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Race Pace
A stroke rating that a crew can hold for an entire race.
Racing Start
The opening strokes of a race, which are typically rowed at a high cadence to get the shell moving rapidly through the water.
The number of strokes per minute a crew is rowing.
The portion of the stroke, between the release and the catch, during which the oar is brought into position for the next stroke.
A boat race, or a meeting at which a number of boat races take place.
The portion of the stroke when the oar is removed from the water.
A round of competition for boats that lost in a preliminary heat. Top finishers in a repechage continue to further rounds.
The way in which riggers are arranged in a shell, which dictates how the oars and rowers are arranged. As a verb, to prepare a boat for racing. Also "rigging."
A device that connects the oarlock to the shell.
Another name for the oarlock.
A small fin that allows the coxswain to steer the boat.
Rudder Cable
A rope or cable operated by the coxswain to turn the rudder.
The distance a boat travels during one stroke.
Rush the Slide
To move from the recovery to the catch too quickly, often the result of a lunge.
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