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A race meeting which has been cancelled because a club did not receive sufficient nominations to be able to stage it, or because of inclement weather which made racing on the track unsafe. A race meeting may also be abandoned part way through because of inclement weather. All bets placed on abandoned races are fully refunded.
A runner officially listed to start in a race.
(Also, Parlay) A multiple bet. A kind of 'let-it-ride' bet. Making simultaneous selections on two or more races with the intent of pressing the winnings of the first win on the bet of the following race selected, and so on. All the selections made must win for you to win the accumulator.
Across the Board
You make three individual bets on one dog to Win, Place, and Show. If your selection wins, you collect on all three bets. If your selection runs second, you collect on Place and Show bets. If your selection runs third, you collect the Show bet. Your total wager will be three times the individual bet. For example; a $2 'Across The Board' bet would cost $6.
Advance Wagering
Wagers that are accepted on a race on a future performance.
American Greyhound Council, Inc., a non-profit group jointly supported by American Greyhound Track Operators Association members and National Greyhound Association members, the purpose of which is to provide for the betterment of the welfare of racing greyhounds and the greyhound industry.
American Greyhound Track Operators Association, a non-profit corporation comprised of the owners and operators of greyhound race tracks.
UK slang term for 'Betting Tax'.
All Clear
Signified by a siren at the end of a race, the all clear means that the stewards deem the finishing order of horses is correct and bets may be paid out. It also means that no protest or objection has been made by the connections of any horse in the race.
All the Way Win
To lead from start to finish in a race.
All-America Team
The eight top racing greyhounds selected each year by American Greyhound Track Operators Association.
Ante Post
(Also, Futures) Bets placed in advance predicting the outcome of a future event. Ante-post prices are those on major sporting events, usually prior to the day of the event itself. In return for the chance of better odds, punters risk the fact that stakes are not returned if their selection pulls out or is cancelled.
Apache Junction
Apprentice Jockey
Apprenticed to a trainer, apprentice jockeys have typically won less than 60 races and been in apprenticeship for less than 4 years. The weight carried by a horse is reduced from that stated in the handicap.
An area located next to the racetrack where patrons may watch greyhound racing up close. A fence line separates the apron from the actual racing surface.
Where a variation in odds available allows a punter to back both sides and guarantee a win.
Association of Racing Commissioners International, Inc., based in Lexington, Kentucky.
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