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The beat at which the oarsmen are rowing. With coxed crews, the coxswain often raps out the cadence to keep the oarsmen pulling together.
The tapered section of a boat between the bowman and the bow of the boat or between the coxswain and the stern. So called because it used to be covered with canvas.
The portion of the stroke when the oar initially engages the water.
Catch a Crab
To make a a faulty stroke, usually because the blade enters the water at an angle, instead of perpendicularly.
Deceleration caused by poor rowing technique, usually because an oarsman puts pressure on the stretcher without applying simultaneous, countervailing pressure on the pin.
Check it Down
An emergency command from the coxswain to jam oars into the water in order to stop the boat.
See hatchet.
See hatchet.
A straight area in the water, typically 4 to 8 lanes wide, for rowing competition. The standard Olympic course is 2,000 meters long.
Short for coxswain.
Cox Box
A small electronic device that amplifies the coxswain's voice and also gives a readout of information, such as the current stroke rating.
Descriptive of a boat or crew that has a coxswain.
Descriptive of a boat or crew with no coxswain.
The helmsman, who has two important jobs: To keep the boat moving straight by making minor corrections to the rudder, and to keep the oarsmen rowing at the desired stroke rate.
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