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Individual Pursuit [Cycling]
A type of race in which the two riders start on opposite sides of the track and chase each other for a distance ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 meters. If one rider catches up to the other, the race is over. If not, the rider with the fastest time wins.
Indy [Wrestling]
(noun) Refers to an independent league. In the United States, all promotions other than WCW and the WWF are indies. Indies have smaller rosters, lesser known talent, significantly lower income, and they usually promote in only a few cities. Prior to Vince McMahon taking the WWF national in 1984, there were literally hundreds of successful independent promotions across the country. By the late eighties, most of the independents were unable to compete with McMahon'shuge empire and went out of business. Today there are still plenty of indies, yet only a handful are able to maintain any sort of long term success.
Indy 500 [Motor Sports]
The big race held in Indianapolis every year on Memorial Day weekend.
Indy Car [Motor Sports]
An open-wheel, open-cockpit car of the type traditionally raced at the Indianapolis 500. After the 1996 schism between the IRL and CART, both groups claim they race Indy cars, though they use different types of engines.
Indy Lights [Motor Sports]
One level below Indy car racing, known for its lighter version of actual Indy Cars. This is a stepping stone to the Indy 500.
Indy Racing League [Motor Sports]
IRL A sanctioning body, owned and run by Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Tony George. The IRL is attempting to put on a series of Indy car style racing using cars that resemble (but are less expensive then) Indy cars as sanctioned by CART.
Inferior Check Ligament [Horse Racing]
A direct continuation of the posterior (back) ligaments of the knee (carpus), located below the knee. Function is in support of the deep flexor tendon.
Infield [Motor Sports]
The enclosed portion of a track which includes team garages on most oval tracks. During race weekends, this area is usually filled with large transporters, merchandise trailers, and driver and fan motorhomes.
Infield Fly Rule [Baseball]
With runners on first and second base, or the bases loaded and zero or one out, a ball hit in the air that does not go past the infield (or fifteen feet into the outfield). The batter is automatically declared out, thus preventing the fielders from purposely dropping the fly ball in an attempt to force out runners.
Infield Racing (Sport) [Horse Racing]
Turf racing.
Infielder [Baseball]
Fielder who occupies a position in the infield. Most commonly refers to the first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop.
Inflatable [Sailing]
A dinghy or raft that can be inflated for use or deflated for easy stowage.
Inflatable Tubular Restraint [Motor Sports]
This tube of woven material is stiffer and stays inflated longer than a traditional airbag cushion. The tube protects the occupant's head and torso in a side impact, in part by keeping them away from the point of intrusion. The uninflated tube is tucked into the edge of the roof headliner. The tube is attached at the base of the A-pillar in front of the occupant, and at the roofline behind the occupant. When it inflates, the tube angles across the window to keep the occupants head from hitting the window glass or metal side pillar. Because of the longer time the tubular restraint stays inflated, it is expected to also offer protection in a rollover.
Information Age [Baseball]
Notre Dame baseball fans can follow the team on the official website ( Real-time stats for home games are available, as well as real-audio broadcasts, player features, press releases, game stories, photos, historical archives and a wide variety of other information.
Inherited Runner [Baseball]
Any runner(s) on base when a relief pitcher enters a game are considered "inherited" by that pitcher.
Initiation [Skiing]
Silly instructor's jargon for 'start', such as in 'initiation of a turn'.
Injection Molding [Golf]
A method of manufacture (typically involving wood heads and face inserts) in which the material (ABS, epoxy, graphite, etc.) comprising the head is heated to a liquid state and injected under pressure into a mold. When the material hardens, it takes the shape of the mold into which it was injected.
Injury Default [Wrestling]
A win rewarded to a wrestler when the opponent cannot continue to compete because of an injury. Worth four classification points.
Injury Report [General]
A description of the status of an injured player, which is frequently used as a variable in betting equations.
Injury Time [Wrestling]
A period during which a match is halted because one of the wrestlers is injured or bleeding. If the wrestler cannot continue within two minutes, the match ends with an injury default.
Inlaid Card [Bingo]
A pre-printed number card, usually in 4x4 format. It is usually laid into a table, and black discs are used to cover the numbers as they are called out
Inland [Sailing]
Away from large bodies of water, surrounded by land. See offshore.
Inland or in Play [Golf]
Within the course (not out of bounds).
Inland Rules [Sailing]
Rules for the operation of vessels in harbors, rivers and lakes.
Inlet [Sailing]
A bay or cove along a river, sea or lake coast line. A stream or bay leading inland. A narrow passage between to bodies of land.
Inline [Motor Sports]
Cylinders in a single row, valve stems in a single row.
Inline Engine [Motor Sports]
An engine having the cylinders in a straight line, one after the other. Also called a "straight" engine.
Inn [Baseball]
Innings Played
Inner [Field Hockey]
A forward who plays in or near the center of the field. See also wing.
Inner Liner [Motor Sports]
A safety device for racing tires. An inner liner is a sort of tire-within-a-tire; it has its own air containment and its own valve stem (separate from the main carcass of the tire). The inner liner is inflated to a pressure somewhat lower than the main carcass, so that it stays folded up against the rim until the main carcass loses pressure. Then, the inner liner inflates and takes over; it can function even if the outer tire disintegrates completely.
Inning [Baseball]
A period of play. There are 9 innings in a regulation game, each team bats in an inning until they record 3 outs. The visiting team always bats in the top half (beginning) of an inning. If the home team has a higher total after their opponents bat in the top half of the last schedule inning, the bottom half of the inning is not played and the score is final. A tie at the end of regulation play forces extra innings. The game continues until an inning is complete and the visitors have a higher score, or until the home team breaks the tie (then) they don’t complete the 3 outs.
Inning 1-6 and Inning 7+ [Baseball]
There refer to the actual innings in which a pitcher worked.
Innings [Baseball]
In baseball it is always "inning" (whether singular or plural. This is an throw back to cricket and many in Australian baseball still add the 's')
Innings Pitched (Inn) [Baseball]
Cumulative number of innings (including fractional innings) pitched by a pitcher.
Innings Pitched (Ip) [Baseball]
Cumulative number of innings (including fractional innings) pitched by a pitcher.
Inquiry [Horse Racing]
Stewards may conduct an inquiry as a result of any incident which may have occurred during a race, to determine whether or not certain drivers and/or horses were responsible for the incident and whether they should receive due punishment. Inquiries are also conducted if a horse returns a positive drug swab, or if a licensed person does not conduct themselves in a manner which brings credit to the industry.
Inrun [Skiing]
The part of a ski jump on which the skier is traveling down the ramp, building up speed for the takeoff.
Insensitive Laminae [Horse Racing]
The layer just under the wall of the hoof; similar to the human fingernail. It is an integral structure that helps to attach the hoof wall to the underlying coffin bone.
Inset Hosel [Golf]
A club design which moves the position of the hosel toward the center of the club face in an attempt to reduce head twisting. The United States Golf Association (USGA) Rule lists a maximum inset of 0.625” or 16 millimeters above the horizontal plane on which the club is resting in its normal address position.
Inshoot [Baseball]
Curve ball moving toward the batter.
Inside [Horse Racing]
In the United States, anything to the left of a horse during a race. In some countries outside of the U.S. where the race is run in the opposite direction it would be anything to the right of the horse. Also used to refer to the position closest to the rail.
Inside Bet [Roulette]
A wager placed on any individual number on the roulette table layout including 0 or 00, or any combination of the numbers
Inside Center [Rugby]
The back who usually wears No. 12. See center.
Inside Groove or Line [Motor Sports]
On an oval track, this is the innermost racing line which is usually separated from the infield by a distinctly flat surface called an apron. On road courses, the inside groove refers to the line closest to the curbs or walls forming the inner portion of turns.
Inside Hand [Rowing]
The hand closest to the oarlock.
Inside Information [General]
The data obtained on a particular team or its players and/or staff that may impact upon the final outcome of a game.
Inside Line [Motor Sports]
The shortest and usually the fastest, line around the track. The lane closest to the infield. Also see Groove
Inside Numbers [Craps]
The place numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9.
Inside or Outside White Heel (Leg Markings) [Horse Racing]
The area above the back of the hoof on either the inside or outside of the leg, is white.
Inside Out [Table Tennis]
Descriptive of a shot hit with sidespin so that it will curve and bounce away from the opponent.
Inside Rail [Horse Racing]
The fence or structure separating racing strip from infield.
Inside Shooting [Basketball]
Shots taken by a player near or under the basket.
Inside Shot [Basketball]
A shot taken from near or under the basket.
Inside Straight [Video Poker]
A hand containing four cards not in the same suit in an open-ended broken sequence with one gap or in a closed-end sequence with or without a gap like 4h-5s-6h-8d-A.
Inside Straight Flush [Video Poker]
A hand containing three or four cards in the same suit in a broken sequence like 2h-3h-4h-6h-A.
Inside Ticket [Keno]
A keno ticket that is completed and turned in to the casino.
Inside Water [Water Polo]
The position of an attacking player who is in front of a defender and moving toward the goal.
Inside Wrap [Poker]
In Omaha, a situation in which your four downwards consist of three cards each separated by one rank, which combine with two cards of the flop to form five consecutive cards, so that many cards on the turn or river give you a straight. For example, your down cards are 8-6-4-A, and the flop is 5-7-K. You can make a straight with any of 17 cards, any 8, 6, or 4, three each of which remain, or any 9 or 3, of which four of each remain.
Insistence [Fencing]
Forcing an attack through the parry.
Installment Loan [Motor Sports]
A loan repaid in separate smaller amounts, typically monthly.
Instant Bingo [Bingo]
A breakopen ticket which contains only the letters B, I, N, G, O; bingo card faces; bingo numbers; and no other symbols. Winning tickets may incorporate letters spelling the word B-I-N-G-O, or contain a complete, pre-designated bingo pattern, i.e., vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line.
Instant Game [Lotto]
A lottery ticket that requires the player to remove a latex coating to determine if the ticket is a winner. Also called "scratch-off game" or "scratcher."
Instep Drive [Soccer]
A straight shot taken with the instep of a player's foot; usually the most powerful and accurate of shots.
Instinctive Shooting [Archery]
Shooting without the aid of sights, used particularly in field archery and hunting.
Instructor [Motor Sports]
Highest license level in Midwestern Council. Issued after completion of 2 years, 12 races, 3 schools as an assistant and individual approval by the MC contest board.
Instrument Panel [Motor Sports]
The instrument panel contains the gauges in front of the driver; the controls for the sound system and climate-control system; the glove box; vents for the windshield defroster; and the front passenger-side airbag. The instrument panel is often delivered to the factory as a complete module with electronic components already installed.
Insufficient Parry [Fencing]
A parry that fails to deflect the attacking blade.
Insurance [Blackjack]
If the dealer's up card is an ace (or ten as up card), he or she will call for insurance. When you place an insurance wager, you are betting that the dealer has Blackjack. To make an insurance wager, pace an amount, up to one half your original bet on the insurance line when the dealer calls for insurance. If the dealer has Blackjack you win your insurance bet, but lose your original bet. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you lose your insurance bet and the game continues. Taking the insurance bet is highly advantageous to the house, unless the player is card counting.
Insurance Bet [Poker]
In big bet poker, it is possible to reach a situation in which you are uncomfortable with the amount of money you have invested in a pot. To reduce variance, players will sometimes take insurance against an unfortunate outcome, essentially selling the actual outcome of the hand for its mathematical equity (at a slight discount).
Insurance Correlation (Ic) [Blackjack]
"Insurance correlation" indicates how well the point count is able to convey information regarding when one should take insurance.
Insurance Efficiency (Ie) [Blackjack]
A system's "Insurance efficiency" is the measure of how much the card counting system can gain if one follows its recommendation to take insurance in comparison to what could be gained by always taking insurance at the proper time.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety [Motor Sports]
Sister organization to the Highway Loss Data Institute. Funded by insurance companies.
Insurance Man [Poker]
A player or spectator who sells or books insurance.
Insurance Verification [Motor Sports]
Proof that the borrower has auto insurance.
Intake Manifold [Motor Sports]
A housing that directs the air-fuel mixture through the port openings in the cylinder heads.
Integrated Child Seats [Motor Sports]
May also be called integrated child-safety seats or integrated child-restraint seats. Built-in child seats that fold out of the seatback of a rear seat. Sedans with this option usually have one in the center of the rear seat; minivans may have one or two in the middle seating positions. While NHTSA and every other safety organization stress that any child-restraint seat is better than none, built-in child-restraint seats are considered the safest alternative because they are more securely anchored than a seat attached to seat belts.
Integrated Safety Belts [Motor Sports]
Also called integrated seat belts. Lap-and-shoulder belts that are built into the seat rather than anchored to the side pillar and the floor pan. A recent innovation, this arrangement ensures better belt fit and ensures that the belt stays with the seat occupant when he or she moves the seat forward or rearward. Some manufacturers also call this belt-in-seat.
Intended Line [Golf]
The line you expect the ball to travel after hit.
Intentional Base on Balls (Ibb) [Baseball]
When a batter is intentionally thrown four balls outside the strike zone.
Intentional Foul [Basketball]
A foul deliberately committed by a defensive player to stop the clock. In college basketball, the team that was fouled gets two free throw and possession of the ball.
Intentional Grounding [Football]
A foul called against a quarterback who purposely throws an incomplete forward pass solely to avoid a sack; cannot be called if the pass lands at or beyond the line of scrimmage.
Intentional Walk [Baseball]
Four balls thrown on purpose to a batter advancing the hitter to first base. Generally, executed when 1st base is empty to set-up a force play.
Inter Dominion [Horse Racing]
The most famous and coveted of all harness racing carnivals. Horses from all over Australia and New Zealand vie for the title of Inter Dominion champion. The series is a test of speed and stamina, and consists of three qualifying heats, with the highest point scorers qualifying for the final. The Inter Dominion is held at metropolitan tracks on a rotating basis between major tracks in Australia and New Zealand.
Inter-State (Wagering) [Horse Racing]
Wagering on a simulcast of a race from another state.
Inter-Track (Wagering) [Horse Racing]
Wagering on a simulcast of a race from another track within the state.
Interception [Football]
A pass caught in the air (picked off) by a defender whose team immediately gains possession of the ball and becomes the offense.
Interchange [Field Hockey]
A temporary switch of positions by teammates.
Intercoastal Waterway [Sailing]
A system of rivers and canals along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States allowing boats to travel along them without having to go offshore.
Intercooler [Motor Sports]
Device that cools air as it leaves a turbocharger or supercharger before the air is blown into the engine air intake. Cooling makes the air denser and richer in oxygen, which lets the engine produce more power.
Interest [Motor Sports]
The cost of the money borrowed, usually expressed as a percentage of the whole.
Interest Rate [Motor Sports]
The periodic charge, expressed as a percentage, for the use of credit.
Interfered [Golf]
Intentional physical contact which obstructs or impededs the running of a dog.
Interference [Golf]
Intentional and unusual physical contact which obstructs or impedes the running of another greyhound as determined by the judges. After being called for interference, a greyhound must run in two schooling (non-wagering) races before racing in an official race.
Interior Payload [Motor Sports]
The amount of space or material that can be carried inside the vehicle.
Interlocking Grip [Golf]
A type of grip where the little finger of the left hand is intertwined with the index finger of the right hand for a right handed player. The converse applies to a left hander.
Intermediate Time [Skiing]
The time it takes a competitor to ski a specific section of the course.
Intermediate Track [Motor Sports]
Term describing a racetrack one mile or more, but less than two miles, in length. The NASCAR Busch Series, Grand National Division currently races on fourteen intermediate tracks: Atlanta Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Dover Downs International Speedway, Darlington Raceway, Gateway International Raceway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Miami-Dade Homestead Motorsports Complex, Nazareth Speedway, New Hampshire International Speedway, North Carolina Speedway, Phoenix International Raceway, Pike's Peak International Raceway, Texas Motor Speedway, and The Milwaukee Mile.
Intermission [Ice Hockey]
A fifteen-minute recess between each of the three periods of a hockey game.
Internal Combustion Engine [Motor Sports]
Any engine, either reciprocating or rotary, in which the fuel is consumed in the interior of the engine rather than outside of the engine.
International Code of Signals [Sailing]
A set of radio, sound, and visual signals designed to aid in communications between vessels without language problems. It can be used with Morse Code, with signal pennants, and by spoken code letters.
International Object [Wrestling]
N. Foreign object, something now allowed in the ring. Derived from an order not to use the world "foreign" by the Turner Broadcasting Company.
International Signals [Poker]
A set of signals supposedly universally recognized by all thieves, allowing thieves who don't even know each other to communicate their desire to fleece the suckers, indicate their need for particular cards, and so on. These signals are of no use in games with sophisticated players, who are clever enough to catch on to what is going on, and are unnecessary with "dummies," because they can be beat by good playing. Some thieves still are not clever enough to understand these concepts, however, and you may see them in some games, particularly those in which the management does not give its players much protection.
Interski [Skiing]
An international ski instructors conference (Alpine & Nordic) held every four years and organised in conjunction with the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA).
Interval [Cycling]
To alternate between forcing the pace and resting, with the intention of wearing out other riders.
Interval Time [Bobsledding]
The time taken to traverse a specific section of the track.
Interval Timers [Motor Sports]
Part of a secondary timing system that records elapsed times, primarily for the racers' benefit, at 60, 330, 660, and 1,000 feet. (Drag Racing)
Intimidator [Motor Sports]
Dale Earnhardt’s nick name because of his driving style, which some might call reckless.
Intra-Articular [Horse Racing]
Within a joint.
Intractable [Horse Racing]
A horse which often does things wrong, like breaking, pulling or hanging during a race, or is very difficult to keep under control.
Inverted Cross [Gymnastics]
A skill performed on the still rings, in an inverted handstand position, with the arms stretched out perpendicular to the body. See also cross.
Inverted Rubber [Table Tennis]
A type of covering for the blade that has a smooth hitting surface on the outside and the surface with pips attached to the blade. It's called "inverted" because it's basically the same covering used on a hardbat, but upside down.
Inverted Start [Motor Sports]
A starting order where the first qualifier starts last, the second qualifier starts next-to-last, and so on.
Investment [Poker]
1) How much of a particular pot you put in. Everything beyond that is your profit (if you win the pot). 2) At any point, how much it has cost you up to that point to remain in the pot.
Investment Odds [Poker]
The amount of money in the pot versus the amount of money it will cost you to continue in the hand.
Investor [General]
A person at a licensed race meeting who bets with a bookmaker or the totalisator, or a person not present at the meeting, but places bets on the horses engaged at that meeting with the off-course totalisator.
Invitation [Fencing]
A line that is intentionally left open to encourage the opponent to attack.
Invitational [Horse Racing]
A stake race, where the field is comprised only of horses that were invited to race by the Racing Secretary.
Invoice Price [Motor Sports]
The initial charge to the dealer from the manufacturer, including freight and delivery charges.
Inward Dive [Diving]
A dive on which the athlete begins with back to the water and rotates toward the board after takeoff.
Ioc [General]
International Olympic Committee.
Ip [Blackjack]
The acronym for Imperial Palace, a casino.
Ipoh [Archery]
A poison used on arrows and blow pipe darts, Malaysia.
Ippon [Martial Arts]
A full win. (Judo and karate)
Ippon Ken Zuki [Martial Arts]
One knuckle fist
Ippon Kumite [Martial Arts]
One step sparring
Ippon Nukite [Martial Arts]
Spear hand with one finger
Ippon Shiai [Martial Arts]
Competition with one point
Ipudligadlin [Archery]
An Eskimo bear arrow, Point Barrow.
Ipwa [Wrestling]
Independent Professional Wrestling Alliance
Ir [Baseball]
Inherited Runners
Ira [Baseball]
Inherited Runs Allowed
Irc [Blackjack]
1. The acronym for Initial Running Count. 2. The acronym for Internet Relay Chat.
Irimi Nage [Martial Arts]
An entering throw, in which the attacker's arm lifts the opponent's chin. Also known as the twenty-year throw.
Irish Peel [Croquet]
A roll stroke which is similar to the half-jump shot, in which both balls go through their wickets.
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