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A move very similar to the back handspring. The takeoff is from one or both feet, with a backward jump onto the hands and a landing on the feet, in the standing position.
Same as flic-flac.
Floor Exercise
An event in which the gymnast performs tumbling and acrobatic passes on a mat 40 feet square. The women's floor exercise is done to music.
A dismount from a bar in which the gymnast swings down and lets go to do a flip backwards before landing.
Forward Somersault
A body roll on the floor exercise or balance beam, done forward with knees in the tuck position.
Front Giant
A giant that begins with the body moving forward.
Front Handspring
A handspring that begins with a forward flip.
Front Hip Pullover
A mount for the uneven bars in which the body is supported by the hands and the hip rests on a bar.
Front Pike Somersault
A forward somersault done with the knees straight.
Front Somersault
Same as forward somersault.
Front Split
A split in which one leg is forward, the other back.
Front Walkover
A move from the front split handstand position in which one foot is brought down in back, followed by the other foot.
Full Twisting Double Back
A double back with a full twist on either of the flips.
Full-in, Back-Out
A double salto with a full twist, the twist completed during the first salto. Compare back-in, full-out.
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