All Gambling Terms Dictionary

Kyokpa [Martial Arts]
Kyoshi [Martial Arts]
A Japanese martial arts teacher who is sixth- or seventh-degree black belt rank.
Kyu [Martial Arts]
A rank designation signifying a level of achievement below black belt or dan rank in the Japanese martial arts.
Kyu-do [Archery]
The art and practice of archery, Japan.
Kyubo [Martial Arts]
Chest area.
Kyudo [Martial Arts]
"Way of the bow." The modern Japanese practice of archery as a discipline of coordinated integration. Kyudo's basis is the clarity of execution, the poise, and the control over the bow.
Kyujutsu [Archery]
Archery, Japan.
Kyusen [Archery]
A bow and arrows, Japan.
Kyusho-Jitsu [Martial Arts]
Techniques for striking pressure points.
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