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Back Giant
A giant that begins with the body moving backward.
Back Handspring
A back flip using both hands on the floor or apparatus, beginning and ending in a standing position. The legs come over the head as a unit. Compare back walkover.
Back Walkover
A move that begins with a back arch or bridge position, in which one foot is brought down to the front, followed by the other foot. Compare back handspring.
Back-in, Full-Out
A double salto with a full twist, the twist completed during the second salto. Compare full-in, back-out.
Balance Beam
1) A piece of apparatus 120 centimeters high, 10 centimeters wide, and 500 centimeters long. 2) A women's event performed on the apparatus. The balance beam routine lasts 70 to 90 seconds and includes a variety of acrobatic, gymnastic, and dance moves, ending with a dismount.
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