All Gambling Terms Dictionary

Urethane [Golf]
A synthetic cover material of a golf ball that is durable, yet that produces a soft feel. Urethane cover balls are typically among the more expensive balls on the market, but are gaining popularity among professional golfers due to their playability.
Urinalysis [Horse Racing]
Testing urine of horse for drugs or medication.
Urine Test [Horse Racing]
Chemical analysis of horse's urine in effort to tell whether animal was drugged.
Usac [Motor Sports]
The United States Auto Club was founded in 1955 by Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Tony Hulman. Ironically, the Indy Racing League, brainchild of Hulman's grandson Tony George, was forced to fire USAC from its officiating role in its races after several embarrassing mistakes. USAC remains the official officiators for many minor open-wheel race series.
Usayuzuru [Archery]
An extra string for a bow, Japan.
Uscg [Sailing]
United States Coast Guard.
Uscw [Wrestling]
United States Championship Wrestling
Used Up [Horse Racing]
An exhausted horse.
Usga [Golf]
United States Golf Association.
Ush [Archery]
An arrow, Salar.
Ushiro [Martial Arts]
Back," "rear," or "behind.
Ushiro Enpi Uchi [Martial Arts]
Elbow strike backwards
Ushiro Geri [Martial Arts]
Kick backwards
Uspa [Skydiving]
United States Parachute Association.
Ussf [Soccer]
United States Soccer Federation organization formed in 1913 to govern soccer in America; America's link to FIFA, providing soccer rules and guidelines to players, referees and spectators nationwide.
Uston Advanced Plus / Minus Count [Blackjack]
A level one counting system described by Ken Uston in the book, Million Dollar Blackjack. It is a balanced count which values the 3 through 7 cards as a plus one and the tens, face cards and aces as a minus one. It also utilizes a number of strategy variations based on the count.
Uston Advanced Point Count [Blackjack]
A level three counting system described by Ken Uston in the book, Million Dollar Blackjack. It assigns the value of plus one to 2s and 8s, plus two to 3s, 4s, 6s and 7s, plus three to 5s, minus one to 9s and minus three to 10s.
Uston Simple Plus / Minus Count [Blackjack]
See Uston Advanced Plus / Minus Count. It uses the same tag values but does not include the strategy variations on the Advanced Count.
Uswa [Wrestling]
United States Wrestling Association
Uswf [Wrestling]
United States Wrestling Federation
Usysa [Soccer]
United States Youth Soccer Association the official Youth Division of the organizes and administers youth league competitions, establishes rules and guidelines, and holds clinics and workshops to support players, coaches and referees. USSF and the largest youth soccer organization in the U.S.
Utah [Poker]
Another name for Cincinnati (A form of poker found only in home games, a widow game in which each player receives five cards face down, as does a central area of the table, followed by a round of betting, and then the dealer turns up each central card, one at a time, each followed by another round of betting. At the showdown, each player uses the best five cards among his five and those of the widow. The game is often played high-low split. Also called Utah, Lamebrains, or California. Southern Cross is a variant of Cincinnati.).
Utg [Poker]
Shorthand, particularly in E-mail and Internet postings, for under the gun.
Utility Bet [Poker]
A bet made by a player who is unsure of the precise main benefit of the bet, yet knows the bet has a positive expectation, that is, the bet might cause the player to prosper in any one of several ways. For instance, he might bet knowing his opponent could throw the better hand away, or his opponent could throw away a hand that is not better now but can draw out on him easily, or his opponent might call with the worst of it
Utility Man [Baseball]
A player who can play multiple defensive positions.
Utility Player [Baseball]
A player who fills in at many positions.
Utsobo [Archery]
A Japanese quiver covered with fur or leather.
Utsu [Martial Arts]
To strike or to hit.
Uwa [Wrestling]
Universal Wrestling Association - Mexico
Uwf [Wrestling]
Universal Wrestling Federation
Uwfi [Wrestling]
Union of Pro Wrestling Force International
Uye [Martial Arts]
Up" or "upward.
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