted for a card in one's hand, that is, the draw card. "Dealer, I need a replacement."
Replay Counter [Bingo]
A mechanical unit inside the machine that keeps track of how many credits the player has been awarded for various wins. In early games, there is one of these units. If, for example, you win 12 credits for a 3-in-line, the counter will step up as the credits are added to the replay register. When the counter reaches the 12-level, payout stops. If you then pot another ball to give you a 4-in-line, the counter starts stepping up from where it left off until you reach the 4-in-line level. Later games have multiple replay counters, so they can pay wins independently. For example, games with triple deck advancing odds/scores have three replay counters, one each for the red/yellow/green winners.
Replay Register [Bingo]
The three or four digit unit that shows the player the number of credits they have. Not to be confused (much) with a replay counter.
Replayed Ticket [Keno]
Giving a played ticket to the counter to replay the numbers.
Replays [Horse Racing]
Films of races played back for the benefit of fans and officials after the completion of a race.
Represent [Poker]
Implying, by one's betting style, that one has a particular hand
Reprise [Fencing]
Renewal of an attack that missed or was parried, after a return to en-garde; alternatively see Redoublement.
Reputation [Poker]
The conception players have of your play. For example, if you play conservatively, you may have a reputation as a tight player.
Requalify [Horse Racing]
A horse which has raced intractably in a registered event, or causes a false start or behaves intractably at the start, may be barred from racing by the Stewards until it can perform satisfactorily in one or more qualifying trials. Once the horse has achieved this, the horse has requalified to start in registered events.
Required Dives [Diving]
A list of dives that must be performed by all competitors, usually before any optional dives.
Required Elements [Synchro Swimming]
Eight to ten fixed figures that must be performed by in the technical routine.
Rerack or Reset [Bowling]
A call by a bowler asking that the pins be lifted from the alley and put back properly, because they're off spot.
Reraise Blind [Poker]
1) The term usually applies to a draw game, generally lowball, and is often shortened to OBRBRB. A game in which the first player to the dealer's left blinds the pot, the next player raises blind before getting his cards, and the next player raises before getting his cards. Since this puts six bets into the pot before the cards are dealt, the effect is to increase the action of the game. Often shortened to re-raise, and sometimes called raise blind. 2) This is usually part of a proposition. A player who asks another, "open blind, raise blind, re-raise blind?" is saying, "I will open the pot blind and re-raise you back blind if you promise to raise blind."
Reserve [Skydiving]
The reserve canopy used in an emergency and re-packed only by a certified expert. It's really your last chance, so you want to be pretty sure it works.
Reserve Parachute [Skydiving]
The backup parachute you use if your Main Mals. Reserve parachutes must be tested to very strict standards and must be inspected and repacked by a specially licenced packer every six months, whether they have been used or not.
Reserve Ride [Skydiving]
To use the Reserve Parachute.
Reserved [Horse Racing]
Held for a particular engagement or race. Also, held off the pace.
Reset Insert, Soleplate or Backweight, Etc. [Golf]
The process of removing and re-epoxying (and perhaps re-installing screws) any loose part of the head as indicated.
Reshaft [Golf]
The process of installing a new shaft into a club head.
Residual Value [Motor Sports]
The estimated value of the vehicle at the end of the lease. Often expressed as a percentage in decimal form. It is based on a vehicle's MSRP. For example, the residual value of a vehicle may be 0.65, or 65% of its MSRP at the end of the lease term. In this example, a car with an MSRP of $20,000 is estimated to be worth $13,000 at the end of the lease term. Residual value may be a negotiable figure. This should be clearly stated in the lease. It is one of the elements used in determining the monthly lease payment and also in deciding whether to buy the vehicle at term end. Also called the walk-away value or guaranteed value.
Resistance [Equestrian Sports]
Acts by a horse that indicate a refusal to continue a round, such as rearing, making a half turn, or stepping back.
Resort to Illegalities [Wrestling]
To do a job. Sometimes combined with a descriptive adjective (stretcher job, rope job, tights job.)
Respiratory System [Horse Racing]
Organ system responsible for gas exchange from nostrils to lungs.
Resplit [Blackjack]
Splitting pairs after splitting a pair for the first time if another like card is dealt.
Resplit Aces (Rsa) [Blackjack]
The unlimited ability to re-split aces. Many casinos set a limit to the number of times that aces can be split.
Rest Farm [Poker]
Where a player has to go after suffering a heavy loss.
Rest Hold [Wrestling]
(noun) A move such as a chin lock or an arm bar that when applied allows the wrestlers involved to, as the name implies, rest. If applied longer than about a minute, will usually incite "Boring" chants from the more vocal segments of the audience.
Restart [Motor Sports]
The term for the resumption of a race after a caution or red flag period.
Restraining Circle [Basketball]
There are three restraining circles on the basketball court: the two free throw circles and the center circle. When a player is attempting a free throw, no other player is allowed to enter the restraining circle until the ball hits the backboard, net, or rim. When a jump ball is being held, only the two players jumping are allowed in the restraining circle until the ball has been touched.
Restricted Races [Horse Racing]
Races which only certain horses are eligible for, meaning the race is restricted to a select group. A restricted race may be based on a horse's age, gender, winnings, or a combination of factors, for example, one that is restricted to two-year-old fillies only.
Restricted Stakes [Horse Racing]
A stakes race in which conditions limit the participants based upon certain criteria. The more common restricted stakes races are state-bred races and races written for horses purchased through or consigned to a certain sale.
Restrictor Plate [Motor Sports]
A device, used by NASCAR and universally hated by nearly everyone else, used to control power in engines in the WC series, at tracks where the cars would otherwise be too fast for safety or insurance reasons. The plate is a machined slab of aluminum, about 1/20" thick, with four holes of a specific size. The plate goes in between the carb and intake manifold, and restricts the volume of fuel-air mix that may pass through.
Restrictor Plates [Motor Sports]
In NASCAR, plates that act to slow the car down by restricting air and fuel flow to the carburetor at stock car racing's fastest tracks. This decreases the acceleration and top speed.
Retention [Motor Sports]
The amount of liability that is assumed but not reinsured by the agency.
Retire [Motor Sports]
As used in racing, to drop out of a race due to mechanical difficulties or irrepairable damage.
Retired [Baseball]
A batter that has been struck out (missed the ball or called strike). Also a team is considered ‘retired’ when they have reached their 3 out maximum.
Retreat [Fencing]
Step back; opposite of advance.
Return [Poker]
The long-run advantage of a given situation, specifically without reference to any particular outcome. I.e., what you figure to win or lose on average after a large number of repetitions of the same situation.
Return to Scale [Horse Racing]
The period between the finish of the race and the signalling of the all clear. This term originated from the galloping code of racing, with jockeys having to return to the scale to check their weight before the all-clear for a race can be given.
Rev [Motor Sports]
To gun an engine. As a noun, "revs" is short for "revolutions per minute."
Rev Limiter [Motor Sports]
Electronic/computer device in the engine controls which causes a controlled engine misfire if engine revolutions per minute (rpms) exceed the limit set by Indy Racing League rules. The legal rpm (or "rev") limit for 2000 is 10,700 rpms. The rev limiter is used primarily to control speeds, thereby increasing safety and controlling costs.
Rev Range [Motor Sports]
Jargon for the range of speeds (expressed as revolutions per minute [RPM's]) in which an engine is designed to operate. The lowest point in the rev range is the idle speed; the highest point is the redline.
Revamp [Wrestling]
When a promoter changes something in a wrestlers' character to make a significant change.
Reversal [Wrestling]
It is a reversal when the defensive wrestler comes from underneath and gains control of his opponent, either on the mat or in a read standing position, while inbounds.
Reversals [Lotto]
180 degree reversals, commonly referred to as rotated reverse or reversals, are instant scratch type lottery tickets which are found with the backs of the tickets printed in two different directions for the same issue. Whether these reversals are by design or the result of error or oversight is of no concern.
Reverse [Football]
A play in which the quarterback hands off to a teammate, who then runs parallel to the line of scrimmage and hands off the ball to a teammate running back the other way.
Reverse - Labouchere Betting System [Roulette]
A system of playing the LaBouchere System "in reverse". That is, you cancel numbers after each loss and add them after each win.
Reverse - Martingale Betting System [Roulette]
A system of playing the Martingale System "in reverse". That is, you double-up after each win instead of after each loss.
Reverse Bridge Order [Poker]
Reverse suit order according to the game of bridge, that is, clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades. Reverse bridge order comes into play when breaking a tie for low card in determining who has the low-card forced bet in seven-card stud, or who starts the deal on the first hand at a lowball or razz table
Reverse Camber [Skiing]
When a great deal of pressure is applied to a ski, the ski will lose its natural arch, or camber, and will distort into the opposite direction, bowing downwards in the mid-section, rather than upwards. This aids turning, and also gripping.
Reverse Combined Spin [Synchro Swimming]
An ascending spin of 360 degrees or more followed immediately by an equal descending spin. Compare combined spin.
Reverse Dive [Diving]
Any dive on which the diver makes an approach facing the water, then turns while in the air to enter the water facing the board.
Reverse Dunk [Basketball]
A dunk that's made backward, over the shooter's head.
Reverse Forecast [Greyhound Racing]
A bet placed on two greyhounds - to cross the finish line in any order. (USA, Quiniela).
Reverse Implied Odds [Poker]
The ratio of the amount of money now in the pot to the amount of money you will have to call to continue from the present round to the end of the hand.
Reverse Layup [Basketball]
A layup that's made after the shooter crosses under the basket to lay the ball in from the other side, usually because the shot might have been blocked on the original side of attack.
Reverse Overlap [Golf]
For a right-handed player, a putting grip in which the index finger of the right hand overlaps the little finger of the left and the converse for a left-handed player..
Reverse Palm Grip [Croquet]
The most popular grip, made with the lower hands palm facing away from the body, and the upper hands palm facing towards the body.
Reverse Stick [Field Hockey]
To turn the stick so that the blade points to the right, allowing a hit or push in that direction.
Reverse Tell [Poker]
A tell, that means the opposite of what one might expect. A common tell is acting weak when holding a strong hand; a reverse tell might be acting strong when holding a strong hand.
Revolutions Per Minute (Rpm) [Motor Sports]
Describes at which speed the engine crankshaft is turning.
Rfb [Blackjack]
An abbreviation for complimentary Room, Food, and Beverage.
Rgb [Blackjack]
The acronym for Rec.Gambling.Blackjack, a usenet newsgroup.
Rhubarb [Baseball]
A heated dispute involving many players from both teams, often resulting in fisticuffs
Rhumb Line [Sailing]
A line that passes through all meridians at the same angle. When drawn on a Mercator chart, the rhumb line is a straight line. However the Mercator chart is a distortion of a round globe on a flat surface, so the rhumb line will be a longer course than a great circle route.
Rhythmic Rollers [Craps]
People who can influence the dice to change the odds. ( Dice pre-setters )
Rib [Wrestling]
To play a joke on another wrestler.
Ribbed Grip [Golf]
Grip that has a raised section along the length of the back of the grip. Certain players believe a ribbed grip will help them maintain uniform hand position on all clubs in the set.
Ribbie [Baseball]
Another way of saying RBI. Also "ribeye."
Ribbon Clerk [Poker]
1) Shoe clerk. "Let's raise and get the ribbon clerks out." 2) A small-stakes gambler.
Ribeaudiquin, Ribeaudeau [Archery]
An engine based on a crossbow with a bow about eight feet wide.
Ricasso [Fencing]
The portion of the tang between the grip and the blade, present on Italian hilts and most rapiers.
Rich [Poker]
1) Pertaining to a packet (portion of a deck) containing an overabundance of high cards, 10s and up. 2) When part of the phrase too rich for my blood, pertaining to a bet, expensive. The player who says this generally means, "I fold."
Rickey De Laet [Poker]
A variant of Mexican stud in which the rank of each player's hole card is wild for that player. The game probably gets its name because a player's wild card can change each round, along with the composition of the hand. The game is also called Rickey de Laet.
Ridden Out [Horse Racing]
Finishing a race without rider urging him to do his utmost, even though he has a wide margin over the second horse.
Ride [Poker]
To stay in a hand without being forced to bet.
Ride Along [Poker]
Get a free ride (To stay in a hand without being forced to bet.).
Ride Height [Motor Sports]
The distance between the car's frame rails and the ground. On NASCAR Busch Series, Grand National Division cars, the minimum ride height requirements are five inches on the left side and six inches on the right side.
Ride Out [Sailing]
To weather a storm, either at sea or at anchor.
Ride Short [Horse Racing]
Using short stirrup leathers.
Rider Back [Poker]
A brand of playing cards that feature a bicycle rider on the back of the cards. Often used in home games.
Rider Bet [Blackjack]
The bet made by a player (the "Rider") behind another player's bet. Most casinos allow two Riders max. The total amount of bets placed on the betting circle (spot) cannot exceed the table maximum. In most casinos, the player who has the original bet on the spot gets to direct how the hand will be played. The original bettor also gets to fill up the spot up to the maximum bet at any time, if he so chooses, leaving out anyone else who wishes to place Rider bets. In some casinos, the player who gets to direct the play of the hand is the player who has placed the largest bet, even if he's a Rider. If a Rider has the option of making the extra bet on pair splits, there are some variations to basic strategy that can help the rider. Also "Over-the-shoulder bet".
Ridgling [Horse Racing]
This term describes a male horse that has not been castrated and has one testicle in his scrotum and one testicle undescended.
Ridgling ("Rig") [Horse Racing]
A term describing either a cryptorchid or monorchid. Also spelled "ridgeling."
Riding Light [Sailing]
Anchor light. A white light displayed from the top of the mast to indicate that the boat is at anchor.
Riding Sail [Sailing]
Also called a stability sail or steadying sail. Any small sail set to help the boat maintain its direction without necessarily moving, as when at anchor or in heavy weather.
Riding the Rails [Motor Sports]
Taking the outside line around a turn.
Riding Time [Wrestling]
In high school and college wrestling, the amount of time a wrestler is in control of the opponent. One minute of riding time is worth a point.
Rien Ne Vas Plus [Roulette]
French expression for "no more bets".
Riffle [Blackjack]
The act of shuffling the cards by dividing them into two equal stacks and blending them together, accomplished by holding the cards between the thumb and the first two fingers of each hand.
Riffle Cull [Poker]
A method of stacking the deck by culling (selecting and pulling out) a few cards from the deck, arranging them in a desired sequence, and then keeping that sequence intact using a cheating riffle shuffle.
Riffle Shuffle [Poker]
A particular kind of shuffle, performed with the deck separated into two approximately equal packets, whose corners touch, the thumbs against the edges closest to the dealer, and then lifted against the edges, which separates the cards enough for them to interlace. This is how professional dealers shuffle; amateurs may use an overhand shuffle
Riffle Stack [Poker]
A method of stacking the deck using a riffle shuffle.
Rifle [Golf]
To play a shot accurately and for a great distance.
Rifle™ Shaft [Golf]
Manufactured by Royal Precision Golf, the Rifle™ shaft is a steel shaft that is characterized by its lack of steps. Brunswick claims the shaft combines the consistency of steel with the dampening properties of graphite.
Rig [Poker]
1) Any cheating method. 2) A cheating device, such as a holdout machine or a gaffed roulette wheel. 3) Prearrange the outcome of an event upon which people bet, such as stack a deck.
Rigger [Skydiving]
A certified expert who modifies, repairs or re-packs reserves. Not the kind of guy whose wife you'd want to be dating.
Rigging [Sailing]
The wires, lines, halyards and other items used to attach the sails and the spars to the boat. The lines that do not have to be adjusted often are known as standing rigging. The lines that are adjusted to raise, lower and trim the sails are known as running rigging.
Right [Sailing]
To return a boat that is not upright to its upright position.
Right Bettor [General]
A person betting on the Pass Line. Seven-Out: Rolling a seven after the point has been established.
Right Joint [Poker]
An honest gambling establishment, particularly one in which thieves are not tolerated; the opposite of a flat shop.
Right of Choice [Croquet]
After a lag or coin toss, the winner has the choice of starting position or choice of balls.
Right of Way [Fencing]
In foil and sabre competition, a convention that determines the priority of touches. Essentially, when two fencers strike one another simultaneously, priority is given to the fencer who first signaled attack with a forward movement of the arm, directing the point of the blade toward a valid target area in a threatening manner.
Right Price [Poker]
Exactly the correct pot odds. For example, if the odds against your making a particular hand are 4-to-1, and the pot offers 4-to-1 on the current call you must make, you're getting the right price
Right Spot [Poker]
Good situation. "Been losing all day till I got into this game. Looks like I finally found the right spot."
Right to Bet [Poker]
A situation that pertains only in private or home games in which each player has the right to make at least one bet or raise per round no matter how many raises there have been during that round.
Right Wing [Ice Hockey]
The forward who lines up and operates primarily on the right side of the ice, usually a right-handed shooter.
Right-of-Way [Fencing]
Rules for awarding the point in the event of a double touch in foil or sabre.
Rigid Inflatable [Sailing]
A small inflatable boat that has a solid hull but has buoyancy tubes that are inflated to keep it afloat.
Rigor Mortis [Croquet]
Being dead on all balls, also know as three ball dead or three B D.
Riken [Martial Arts]
Rim [Basketball]
An 18-inch metal ring that's attached to a backboard and holds a net.
Rim Out [Golf]
To roll around the edge of the cup without dropping in.
Rimankyu [Archery]
A frame for carrying a small bow and it's arrows, Japan.
Rims [Motor Sports]
The outer edge of a bare wheel.
Ring Bit [Horse Racing]
A special bit that looks like a ring going through a horses mouth. One piece construction allows for more control for the jockey.
Ring Bone [Horse Racing]
Osteoarthritis of joints between the pastern bones ("high ring bone") or just above the coronet ("low ring bone").
Ring Game [Poker]
A standard game where players can come and go as they choose.
Ring Gear [Motor Sports]
One of the gears in the rear axle that transmits power to the differential from the drive shaft.
Ring in [Poker]
To substitute a prearranged deck for the one that is supposed to be dealt.
Ring in a Cold Deck [Poker]
To substitute a prearranged deck for the one that is supposed to be dealt.
Ring in a Deck [Poker]
To substitute a prearranged deck for the one that is supposed to be dealt.
Ring Sight [Skydiving]
A transparent sighting device used to aim the camera(s) mounted on a camera flyer's helmet. Usually located in front of one of the camera flyer's eyes.
Ring Up [Baseball]
To be given a called third strike by the umpire. The phrase may derive from American baseball or more likely, the British expression of the act of calling someone on the phone or the checkout cash register at a shop.
Ringbone [Horse Racing]
This is a boney enlargement that is seen in front and on both sides of the pastern. If it is under the top of the hoof, it is called a low ring bone. If it is found half way up the pastern, it is called a high ring bone. Firing or blistering and rest is the usual method of treatment.
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