All Gambling Terms Dictionary

Get your Eye in [Baseball]
Practice hitting or throwing to get one's eyesight accustomed to it.
"Be" Housing [Motor Sports]
A cover, shaped like a bell, that surrounds the flywheel/ clutch that connects the engine to the transmission.
"Course" Betting [General]
Usually applied to bets made in betting shops in accordance with pre-race odds.
"Hands" Team [Football]
During an on-side kick, the receiving and kicking teams will put the players on the field with the most experience in handling the ball, usually wide receivers and cornerbacks, in order to facilitate recovery.
"Hot" Receiver [Football]
If the quarterback recognizes a blitz, he will designate one receiver as his outlet, or hot, receiver. The quarterback will then call an audible and throw a quick slant to this receiver.
"Look at Two" (Or "Three") [Baseball]
Instructions for a runner turning first base to keep running; passed on by the first base coach hoping the runner will make his hit a double or triple.
"V" Grooves [Golf]
Face lines (or grooves) pressed, cut or cast into a triangular (or "V") shape during club manufacture.
# [Baseball]
Switch Hitter
#P/Pa [Baseball]
Average Number of Pitches per Plate Appearance
#Pit [Baseball]
Number of Pitches Offered to the Hitter
% Inherited Scored [Baseball]
A Relief Pitching statistic indicating the percentage of runners on base at the time a relief pitcher enters a game that he allows to score.
(A) Silky Sullivan [Horse Racing]
A horse that makes a big run from far back. Named for the horse Silky Sullivan, who once made up 41 lengths to win a race.
(Almost) Fifty States [Baseball]
The Notre Dame list of all-time monogram winners includes players hailing from 43 home states. Current sophomore pitcher Brandon Viloria (Wailuku, Hawaii) in 2000 became the first Irish baseball letterwinner from the island state while current freshman LHP Cody Wilkins (Hudson, N.C.) could become the first from the Tar Heel state. The only other states that have not produced Notre Dame baseball letterwinners include: Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Vermont. FIRST-ROUNDERS - Notre Dame junior RHP Brad Lidge (right) earned the 1998 BIG EAST pitcher-of-the-year award and several weeks later was selected in the Major League Draft by the Houston Astros, with the 17th pick of the first round. Lidge is one of 17 Notre Dame players drafted in the first 10 rounds (since 1965), including nine during the tenure of seventh-year Irish head coach Paul Mainieri. Ken Plesha, a sophomore catcher in 1965, was Notre Dame's other first-round pick-also going with the 17th pick, to the Chicago White Sox.
(Home) Stretch [Horse Racing]
Final straight portion of the racetrack to the finish.
(To) Halter [Horse Racing]
Slang for claiming a horse.
* [Baseball]
Throws Left-handed
-Nothing [Poker]
In lowball, 4-3-2-A; always preceded by the rank of the highest card in the hand. For example, 8-nothing is 8-4-3-2-A. Also, -zip.
“Rescue” [Golf]
A generic name given to any number of clubs that combine features of a wood and an iron. Most “Rescue” type clubs are designed to take the place of difficult-to-hit long irons. “Rescue” is also the trademarked name of this type of club from TaylorMade that began the trend toward these clubs. See also “Hybrid.”
“Time and Game!” [Baseball]
Most Australian club games are timed, usually two hours or less. When a timed game is over, the umpire yells "Time and game!". Mixed reactions are predictable when this is yelled, from jubilation by the winners to painful shrieks of 'C'mon, Blue!?!" and other prevarications by the losers who may feel unjustly denied their right to try and win.
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