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An aerial flip or somersault in which the feet come up over the head and the body rotates around the waist.
A one and a half somersault.
To land a dismount or final move without taking additional steps.
Still Rings
1) A piece of apparatus consisting of a tower, 575 centimers high, from which two rings are suspended by a cable and straps. The cable and straps are 300 centimeters long and 50 centimeters apart. 2) A men's event performed on the apparatus. A routine includes a series of swings and holds, finishing with an acrobatic dismount. The rings must remain absolutely still and in the gymnast's control at the conclusion of each skill.
A position in which the legs are spread far apart to the side.
Straddle Split
A split in the straddle position.
Straddle Swing
A swing movement in which the legs are extended to each side.
Swedish Fall
A drop straight to the ground in which the hands shoot out an instant before landing.
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