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Judge Bean [Poker]
Three 10s, probably referring to 30 days, one of the many sentences the frontier judge was famous for handing ou
Judge Duffy [Poker]
Three 10s, probably referring to "30 days or $30," a common sentence handed down for pleading guilty in the 1930s and 40s to illegal gambling, by this (probably) generic judge
Judges [Fencing]
Additional officials who assist the referee in detecting illegal or invalid actions, such as floor judges or hand judges.
Judges' Stand [Greyhound Racing]
An area designated at the racetrack for the judges to perform their duties. May also be designated as the 'Crow's Nest'.
Judith [Poker]
The queen of hearts. May come from the Bible.
Judo [Martial Arts]
"Gentle way." A Japanese art of self-defense and a sport with Olympic recognition. Judo is a method of turning an opponent's strength and overcoming by skill rather than sheer strength.
Judogi [Martial Arts]
The judo uniform, a baggy jacket off white or off-white material and loose trousers.
Judoka [Martial Arts]
A practitioner of judo.
Juggling [Soccer]
Keeping a ball in the air with any part of the body besides the hands or arms; used for practice and developing coordination.
Juice [General]
This is a slang term meaning the commission that you have to pay if you bet against the spread. You must have a winning average of over 52.38% in order to come out ahead. The bookmaker's commission is also known as vigorish.
Juice Collector [General]
One who collects the juice.
Juice Joint [Poker]
A crooked card room or gambling establishment. Also called wire joint.
Juji [Martial Arts]
Cross (X)
Juji Uke [Martial Arts]
Jujutsu [Martial Arts]
"Art of gentleness." Literally, the technique or the art of suppleness, gentleness. All of these terms, however, represent a single principle, a general method of applying a technique using the human body as a weapon in unarmed combat. Also known as jiu jitsu.
Jules Rimet Trophy [Soccer]
The trophy given to the World Cup winner between 1930 and 1970, after which it was permanently retired.
Jumbo Wood Head [Golf]
A metal or wooden wood head having a volume of 250cc or more.
Jump [Motor Sports]
To start before the signal is given; usually in drag racing.
Jump and Jive [Bingo]
Jump Ball [Basketball]
A method of putting the ball back into play at the beginning of the game and in various other situations. Two opponents face one another in one of the three restraining circles, the referee tosses the ball up between them, and they try to tip it to a teammate. All other players must remain outside the circle until the ball is touched.
Jump Hook [Basketball]
A hook shot taken while jumping, popular among big men because it is difficult to block.
Jump Run [Skydiving]
The final pass of an aircraft that is at the predetermined altitude on an imaginary path that crosses over the target along a line generally coinciding with the direction the wind is coming from. The jump run is always into the wind. A "downwind jump run" is with the wind and is much more difficult to spot due to the increased speed.
Jump Shot [Basketball]
A shot on which the shooter jumps into the air and releases the ball from above the head, making it difficult to block.
Jump Suit [Skydiving]
A cover all type garment designed for specific skydiving applications such as FS, freestyle or accuracy.
Jump the Cut [Poker]
Hop the cut (Replace the cards in the same order as they were prior to the cut. This is a slSeven-of-hand maneuver by a card mechanic to negate the effect of the cut. Also called elevator the cut, jump the cut, make a pass, shift the cut.).
Jump the Fence [Poker]
Come in cold (Call a bet and one or more raises without yet having any money in the pot.). Also, hop the fence
Jump Turning [Skiing]
A method of turning by jumping both skis into the air, thus allowing a quicker change of direction. The skis rarely glide or sideslip using this technique.
Jump Up [Horse Racing]
A term that refers to a horse that wins in a surprising reversal of form.
Jump-Off [Equestrian Sports]
An extra round to break a tie for first place after the final round of show jumping competition.
Jump-Parallel Turning [Skiing]
Performing a series of parallel turns with both skis leaving the snow surface completely, landing in the new direction. Used in difficult snow or on steep slopes.
Jump-Telemark Turning [Skiing]
Performing a series of telemark turns with both skis leaving the snow surface completely, landing in the new direction. Used in difficult snow or on steep slopes.
Jumped the Restart [Motor Sports]
When a driver takes off too early while anticipating the restart. The driver is black flagged and assessed a "Stop And Go" penalty.
Jumper [Rugby]
1) A rugby jersey. 2) The player in a lineout who's responsible for jumping to catch or intercept a throw.
Jumping [Skiing]
See ski jumping, and ski flying.
Jumping Circle [Basketball]
A 4-foot circle inside the center circle. On a jump ball, each player must have at least one foot entirely inside the jumping circle.
Jumping the Restart [Motor Sports]
When a driver anticipates the restart and takes off too early. This driver is black flagged and is forced to the pits as a penalty.
Jumpmaster [Skydiving]
Someone who has successfully attended a Jumpmaster Certification Course. A jumpmaster has all of the privileges of an Instructor except that they cannot supervise a first jump course, sign off licenses, or manage a student program without an instructor's supervision.
Junbi Sogi [Martial Arts]
Ready stance.
Junction Buoy [Sailing]
Also known as a preferred channel buoy. A red and green horizontally striped buoy used in the United States to mark the separation of a channel into two channels. The preferred channel is indicated by the color of the uppermost stripe. Red on top indicates that the preferred channel is to the right as you return, green indicates the left. Also see can and nun buoys.
Jungle [Golf]
A slang term for heavy rough.
Junior Driver [Horse Racing]
A driver under the age of 23.
Junior Driver Concessions [Horse Racing]
Available in NSW to drivers under the age of 23 who have not driven a total of 25 winners at Harold Park Monday or Tuesday meetings, all other NSW tracks and other non-metropolitan tracks. These concessions are only available at Harold Park Friday night meetings when a junior driver has not driven five winners at such meetings or other metropolitan meetings. Trainers can use junior driver concessions (in races so marked) to gain entry to races they may not have been eligible for and/or to draw more favourably.
Junk Rubber [Table Tennis]
Anti-spin rubber or long pips rubber.
Junket [Blackjack]
An organized group of gamblers that travel to a casino together. Junkets are usually subsidized by a casino to attract players.
Jury [Skiing]
A group of officials who ensure that a competition is run safely and in accordance with the rules.
Jury Rig [Sailing]
A temporary repair using improvised materials and parts.
Jushin [Martial Arts]
Center of gravity.
Just Lasted [Golf]
Barely hung on to win.
Just Missed [Golf]
Misses winning by a nose.
Just Up [Golf]
Wins right at the wire.
Jutsu [Martial Arts]
"Art." A term linking a fighting method with the bugei, or martial disciplines of war, rather than with the sporting or aesthetic practices of modern Japan.
Jutte [Martial Arts]
A forked iron truncheon that can parry an attack by a sword.
Jutte Jutsu [Martial Arts]
Art of the jutte.
Juvenile [Horse Racing]
A two-year-old horse.
Jwa [Wrestling]
Japan Wrestling Association
Jwpw [Wrestling]
Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling
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