All Gambling Terms Dictionary

N0 [Blackjack]
The number of hands (sometimes expressed in hours of playing time) theoretically required to be played with a certain set of rules and strategy (count, spread etc.) before the player reaches his goal to be ahead by at least one standard deviation. It has been supported as a main measure of every situation's (rules & strategy) assessment mostly by Brett Harris. It is expressed as N0 = Var / EV^2.
N.C.I.S. [Skiing]
National Coach and Instructor Scheme, the organisation that trains and certifies all Nordic ski instructors and coaches in Australia.
N/L [Poker]
Shorthand, particularly in e-mail and Internet postings, for no-limit. "I was playing n/l h/e at the Pasatiempo last night, and this hand came up..."
Naban [Martial Arts]
(Burma) A method of self-defense originary of India. There is no use of weapons in this category of self-defense systems which are also called Bando. Naban contains many elements of Indian wrestling.
Nagare [Martial Arts]
Nagashi [Martial Arts]
Nagashi Uke [Martial Arts]
Flowing, sweeping block
Nagashi Zuki [Martial Arts]
Punch with dodging
Nage [Martial Arts]
Nage Waza [Martial Arts]
Defensive throwing techniques that make use of the attacker's momentum. Mainly judo.
Naginata [Martial Arts]
"Reaping sword." A curved-blade spear, once used by Japanese monks and samurai. It is approximately seven feet in length including the blade. Many women of the samurai class became adept at the use of this weapon.
Nail [Poker]
1) Mark a card, often with a fingernail. Also called spike, spur. 2) Catch the specific card you need to win, particularly as the last card in hold 'em or seven-card stud. "I nailed an ace on the river." 3) Catch someone cheating.
Nail Down [Baseball]
As in "nail down a victory." Refers to a relief pitcher finishing off the game.
Nail-Pricking [Poker]
Marking cards with one's fingernails, particularly sharp thumbnails.
Naiwan [Martial Arts]
Inner arm.
Nakago [Martial Arts]
The tang; that portion of the sword blade to which the hilt is attached.
Nakhuna [Archery]
An archer's ring, Central India.
Naluchie [Archery]
Russian for bowcase.
Nalutsch [Archery]
A type of Russian bowcase.
Name (Horse) [Horse Racing]
Names of Thoroughbreds are registered by The Jockey Club. They can be no longer than 18 characters, including punctuation and spaces.
Name (Of a Thoroughbred) [Horse Racing]
Names of North American Thoroughbreds are registered by The Jockey Club. They can be no longer than 18 characters, including punctuation and spaces. The words "the," "and," "by," "for," "in" and "a" are almost always lower case unless they are the first word in the name. Examples "Love You by Heart," "Go for Wand" and "Strike the Gold."
Name of the Game [Poker]
In lowball, a wheel (that is, a lowball).
Named Insured [Motor Sports]
The person or company that is designated as the insured.
Namesake, Part Ii [Baseball]
There is one known grandfather-grandson combination in Notre Dame baseball history. Third baseman Dennis O'Keefe captained the Notre Dame baseball team in the early 1930s while O'Keefe's grandson, Pat O'Keefe, lettered as an outfielder with the Notre Dame baseball program in 1996 and '97.
Nami Ashi [Martial Arts]
Ascending block with the leg
Naname Geri [Martial Arts]
Foot thrust
Naotte [Martial Arts]
A command to be at ease or relax.
Nap [General]
A newspaper or sports journalist corrospondents best bet of the day.
Narande [Martial Arts]
A command to line up.
Narrow the Field [Poker]
To bet or raise in order to scare off other players whose hands are currently worse than yours, but have the potential to improve.
Nascar [Motor Sports]
The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. The sanctioning body for many racing series' including, but not limited to, Winston Cup, Busch Grand National, and Craftsman Supertruck. NASCAR creates and enforces rules to ensure that cars racing against each other are evenly matched and as safe as possible. NASCAR also establishes the racing schedule and location of races that determine the racing season.
Nasl [Soccer]
North American Soccer League an outdoor league formed in the U.S. in 1967 that attracted great international players including Pele and huge audiences to the U.S. in the 1970s; folded in 1985.
Nasogastric Tube [Horse Racing]
A long tube that is capable of reaching from the nose to the stomach.
Nassau [Golf]
A type of competition in which a point is awarded for winning the first nine holes, another point for winning the second nine, and a third point for winning the entire 18-hole round. Each point usually represents a separate bet.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Nhtsa) [Motor Sports]
The federal agency that creates safety regulations for cars and trucks, crash-tests them, and analyzes safety-related defects that may require recalls.
National Lottery [Lotto]
The name used for the Lottery of a particular country.
National Team [Soccer]
A team consisting of the best players in a country chosen to represent it in international competitions such as the World Cup.
Natural [Poker]
1) A card that is not wild. 2) In a wild-card game, a hand that does not contain any wild cards. For example, in deuces wild, a natural straight, such as 10-J-Q-K-A, would have no deuces.
Natural Aids [Equestrian Sports]
Subtle body signals given to the horse by the rider's seat, hands, and legs, as well as voice commands.
Natural Card [Poker]
Natural (A card that is not wild.).
Natural Gas [Sailing]
Short for compressed natural gas or CNG. A type of compressed gas used as fuel for stoves and heaters. CNG is stored in metal cylinders prior to use. CNG is considered safer than other types of fuel such as propane (LPG) because it is lighter than air and may rise into the sky in the event of a leak. Caution should still be used as CNG can collect near the cabin ceiling, potentially causing an explosion. Propane is available in more areas around the world than CNG so CNG is not often used outside of North America.
Natural Goal [Water Polo]
A goal scored from open play with both teams at full strength. Excludes goals made on penalty shots or when a team is a man up.
Natural Jacks [Poker]
Draw poker played with no antes or blinds.
Natural Selection [Lotto]
A term used to differentiate from a Quick Pick. Natural selection is a fancy way of saying the player picked his own numbers. Example: "Was the winning ticket a quick pick or a natural selection?"
Naughty Forty [Bingo]
Nautical [Sailing]
Having to do with boats, ships, or sailing.
Nautical Almanac [Sailing]
An annually published book that contains information about the position of the sun, moon, planets and stars. This information is used for celestial navigation.
Nautical Mile [Sailing]
Distance at sea is measured in nautical miles, which are about 6067.12 feet, 1.15 statute miles or exactly 1852 meters. Nautical miles have the unique property that a minute of latitude is equal to one nautical mile (there is a slight error because the earth is not perfectly round.) Measurement of speed is done in knots where one knot equals one nautical mile per hour. A statute mile is used to measure distances on land in the United states and is 5280 feet.
Navicular Bone [Horse Racing]
A small, flat bone within the confines of the hoof that helps-along with the short pastern bone and the coffin bone-to make up the coffin joint.
Navicular Disease [Horse Racing]
This is an ulcerated condition of a small bone called the navicular bone that lies across the rear of the hoof. It acts as a pulley for the flexor tendon. It is usually seen to affect both forelegs at the same time. The removal of the heel nerves is the usual method of treatment.
Navigable Water [Sailing]
Water of sufficient depth to allow a boat to travel through it.
Navigation [Sailing]
The act of determining the position of a boat and the course needed to safely move the boat from place to place.
Navigation Lights [Sailing]
Lights on a boat help others determine its course, position and what it is doing. Boats underway should have a red light visible from its port bow, a green light on the starboard bow and a white light at its stern. Other lights are required for vessels under power, fishing, towing, etc.
Navigation Rules [Sailing]
The rules concerning which vessel has the right of way if there is a possibility of collision between two or more boats. The United States Inland Rules of the Road and International Rules of the Road are slightly different.
Navigational Aid [Sailing]
Any fixed object that a navigator may use to find his position, such as permanent land or sea markers, buoys, radiobeacons, and lighthouses.
Navigator [Sailing]
The person responsible for navigating a boat.
Nawa [Wrestling]
North American Wrestling Alliance
Nawf [Wrestling]
North American Wrestling Federation
Nayin [Archery]
A crossbow of the Mpangwe of the Gaboon River.
Nba [General]
National Basketball Association.
Nba (National Basketball Association) [Basketball]
A professional league created in 1949 that now has 27 teams in the U.S. and is adding 2 Canadian teams in 1995.
Nbj [Blackjack]
An abbreviation for New Black Jack, a different system, which black jack players describe as a nonsense system.
Ncaa [Soccer]
National Collegiate Athletic Association governs and organizes sports at the collegiate level; has its own soccer committee.
Ncaa (National Collegiate Athletic Association) [Basketball]
A voluntary association of over 1,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. whose role is to establish standards and protect the integrity of amateurism for student-athletes.
Ncaa Stat Champions [Baseball]
Four Notre Dame players have ranked first in an official NCAA season statistic: Shaun Fitzmaurice (0.34 triples/gm, '64), Dan Peltier (32 doubles, '89) and Scott Sollmann (11 triples, '95) and Aaron Heilman (1.61 ERA, '98)
Ncaa Tournament [Basketball]
An annual competition between 64 college teams to crown a national champion; also called March Madness because the three-week-long event is held during March; see also Final Four.
Nccw [Wrestling]
North Coast Championship Wrestling
Ncw [Wrestling]
National Championship Wrestling
Ndw [Wrestling]
New Dimension Wrestling
Neap Tide [Sailing]
The tide with the least variation in water level, occurring when the moon is one quarter and three quarters full. The lowest high tide and the highest low tide occur at neap tide. The opposite is the spring tide.
Near Fall [Wrestling]
If a wrestler exposes the opponent's shoulders four inches or less above the mat or has one of the opponent's shoulders on the mat and the other at an angle of less than 45 degrees to the mat, it is a near fall, worth two technical points.
Near Fall Criteria/Near Fall Points [Wrestling]
The criteria for earning a near fall is when the offensive wrestler has control of his opponent in a pinning situation and both shoulders or scapula of the defensive wrestler are held within four inches (or less) of the mat; OR when a shoulder or scapula is touching the mat and the other shoulder or scapula is at an angle of 45 degrees (or less) with the mat. The defensive wrestler's shoulders or scapula must be inbounds to earn near fall points. If this criteria is met for two continuos seconds, two points are earned. If this criteria is met for five continuos seconds, then three points are earned.
Near Fall Points [Wrestling]
If near fall criteria is met for two continuous seconds, two points are earned. If near fall criteria is met for five continuous seconds, then three points are earned. Near Fall Points are also called "back points".
Near Post [Soccer]
The goalpost closest to the ball.
Near Side [Horse Racing]
The left side of a horse, the side on which a horse is mounted.
Near-Fall [Wrestling]
Having had an opponent's back exposed long enough to get backpoints.
Nearly There [Bingo]
Necessary Line [Football]
The imaginary line the offense must cross to achieve a new first down.
Neck [Horse Racing]
A unit of measurement in racing about a quarter of a length, about the length of a race animal's neck.
Neck Strap [Luge]
A strap attaching the helmet to the body or legs to help the slider support the head against high g-forces while going through curves.
Necw [Wrestling]
New England Championship Wrestling
Needle [Poker]
Anger by means of verbal abuse, often by application of sarcasm. "You're gonna get punched in the nose if you keep giving him the needle."
Needle Artist [Poker]
One who regularly applies the needle (Anger by means of verbal abuse, often by application of sarcasm.) to others.
Needler [Poker]
Needle artist (One who regularly applies the needle (Anger by means of verbal abuse, often by application of sarcasm.) to others.).
Needles [Poker]
A pair of aces.
Neener [Poker]
9 (the card or the lowball hand)
Negative Equity [Motor Sports]
The amount owed on a vehicle loan is greater than its market value.
Negative Progression [Roulette]
Any system of wagering where you increase bets after a loss.
Negative Ski Base [Skiing]
A patterned non-wax ski base that has an impregnated pattern, below the level of the base. See positive ski base also.
Negligence [Motor Sports]
Failure to use a certain degree of care.
Neighborhood Games [Poker]
Setting up your own game.
Neikya [Martial Arts]
An advanced system of combat developed from Korean kwonbop.
Neko Ashi Dachi [Martial Arts]
Cat stance
Nerf [Motor Sports]
To bump lightly against another car, usually from behind and often on purpose, as a warning or a bit of psychology. Very common in NASCAR racing.
Nerve [Horse Racing]
To remove a nerve, eliminating pain but not the infirmity that causes it. Illegal in major racing.
Nerved [Horse Racing]
Operation that severs vital nerve to enable horses to race without pain. Illegal in most jurisdictions.
Nerving [Horse Racing]
See neurectomy.
Nesmw [Wrestling]
New Era Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Net [Soccer]
Hemp, jute or nylon cord draped over the frame of the goal and extending behind it; also used to refer to the goal itself.
Net Losses [Video Poker]
The amount lost after the wager is deducted from the payout.
Net Machine Income [Lotto]
The money played at a video lottery terminal minus the prizes won at that terminal.
Net Score [Golf]
The total number of shots taken after the handicap is deducted from the gross score.
Net Win [Keno]
The actual player winnings, after deducting the cost of the ticket.
Net Winnings [Video Poker]
The amount won after the wager is deducted from the payout.
Net" or "Let [Tennis]
The call from the net-cord judge when a serve touches the top of the net.
Netlon [Horse Racing]
Brand name for a plastic mesh which is mixed into the soil of a turf course. The grass roots grow around and through the mesh, helping to prevent divoting, especially in wet weather.
Netminder [Ice Hockey]
The goaltender.
Neurectomy [Horse Racing]
A surgical procedure in which the nerve supply to the navicular area is removed. The toe and remainder of the foot have feeling. Also referred to as "posterior digital neurectomy" or "heel nerve." Also known as "nerving."
Neutral [Motor Sports]
A term drivers use when referring to how their car is handling. When a car is neither loose nor pushing (tight).
Neutral Corner [Boxing]
One of the two corners in the ring that do not belong to either fighter.
Neutral Position [Wrestling]
The position wrestlers take at the beginning of a match, standing and facing each other, but not in contact. Also known as standing position.
Neutral Site [General]
Venue of a sporting event where neither side has a home field advantage.
Neutral Support [Cycling]
Assistance that is given to a rider by someone other than a teammate. In road races and time trials, a follow truck carries a mechanic, spare tires, and other parts in order to offer neutral support to riders who have mechanical problems. In mountain bike racing, however, neutral support is against the rules and results in disqualification.
Neutral Throw [Water Polo]
A throw by a referee that gives each team an equal chance to reach the ball. A neutral throw is most often used after a double foul.
Neutral Zone [Football]
The region that contains the ball as it sits on the ground before each play; the area between the two lines of scrimmage.
Neuvieme [Fencing]
An unconventional parry (#9) sometimes described as blade behind the back, pointing down (a variant of octave), other times similar to elevated sixte.
Nevada Gaming Commission [Keno]
The body governing gambling in the state of Nevada.
Nevada Lettuce [Poker]
A $1000 bill. Since such bills are no longer in circulation, the term is now rarely used.
Nevada Nickel [Poker]
A $5 chip. (This term is rarely heard.)
Never Headed [Golf]
Same as box to wire, all the way.
Never Prominent [Golf]
Uneventful race, did not challenge leaders or other dogs.
Never Varied [Golf]
Consistent style and/or speed throughout race in back of pack.
Neves [General]
The price of 7-1.
New [Skydiving]
The keyword within most skydiving circuits. To perform something new, something that hasn't been done before takes up a considerable amount of mental activity in the heads of many skydivers.
New Car Assessment Program (Ncap) [Motor Sports]
One of several crash-test programs run by NHTSA. Cars are crashed head-on into a rigid barrier at 35 mph, and instrumented dummies measure crash forces endured by properly restrained occupants. NHTSA assigns each tested vehicle a score indicating the likelihood of moderate, severe or fatal injury.
New Spacer [Motor Sports]
Term used for a new engine because it fills the space between the chassis and transmission.
Newa [Wrestling]
New England Wrestling Alliance
Newspaper Line [General]
The betting line which quite often appears in the daily newspapers. The lines are only approximate and quite often completely inaccurate and misleading.
Newtonian Physics [Croquet]
Sir Isaac Newtons Laws of Motions still apply to todays croquet. Every action is accompanied by an equal and opposite reaction, so when blue is struck it moves off on a straight line forever, unless friction acts on the ball, thereby slowing the ball, or blue hits red, for instance, and the force that blue hits red determines the angle that the two balls separate and whether or not either of them go out of bounds.
Next-Two Leave [Croquet]
A leave whereby the striker leaves his partner with a rush to the wicket and the opponents ball at each of the next two wickets.
Nf [Greyhound Racing]
Naples-Ft. Myers
Nfc [General]
National Football Confederation.
Nfl [General]
National Football League (divided into American Football Conference and National Football Conference).
Nfl (National Football League) [Football]
The major professional football league in the U.S. with 28 teams; its headquarters are in New York.
Nfl Championship [Football]
The game held from 1933 through 1965 to decide the champion of professional football; renamed the Super Bowl in 1966.
Ng [Blackjack]
An abbreviation for News Group, such as rec.gambling.blackjack or rec.gambling.blackjack.moderated.
Nga [Greyhound Racing]
National Greyhound Association, made up of greyhound owners, breeders and trainers; recognized as a registry for racing greyhounds in the United States.
Nhl [General]
National Hockey League (teams divided into Eastern Conference and Western Conference).
Nhra [Motor Sports]
National Hot Rod Association. The senior association that sanctions several categories of drag races. The four professional divisions are Top Fuel, Pro Stock, Funny Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle.
Niblick [Golf]
An iron with a round heavy head, used for getting out of bunkers. Correct usage: "Pass me the niblick so I can get off the beach." Incorrect usage: "May I niblick on your shoulder, baby?"
Niblick-Mashie [Golf]
Archaic term for the #7 iron
Nick [Golf]
Ype of shaft, developed by Rapport Composites, which utilizes a filament wound longer (main body) portion and a sheet wrapped tip section to tightly control bend and flex point.
Nickel [Poker]
1) $5 or a $5 poker chip. Also called a red or a redbird. 2) A 5. In high poker, three nickels means three 5s. 3) In lowball, having a 5 as the second highest card. A nickel 8 is an 8-5.Five dollars, usually represented by a red casino check.
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