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A position in which the skier's thighs are together but the legs are split from the knees down.
The technique of absorbing the front side of a mogul with the knees, then extending and driving the hips forward over the backside of the mogul.
One of the three competitive disciplines in freestyle skiing, formerly known as ballet. Short for "acrobatic," this discipline consists of a choreographed routine made up of spins, jumps, steps, and acrobatic maneuvers done to music. Competitors are judged for technical difficulty, composition, and style.
A maneuver or stunt done while in the air.
One of the three competitive disciplines in freestyle skiing. Skiers launch themselves off air bumps to perform acrobatic jumps, including single, double, and triple flips with a variety of twists. Each skier does two jumps, which are judges for quality of takeoff, height achieved, form, and accuracy of landing.
A jump and flight during which the skier performs acrobatic moves in both moguls and aerials. Two airs are required during each mogul run.
Air Bump
A mogul that has been shaped as a launch for airs.
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