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Advertised Price, Lowest [Motor Sports]
The lowest listed price for a given year, make and model combination, among the cars currently listed on
Advertisement [Poker]
The act of advertising.
Advice [Golf]
Can't be given on course except by your playing partner in a Four-Ball, or by a caddie.
Aerial [Gymnastics]
A skill performed without the hands touching the floor or the apparatus. Also used as an adjective, as in aerial cartwheel and aerial walkover.
Aerials [Freestyle Skating]
One of the three competitive disciplines in freestyle skiing. Skiers launch themselves off air bumps to perform acrobatic jumps, including single, double, and triple flips with a variety of twists. Each skier does two jumps, which are judges for quality of takeoff, height achieved, form, and accuracy of landing.
Aero [Motor Sports]
Commonly used abbreviation when referring to the all-important science of aerodynamics.
Aero Bar [Cycling]
A handlebar that juts forward so that the rider can assume a low profile for better aerodynamics.
Aero Push [Motor Sports]
When a car pulls closely into another car's air stream causing a pushing or understeer effect.
Aerodynamic [Sailing]
Having a shape that that is not adversely affected by wind flowing past it.
Aerodynamics [Motor Sports]
The study of the behavior of the airflow as it passes around a moving object and the forces exerted by the air on the object. In car design the positive and negative lift of the airflow is studied in wind tunnels. Negative lift is preferred to press the vehicle closer to the ground. Car air resistance is also studied.
Afc [General]
Asian Football Confederation.
Aff [Skydiving]
Accelerated Free Fall. An AFF student receives training on freefall jumps of 40 seconds or longer, accompanied by two qualified jumpmasters, as opposed to Static Line training which does not involve long freefall in the initial training phase.
Afk [Blackjack]
An abbreviation for Away From the Keyboard, used during chat
Aft, after [Sailing]
Toward the stern (rear) of the boat.
After Bow Spring Line [Sailing]
A mooring line fixed to the bow of the boat and leading aft where it is attached to the dock. This prevents the boat from moving forward in its berth. Its opposite, the forward quarter spring line, is used to keep the boat from moving aft in its berth.
After Five, the Field's Alive [Craps]
Betting that the next roll will be the number of 5 (3&2)
After Game(s) [Bingo]
The game(s) played after the end of a regular "session" of play.
After-Hours Game [Poker]
A private game, played after a card room closes for the night, often held in a motel or hotel room, and sometimes crooked.
Afterplane [Powerboating]
The surface bottom behind the break; or the section of the main hull behind the sponsons.
Agc [Golf]
American Greyhound Council, Inc., a non-profit group jointly supported by American Greyhound Track Operators Association members and National Greyhound Association members, the purpose of which is to provide for the betterment of the welfare of racing greyhounds and the greyhound industry.
Age [Poker]
An obsolete term for the player immediately to the left of the dealer in games that use an automatic betting scheme. Also called edge, elder hand, or eldest hand. Sometimes the player in that position is the last to bet before the draw, which is equivalent to the situation involving an under-the-gun blind.
Age Empi [Martial Arts]
Rising elbow strike
Age of a Horse [Horse Racing]
Computed on the basis of a calendar year. All race horses have January 1 of the year they were born as their official birth date, regardless of their foaling date.
Age Uchi [Martial Arts]
Rising strike
Age Uke [Martial Arts]
Rising block. Also known as a high or upper block.
Age Zuki [Martial Arts]
Rising punch
Aged [Horse Racing]
This usually refers to a horse of seven years or older.
Agent [Motor Sports]
A representative of the insurance agency, licensed by the state, who solicits, negotiates, and countersigns the contract. Also provides service to the policyholder for the insurance agency.
Agf [General]
Asian Games Federation.
Aggregate [Golf]
Refers to a score made over more than one round of play, or by 2 or more players playing as partners.
Aggregate Limit [Keno]
Total payout liability of a casino during any one game.
Aggressive [Poker]
A style of play characterized by frequent raising and re-raising. This is not the same thing as loose play. Many good players are selective about the cards they will play, but aggressive once they get involved in a hand. An aggressive table is one dominated by aggressive players.
Agl [Skydiving]
Above Ground Level, refers to height measurement, as in 13,500 feet AGL
Agonic Line [Sailing]
The line around the earth where there is no magnetic deviation between magnetic north (as measured by a compass) and true north.
Agricultural Racing [Motor Sports]
Driving through grass infield areas, particularly on a paved oval. Generally not a good idea.
Aground [Sailing]
When a boat is in water too shallow for it to float in, i.e: the boat's bottom is resting on the ground.
Agtoa [Greyhound Racing]
American Greyhound Track Operators Association, a non-profit corporation comprised of the owners and operators of greyhound race tracks.
Ahead [Poker]
1) Winning. "Are you ahead or behind?" 2) With regard to a reference position at the table, acting before (usually immediately before). If the deal is one position to your right, you are ahead of the deal. If a player is sitting to your right, he acts ahead of you.
Ahead/Behind in Count [Baseball]
For hitters, ahead in count includes 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 2-1 and 3-1. Behind in count for hitters includes 0-1, 0-2, 1-2 and 2-2. The opposite is true for pitchers.
Ahf [General]
Asian Hockey Federation.
Ahimsâ [Martial Arts]
(japanese) The code of not hurting somebody. This very important principle of life with roots in the Indian Buddhism has been integrated in the Martial Arts philosophy.
Ahra [Motor Sports]
American Hot Rod Association
Ai [Martial Arts]
Translated as "harmony," this term is most commonly associated with aikido, where one combines their energy with that of their opponents.
Aid [Equestrian Sports]
Any signal given to a horse to prompt it to turn, change gaits, or perform some other maneuver. See natural aids.
Aid to Navigation [Sailing]
Any fixed object that a navigator may use to find his position, such as permanent land or sea markers, buoys, radio beacons, and lighthouses.
Aids [Fencing]
The last three fingers of the sword hand.
Aiki [Martial Arts]
"Harmony meeting." When one combines an opponents' energy with their own for control.
Aikido [Martial Arts]
A martial art developed by Uyeshiba Morihei in the 1930's. Based on aikijutsu, aikido is considered a non-agressive art, using the opponents' energy against them.
Aikijutsu [Martial Arts]
"Technique of harmonious spirit." A branch of ancient jujutsu from which aikido was developed.
Ainsworth [Poker]
In hold'em, 6-2 as one's first two cards.
Air [Poker]
1) In a lowball game, letting another player know whether you are going to draw cards or not, sometimes letting the player know how many, usually with the intention of getting that player into the pot. Usually part of the phrase give air. "Gimme some air. I'll draw two if you're drawing one." 2) Inadvertently exposing cards; usually part of the phrase put air into [a hand]. "You'll like sitting next to Johnny; he puts a lot of air into his hand." That is, if you sit next to Johnny, the way he holds his cards you can often see some of them, which, presumably, gives you an edge (albeit an unethical one) on him.
Air Ball [Basketball]
Sarcastic term to describe a shot that doesn't touch the rim.
Air Box [Motor Sports]
Used primarily on Pro Stock Bikes, it settles "negative air" around carburetors the way a hood scoop does on a car. Header(s): A fine-tuned exhaust system that routes exhaust from the engine. Replaces conventional exhaust manifolds.
Air Brake [Motor Sports]
Brakes, usually on heavy-duty trucks, that use compressed air to operate.
Air Bump [Freestyle Skating]
A mogul that has been shaped as a launch for airs.
Air Dam [Motor Sports]
The low front spoiler of the car that directs air over or around the car to create a force (downforce) that pushes the front of the race car down onto the race track.
Air Filter [Motor Sports]
PapeL gauze, or synthetic fiber element used to prevent dirt particles from entering the engine. Located in the air box.
Air Foil [Motor Sports]
The same as a wing - a stabilizer, generally used to create downforce which increases stability and tire-to-track adherence at high speeds. Hemi: A Hemi engine has a hemispherical shaped cylinder-head combustion chamber, like a ball cut in half.
Air Hammer [Golf]
Mechanical device, typically run by an air compressor, that forces a shaft into a head under high pressure. Air hammers are typically used in production line settings in which the manufacturer also crimps the shafts prior to installation. See “Crimp.”
Air Outs (Ao) [Baseball]
Out is recorded when defensive player catches the ball before it lands on the ground.
Air Rudder [Powerboating]
See tail fin.
Air Shot [Golf]
When a player intends to play a shot but misses the ball completely.
Air Trap [Powerboating]
A tunnel created by the inner vertical walls of the sponsons, which channels high-pressure air that's forced underneath by the boat's forward motion.
Air Wrench [Motor Sports]
This tool uses compressed air to quickly remove wheel nuts on contact. A crew member proficient with the air wrench can save a team valuable seconds on a Pit Pass. Also referred to as an air gun or impact gun.
Airbag [Motor Sports]
Safety device using an inflatable cushion that inflates and deflates within a fraction of a second to protect a vehicle occupant.
Airbag Lockout Switch [Motor Sports]
A device allowing the driver to turn off the front passenger airbag.
Airball [Basketball]
A shot that entirely misses the backboard, rim, and net.
Airborne [Motor Sports]
Caused by a car losing control at high speeds and air lifting the car off the ground.
Aired [Horse Racing]
A workout wherein a horse runs as if it were only out for exercise.
Airing [Horse Racing]
Not running at best speed in a race.
Airswing [Golf]
Striking at the ball intentionally and missing it. It must be counted as a shot.
Ais [Motor Sports]
The American Indycar Series, a low-cost series for Indy car racing. This series keeps costs low by using cast-off CART cars (the CART teams change models every year, and there is a surplus of old models), and by using an engine equivalence formula allowing teams a wide variety of engine choices. The series serves as a training ground for prospective CART and IRL drivers, although it is not affiliated with either. The series runs mainly road courses, but there are a few ovals.
Aite [Martial Arts]
"Opponent" or "partner." An adversary in a contest.
Aiuchi [Martial Arts]
"Mutual striking down or simultaneous point." A simultaneous score by both competitors in the sport aspects of Japanese martial arts.
Aiwf [Wrestling]
American Independent Wrestling Federation
Ajax [Poker]
In hold'em, A-J as one's first two cards. Also called foamy cleanser.
Ajpw [Wrestling]
All Japan Pro Wrestling
Ajw [Wrestling]
All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling
Aka [Martial Arts]
Aka Obi [Martial Arts]
Red belt
Alabama Night Riders [Poker]
Three kings.
Albatross [Golf]
Former name of a "Double Eagle" - the score for a hole made in 3 strokes under par. A British term.
Alborium [Archery]
A bow made from hazel, 11th century.
Alcohol [Motor Sports]
When used to refer to racing car fuel, nearly always means methyl alcohol, or methanol. Ethanol is very seldom used for race cars (it costs too much), and other types are never used.
Alcohol. [Poker]
I'll call.
Alee [Sailing]
To the leeward side (downwind).
Alenbert System [Roulette]
[1] A progressive system of betting where you increase your bet by one unit after a loss and decrease your bet by one unit after a win. [2] A progressive system of betting whereby two numbers are cancelled every time a previous bet is won, and one number, the total of two end numbers, is added whenever a previous bet is lost.
Alexander [Poker]
The king of clubs. Probably comes from Alexander the Great.
Aligner [Rowing]
An official who's responsible for aligning boats evenly evenly for a fair start.
Aligner's Hut [Rowing]
A hut or gazebo on the starting line, occupied by the starting judge and the aligner.
Alignment [Golf]
The arrangement of the parts of the body and clubface in relation to the target. A part of aiming.
Alive [Croquet]
In American play, a ball which has cleared a wicket but has not roqueted another ball is alive on that ball. A striker becomes dead on a ball as soon as it hits it and receives a croquet shot and a continuation shot. If the strikers ball is dead on another ball and roquets that ball before deadness is cleared, the balls are replaced to their positions before the shot was made and the turn ends. In the British game, all balls are alive at the start of each players turn.
All ( Blue, Green, Purple, Etc. ) [Poker]
Colorful terms to describe a flush.
All Alone [Golf]
Won uncontested, left no doubt as to who the winner was.
All Black [Poker]
Having a spade or club flush. Also, all blue, all purple.
All Blue [Poker]
Having a spade or club flush. Also, all black.
All Clear [Greyhound Racing]
Signified by a siren at the end of a race, the all clear means that the stewards deem the finishing order of horses is correct and bets may be paid out. It also means that no protest or objection has been made by the connections of any horse in the race.
All Events [Bowling]
A score based on a bowler's combined total from singles, doubles, and team events in a tournament.
All Green [Poker]
Having a flush. This term is used only by those who have played a lot in home games and not much in card-rooms.
All in [General]
With all-in betting there are no refunds given for scratched or withdrawn competitors or teams in an event where a bet is placed. Should an event be cancelled then the amount bet will be refunded.
All or Nothing [Keno]
A keno ticket that only pays if all picked numbers are drawn, or no picked numbers are drawn.
All Out [Horse Racing]
A horse who is trying to the best of his ability.
All Pink [Poker]
Having a heart or diamond flush. Also, all red.
All Pro Series [Motor Sports]
A touring series for Late Model cars, running mostly in the South.
All Purple [Poker]
Having a spade or club flush. Also, all black, all blue.
All Red [Poker]
Having a heart or diamond flush. Also, all pink.
All the Spots we Got [Craps]
Betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 12 (6&6)
All the Way [Poker]
Betting all one's chips, usually preceded by go. "If I make this hand, I'm going all the way."
All the Way in One Play. [Poker]
I'm betting all my chips.
All the Way Win [Greyhound Racing]
To lead from start to finish in a race.
All Up [General]
This involves picking the winners of more than one event. A single wager amount is placed on more than one outcome, whereby the stake and winnings of the first selection will be rolled over into the second selection and so on.
All Up to Win [General]
In horse races of four runners or less, the place portion of an each-way wager goes on to win as there is no place betting returned in such cases
All Weather Racing [General]
Flat racing which takes place on an artificial surface
All Wheel Drive (Awd) [Motor Sports]
All four wheels are driven by the engine. AWD systems are superior to 4WD because (AWD)they can be used under any road conditions. AWD systems use a center differential to allow the front and rear wheels to rotate at different speeds. AWD provides better traction than front or rear-wheel drive.
All-Age Race [Horse Racing]
A race for two-year-olds and up.
All-America Team [Golf]
The eight top racing greyhounds selected each year by American Greyhound Track Operators Association.
All-Americans [Baseball]
Notre Dame baseball players have combined for 16 major All-America awards (14 since '89, eight last three seasons). Junior pitcher Aaron Heilman owns six of those awards, as he was named third team All-America by Collegiate Baseball magazine as a freshman and sophomore while also earning 1999 third-team honors from the American Baseball Coaches Association before earning All-America from Collegiate Baseball, the ABCA and Baseball America as a junior (2000). Infielder Brant Ust was tabbed by the ABCA and Baseball America as a third-team All-American as a sophomore in 1998.
All-Around Break [Croquet]
Running all the wickets in one turn.
All-in [Poker]
To run out of chips while betting or calling. In table stakes games, a player may not go into his pocket for more money during a hand. If he runs out, a side pot is created in which he has no interest. However, he can still win the pot for which he had the chips. Example: "Poor Bob - he made quads against the big full house, but he was all-in on the second bet."
All-in Bet [Poker]
A bet made by a player in which he puts all his chips in the pot because he is all in.
All-Out [Horse Racing]
A workout or race performance where a horse shows maximum exertion.
All-Risks Policy [Motor Sports]
A policy covering all losses except those specifically excluded in the contract.
All-Round [Speed Skating]
A championship competition in which skaters race at various distances, typically four, and the championship is determined by the samalog system. In major events, men race at 500, 1,500, 5,000, and 10,000 meters, while women race at 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 3,000 meters.
All-Season Tires [Motor Sports]
Tires designed to provide good traction in winter snow and slush without wearing too quickly on dry roads.
All-Star Game [Ice Hockey]
A mid-season exhibition game pitting selected stars of the Campbell Conference against selected stars of the Wales Conference; beginning in 1993-94 games will be between the Eastern Conference and Western Conference.
All-Terrain Vehicle (Atv) [Motor Sports]
A small, lightweight vehicle designed for recreational off-highway use.
All-the-Way Win [Horse Racing]
To lead from start to finish in a race.
All-Wheel Drive (Awd) [Motor Sports]
A vehicle drivetrain with all wheels powered by the engine at all times. Sometimes called full-time four-wheel drive.
Allen Screw [Golf]
Threaded screw used in weight ports. May also be known a hex screw or set screw.
Allen Wrench [Golf]
Type of wrench used to install or remove Allen screws. Also known as a hex wrench.
Alley [Bowling]
Strictly, a group of lanes or the bowling establishment that houses them. Often used, though, to mean a single lane.
Alley-Oop [Basketball]
When a player lobs a pass above the basket and a teammate catches it in midair and puts it in the basket on the way down.
Alley-Oop Pass [Basketball]
A pass thrown to a player who is running toward the basket. The second player leaps, catches the ball in midair, and dunks it or lays it in before he lands.
Alleys [Badminton]
The areas, 1 1/2 feet wide on each side of the court, that are used for doubles play.
Allowance [General]
Is the weight concession the horse is given to compensate for its rider's inexperience
Allowance Race [Horse Racing]
A race for which the racing secretary drafts certain conditions to determine weights to be carried based on the horse's age, sex and/or past performance.
Allowances [Horse Racing]
Reductions in weights to be carried, allowed because of the conditions of the race or because an apprentice jockey is on a horse. Also, a weight reduction female horses are entitled to when racing against males, or that three-year-olds receive against older horses.
Alloy [Golf]
Any combination of metal used to produce a club head or shaft. Alloys may contain aluminum, steel, beryllium, nickel, copper, titanium, or any number of other metals in varying combinations.
Alloy Wheels [Motor Sports]
Wheels usually made of aluminum alloy; installed to improve appearance. Alloy wheels are less prone to corrosion and can be significantly lighter than the equivalent steel wheels.
Almost Up [Golf]
Almost overtakes leader at the wire.
Aloft [Sailing]
Above the boat, in its rigging.
Alone Player [Poker]
A card thief working with no confederates.
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