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Half-in, Half-Out
A double salto with a half twist on each salto.
A move in which the gymnast springs off the hands with a strong push from the shoulders.
A move in which the body is supported on both hands, with the arms straight and the body vertical.
High Bar
1) In the uneven bars, the higher of the two bars. 2) The horizontal bar.
Hip Circle
A move on the uneven bars in which the body circles the bar with the hips touching it.
Horizontal Bar
1) A piece of apparatus, a metal bar 240 centimeters long and 2.8 centimeters in diameters, suspended 275 centimeters above the floor. 2) A men's event performed on the apparatus. The routine is made up of swinging parts with no intervening stops, including at least one release move, which includes a release and a re-grasp.
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