All Gambling Terms Dictionary

H [Poker]
Hearts (the suit), in written text. Jh, for example, is the jack of hearts.
H17 [Blackjack]
An abbreviation used to signify that the rules of a particular blackjack game include requiring the dealer to hit a soft seventeen.
H.O.E. [Poker]
A game or tournament format in which three forms of poker are played in rotation, usually either half an hour of each or one round of each. The games are limit hold 'em, Omaha/8, and seven-card stud high-low.
H.O.R.S.E [Poker]
A game or tournament format in which five forms of poker are played in rotation, usually either half an hour of each or one round of each. The games are limit hold 'em, Omaha/8, razz, seven-card stud (high), and seven-card stud high-low (the e standing for 8-or-better).
H.O.R.S.E.L [Poker]
A game or tournament format in which six forms of poker are played in rotation, usually either half an hour of each or one round of each. The games are limit hold 'em, Omaha/8, razz, seven-card stud (high), seven-card stud high-low, and lowball.
H.O.S.E [Poker]
A game or tournament format in which four forms of poker are played in rotation, usually either half an hour of each or one round of each. The games are limit hold 'em, Omaha/8, seven-card stud (high), and seven-card stud high-low.
H/9 [Baseball]
Hits per Nine Innings
H/E [Poker]
Shorthand, particularly in e-mail and Internet postings, for hold 'em.
Hachiji Dachi [Martial Arts]
Open leg stance (feet directed at 45 degrees towards the exterior)
Hachimaki [Martial Arts]
"Head wrapping." A light cotton towel, also known as a tengui, wrapped around the forehead to restrict perspiration from running into the eyes and face.
Hachiman [Martial Arts]
(Japanese) Hachiman is the name of a Shintô God of War. Hachiman o Kami was specially venerated by the Samurai.
Hack [Curling]
A metal or wooden plate from which the curler can push off to begin delivery. There are usually two hacks at each end of the rink, for right- and left-handed curlers.
Hack Line [Curling]
A line, 1.2 meters from the backboards at each end of the rink, that marks the location of the hacks. The front of each hack is on the hack line.
Hacker [Golf]
An unskilled golfer. Same as "duffer"
Hackeysack [Skydiving]
Footbag - the art of kicking a racquet ball-sized leather-covered bag filled with beads in the air. A popular activity among skydivers (in my club anyway). A skillful hackeysack player can reach a very high status among skydivers at boogies.
Hacking [Basketball]
A personal foul on which a player hits an opponent on the hand or forearm, usually while trying to knock the ball away.
Hadahk [Archery]
Buriat for quiver.
Hadaka Jime [Martial Arts]
A choke hold with the naked arm.
Hage-Ro [Archery]
To nock an arrow on the bow, Japan.
Hail [Sailing]
To attempt to contact another boat or shore, either by voice or radio.
Hail Mary [Football]
A desperation pass usually lofted towards the end zone in the final seconds of a game, where there is a slim hope of a touchdown in the ensuing free-for-all.
Hairpin [Motor Sports]
A slow, 180-turn which exits in the opposite direction a driver enters.
Hairpin Shot [Badminton]
A shot made from very close to the net on which the shuttle rises just over the net and drops quickly on the other side. Often used to return a drop shot.
Hairpin Turn [Motor Sports]
A hairpin turn is a sharp turn with a tight radius.
Hairy [Motor Sports]
Frightening; originally short for "hair-raising."
Haishu [Martial Arts]
Back of the hand
Haishu Uchi [Martial Arts]
Strike with the back of the hand
Haishu Uke [Martial Arts]
Block with the back of the hand
Haito [Martial Arts]
Ridge hand (first knuckle of thumb and side of the hand)
Haito Uchi [Martial Arts]
Ridge hand strike
Haito Uke [Martial Arts]
Ridge hand block
Haiwan [Martial Arts]
Upper part of the forearm
Haiwan Nagashi Uke [Martial Arts]
Sweeping defense with the upper part of the forearm
Hajimae [Martial Arts]
Begin; a command.
Hajime [Martial Arts]
"Begin." Referee's command used to start a Japanese martial arts match.
Hakama [Martial Arts]
"Divided skirt." The skirtlike trousers or cullotes primarily worn in kendo, aikido, iaido, and sometimes the upper ranks of judo.
Hakko Ryu [Martial Arts]
A form of jujutsu in which atemi (striking) techniques are emphasized.
Halberd [Martial Arts]
A shafted weapon with an axelike cutting blade, sometimes used to describe the Chinese quando.
Half [Horse Racing]
A shortened term to refer to the half-mile position. The time "of the half" is the fractional time after one half of a mile of running.
Half a Bet [Poker]
A bet equal to half the limit. Such a bet has significance only when a player has no more chips left than those with which to raise or call, in which case some establishments recognize it as a legitimate bet that can be reraised (on the side). For example, in some clubs, in, say, a $4-limit game, if I open the pot, and a few players call, and one player has $6 left, he can raise the pot. I can reraise, but to do so I need to put in two more full bets, that is, not a further $6, but a further $8. Some establishments do not even permit a player to call if he has less than a full bet. (He can play the hand through, but gets no action on his few remaining chips).
Half a Century [Bingo]
Half a Dollar [Poker]
A $50 bill.
Half a Yard [Poker]
A $50 bill.
Half and Half [Poker]
Go half and half with a player on his buy-in to a game; usually preceded by go; sometimes followed by up. When the player quits, he splits with the person with whom he went cow. Sometimes the house goes cow with a player to enable him to get into a larger game than he could otherwise afford, generally with the no altruistic purpose of filling what would otherwise be a shaky game. At some point when the player (the house hopes) gets far enough ahead of the game, the house may split him out, that is, remove half of his chips and put him on his own. "Will you go half and half with me, so I can get into the $20 game?"
Half Brother [Horse Racing]
Male horse out of the same dam, but by different sire than another horse.
Half Court [Tennis]
The section of the court close to the service line.
Half Full Half [Freestyle Skating]
A sequence of three flips with two twists, including a full twist on the second flip.
Half Half [Freestyle Skating]
A sequence of two flips with a half-twist in each.
Half Half Full [Freestyle Skating]
A sequence of three flips with two twists, including a full twist on the final flip.
Half Hitch [Sailing]
A simple knot usually used with another knot or half hitch.
Half in [Freestyle Skating]
A double or triple flip with a half-twist on the first flip.
Half Kill [Poker]
A game in which the winner of two pots in a row (or the winner of the whole pot over a certain size in a high-low game) must kill the next pot.
Half Nelson [Wrestling]
A hold in which the wrestler's arm is passed under the opponent's armpit and the hand is on the back of the opponent's head. See also full nelson.
Half Out [Freestyle Skating]
A double or triple flip with a half-twist on the last flip.
Half Pass [Equestrian Sports]
A forward and sideways movement in the which the horse must cross its legs.
Half Pirouette [Equestrian Sports]
A rhythmic, half-circle turn with the inside hind foot as the pivot.
Half Plough [Skiing]
When descending, allowing one ski to remain pointing in the direction of travel, whilst the other is skidded out at the tail and partly pressured to slow the skier down.
Half Randy Full [Freestyle Skating]
A sequence of three flips with a total of five twists. See also randy.
Half Rudy [Freestyle Skating]
Two backward flips with a half twist on the first and a one-and-one-half twist on the second. See also rudy.
Half Rudy Full [Freestyle Skating]
A triple back flip, with a half-twist on the first, one and a half in the second, and a full twist in the third.
Half Shaft [Motor Sports]
A rotating shaft that transmits power from the final drive unit (differential) to a power wheel. Used in independent rear suspension and front-wheel drive. Two are required; one for each side.
Half Shot [Golf]
A shot played with a less than full swing.
Half Sister [Horse Racing]
A female horse out of the same dam, buy by different sire than another horse.
Half Skating [Skiing]
Also known as the track skating, or marathon skating, or Koch skating, or single-leg skating, or one-leg skating, or Finnstep, or Finnish step, or Siitonen step, this technique is generally used in tracks, with one ski pushing (skating) whilst the other gliding ski remains in the track, or sliding in the direction of travel.
Half Smart [Poker]
Partially aware of the workings of thievery, but not among the inner circle.
Half Squat [Weight Lifting]
A squat in which the knees are bent only slightly.
Half Swing [Golf]
A swing on which the club is taken back only partway.
Half Time Bet [General]
See First half wager and Second half wager.
Half Time Result [General]
A wager that involves correctly predicting the result of a game at half time.
Half Twist [Freestyle Skating]
A 180-degree rotation of the body around the skier's vertical axis.
Half-and-Half Game [Poker]
A game in which two forms of poker are played, usually for half an hour each. For example, a half-stud, half-hold 'em game would alternate half hours with seven-card stud and hold 'em. Such a game is likely be played at relatively high stakes.
Half-and-Half Tournament [Poker]
A tournament format in which two forms of poker are played, usually for half an hour each. For example, a half-stud, half-hold 'em tournament would alternate half hours with seven-card stud and hold 'em, generally with the limits increasing hourly or half-hourly
Half-Brother, Half-Sister [Horse Racing]
Horses out of the same dam but by different sires. Horses with the same sire and different dams are not considered half-siblings in Thoroughbred racing.
Half-Century [Poker]
A $50 bill
Half-Court [Table Tennis]
One side of a court, 4 ½ feet long by 2 ½ feet wide, representing one quarter of the table, delineated by the net and the center line.
Half-Court Offense [Basketball]
The offense run by a team after getting the ball into the frontcourt. There are many different half-court offenses, but they're all based on using player movement and ball movement designed to get an open shot.
Half-Court or Set Offense [Basketball]
When a team takes the time to develop a play in its frontcourt, such as the give-and-go or a screening play; opposite of fast break.
Half-Court Press [Basketball]
A press that's applied as soon as the opposing team gets the ball into the frontcourt.
Half-Distance Line [Water Polo]
An imaginary line, marked by white buoys, that divides the field of play into two equal ends.
Half-in, Half-Out [Gymnastics]
A double salto with a half twist on each salto.
Half-Jump Shot [Croquet]
By hitting down on the ball, the striker drives both obstructing and strikers ball through the wicket.
Half-Mile Pole [Horse Racing]
The pole at the infield rail exactly 4 furlongs from the finish line.
Half-Miler [Horse Racing]
A track of that distance or a horse that prefers such a track.
Half-Nelson [Wrestling]
Being being an opponent with one arm under his, your hand behind his neck. This is an elementary maneuver used to turn over an opponent who has been broken down for a pin.
Half-Pot Limit [Poker]
A form of poker (particularly common in England) in which the current betting maximum is equal to half the money in the pot at the moment the bet is made. When calculating a raise, it can include the amount required to call the previous bet. For example, the pot contains $100. You bet the maximum permitted, $50. If I call, the pot contains $200. I am now permitted to raise your bet by $100. If I do, your call brings the pot to $400, and you could raise my bet by another $200, and so on.
Half-Rother, Half-Sister [Horse Racing]
Horses out of the same dam but by different sires.
Half-Volley [Tennis]
The racquet is lowered towards the ground and the ball played back immediately after it has bounced.
Halfback [Field Hockey]
See midfielder.
Halftime [Soccer]
The intermission between the 2 periods or halves of a game.
Halftime Line [General]
A line on only the first half, or only the second half scoring of a football or basketball game.
Halfway Line [Rugby]
The line that extends all the way across the field at its midpoint.
Halfway There [Bingo]
Halon [Motor Sports]
Special freon fire extinguisher. Generally a 3 percent to 5 percent conentration will extinguish fire.
Halt [Equestrian Sports]
Stop; a command.
Halter [Horse Racing]
A headgear like a bridle, but lacking a bit, that is used on a horse when being handled around the barn or when being walked.
Halter (To) [Horse Racing]
To claim a horse.
Halterman [Horse Racing]
One who claims horses.
Halved [Golf]
When a match is played without a decision. A hole is "halved" when both sides play it in the same number of strokes
Halves [Soccer]
See Periods.
Halyard [Sailing]
A line used to hoist a sail or spar. The tightness of the halyard can affect sail shape.
Hama Yumi [Archery]
A bow used for driving away evil spirits, Japan.
Hammer [Poker]
Last position to bet in a particular hand; sometimes the person to put the last bet in; usually preceded by the. "You got the hammer" probably means "I'll check to you" (implying, "Since you made a large bet before the draw you will probably make one after so I will check and let you hang yourself").
Hammer Down [Motor Sports]
The driver has the pedal to the metal or has "dropped the hammer" full throttle.
Hammered [Cycling]
Totally exhausted.
Hamus [Archery]
A hook or spur projecting at right angles at the base of an arrow, Latin.
Han Kyu [Archery]
A small bow, Japan.
Han Mu Kwan [Martial Arts]
"Military arts school." A style of Korean karate.
Hanbo [Martial Arts]
A three foot wooden staff.
Hand [Video Poker]
Refers to a collection of up to five cards. The cards you are dealt at the start of a game are your original hand. If there is more than one way to play your original hand, then each different way is also called a hand. You goal is to pick the hand with the highest Average Payback.
Hand Ball [Soccer]
A foul where a player touches the ball with his hand or arm; the opposing team is awarded a direct free kick.
Hand Bearing Compass [Sailing]
A small portable compass.
Hand Check [Basketball]
To use one or both hands, intermittently or continuously, on an opposing player, especially the ball handler. A personal foul.
Hand Crank [Motor Sports]
A crank handle for manually starting internal combustion engines. Used till about 1930. Now obsolete.
Hand Deploy [Skydiving]
To activate the parachute by manually deploying the pilote chute as opposed to pulling a ripcord.
Hand for Hand [Poker]
The situation that arises near the end of a tournament in which, usually, two tables remain and a few players must bust out before the tables are combined for the final table, all of the players at which will finish in the money. Because some players might hope to guarantee a place in the money by playing slowly, hoping to outlast someone else who might go broke, the tournament director sometimes stipulates that whichever table finishes a hand first must wait for the other table before starting the next deal, and the tables play hand for hand.
Hand Lead [Sailing]
A weight attached to a line used to determine depth by lowering it into the water.
Hand Mucker [Poker]
A thief who palms cards, which he holds out for later introduction into the game. This usage comes from a pan (panguingue) dealer, who, in the course of dealing the game, constantly shuffles cards that have been played (taking these cards from the discard pile, or the muck) and reinserts cards of similar rank and suit into various separated places of the remainder of the deck.
Hand Pass [Ice Hockey]
The act of batting, deflecting, or throwing the puck toward a teammate, resulting in stoppage of a play and a faceoff at the spot. A player is allowed to stop or bat the puck with a hand, provided it isn't deliberately directed at a teammate.
Hand Rail [Sailing]
A hand hold. Usually along the cabin top or ladder.
Hand Ride [Horse Racing]
The act of urging a horse toward longer, faster, more rhythmic stride by rolling hands on a horse's neck, lifting its head at beginning of stride.
Hand Signals [Motor Sports]
Used by drivers to communicate with each other and race officials. See GCR. Also by race staff to communicate with drivers and other staff.
Hand-Checking [Basketball]
A violation in which a defender uses his hand to impede a player's progress.
Hand-Off [Football]
A running play where the quarterback hands the ball to a back.
Handful [General]
The price of 5/1.
Handicap [Horse Racing]
The position or mark from which a horse starts during a handicap race. For instance, those horses deemed less likely to win the event will start off the front, while the favoured runner may start off a handicap of 20 metres. This means the favourite will have to cover an extra 20 metres in the race.
Handicap Certificate [Golf]
A document issued by the player's home club or golfing association that indicates his current handicap.
Handicap Player [Golf]
A player whose average score is above par, and who therefore is given a handicap in certain kinds of competition.
Handicap Race [Horse Racing]
One in which distance allowances are made for the purpose of equalising the horses' chance of winning.
Handicapper [Horse Racing]
The racing secretary or other official who assigns weight, handicaps, and races; also, a person who analyzes a day's racing card and reports selections for the wagering public.
Handicapping [General]
In the sports shown on Oddschecker, the only sport that uses handicapping is horse racing. All horses (once they’ve run often enough) are given an official rating. Ratings range from 0-140 points for flat racing and from 0-175 points for jump racing. Each point is equal to one pound weight (carrying the extra weight is the handicap). The handicap system is designed to ensure that all the participants in the race are well matched. Handicap)ratings for every horse are assessed and may be revised weekly depending on how well the horse performed given the quality of the other horses in the race.
Handily [Horse Racing]
1) Working in the morning with maximum effort. Compare with, 2) A horse racing well within itself, with little exertion from the jockey.
Handle [Luge]
One of two metal grips, located on each side of the sled inside the pod. The handles are used to push the sled during the start and sometimes for steering during the run.
Handle Steer [Luge]
To steer the sled by pushing or pulling on the handles.
Handles [Bobsledding]
Bars at the back of a two-man sled that the brakeman pushes on to get it started on the descent.
Handling [Motor Sports]
How the car behaves in corners, and how well it responds to changing track conditions. Changing a car's downforce, tires, front and/or rear wing settings, and suspension settings can alter handling.
Hands [Soccer]
An illegal act that involves touching the ball with the hands or arms. Also a "hand-ball."
Handsomely [Sailing]
To do something carefully and in the proper manner, such as when stowing a line.
Handspring [Gymnastics]
A move in which the gymnast springs off the hands with a strong push from the shoulders.
Handstand [Gymnastics]
A move in which the body is supported on both hands, with the arms straight and the body vertical.
Handy-Billy [Sailing]
A movable block and tackle.
Hane Goshi [Martial Arts]
A springing hip throw. (Mainly judo)
Hang [Horse Racing]
This refers to a horse unable to produce the expected finishing kick and therefore unable to improve its position on the stretch.
Hang on [Cycling]
To maintain contact with a group of riders, but just barely.
Hang Time [Basketball]
The amount of time a player can stay in the air while attempting a shot.
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