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False Start
A premature start by one or more boats.
To turn the blade of an oar while rowing so that it's parallel to the surface of the water. The blade should be feathered during release to minimize air resistance.
The skeg.
The final portion of the drive, just before the oar is taken out of the water.
Foot Stretcher
See stretcher.
A sweep-oar boat for four rowers. There is competition for fours with coxswain and fours without coxswain.
Frig Rig
See tandem rig.
Front Splash
The spray that's kicked up when the oar enters the water at the catch.
Front Stop
A small block on the stern end of the slide, which holds the seat in place.
Full Paddle
The highest level of power possible from an oarsman.
Full Pressure
Same as "full paddle."
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