All Gambling Terms Dictionary

Q [Poker]
Abbreviation for a queen, usually found only in written text about cards.
Qasab [Archery]
See Majr„.
Qaws Al-Husb„n, Qaws Murakkabah ņl„ L-Majr„ [Archery]
Arabic for dart bow. See Majr„.
Qi-Gong (Chinese) [Martial Arts]
Method for "the exercise of the energy".
Qinna (Chinese) [Martial Arts]
The art to seize and to grasp. Qinna groups together all seizures and techniques of dislocation. Qinna contains techniques of attacks on the articulations, on the throat, on the muscles, on the tendons and also techniques of pressure on vital points of the human body. The techniques of Qinna are used in several Martial Arts among others the Bagua Zhang and other Chinese Martial Arts.
Qma [Motor Sports]
Quarter Midgets of America, the original national sanctioning body for quarter midgets. QMA has produced many of today's modern stars, such as Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Vasser, Kenny Irwin, and most of the top USAC contenders.
Qogr [Keno]
Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation.
Qs [Baseball]
Quality Starts
Quackers [Poker]
Deuces. (Deuces are sometimes called ducks, as in Dewey Duck.)
Quad [Lotto]
A four-digit number consisting of only one digit. Examples: 1111, 2222, 7777. There are only 10 in the game and one of these numbers should appear every 2.7 years
Quadrant [Sailing]
A device connected to the rudder that the steering cables attach to.
Quadrella [Horse Racing]
You have to correctly select the winner of four specific races nominated by your TAB. The selected races vary from state to state.
Quadricycle [Motor Sports]
An early type of light, four-wheeled automobile using bicycle wheels and a frame of steel tubes.
Quadruple [Rowing]
A sculling boat for four rowers. Often shortened to "quad."
Quadruple Double [Basketball]
To record double digit figures in four different categories. See also triple double.
Quadruple Peel [Croquet]
A four-wicket peel.
Quadruple-Double [Basketball]
An extremely rare (it's only happened four times in NBA history) achievement in which a player accumulates doubles figures in four of the following categories in the same game: points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked shots.
Quadruplets [Poker]
Four of a kind.
Quads [Video Poker]
Four of a kind like 4-4-4-4-5.
Quail High [Golf]
Descriptive of a long shot hit on a low, flat trajectory, like the flight of a quail.
Qualifier [Poker]
A minimum standard that a hand must meet in order to win. Usually applied to the lowball side of a high-low split pot.
Qualifiers [Poker]
1) Openers (Minimum opening requirements in a particular game. In California draw (limit), for example, a pair of jacks is openers. "Who's got openers?" means "Can anyone open the pot?", that is, does anyone have a pair of jacks or better?). 2) In a high-low split game, particular holding (or better) that a player must have to win the low half or high half of a pot, as, for example, 8-or-better.
Qualifiers or Quallies [Motor Sports]
Softer compound tires designed for qualifying only because they provide excellent traction but only for a very short amount of time.
Qualify [Motor Sports]
During designated sessions, teams must meet established lap times to qualify for (or enter) a race based on a predetermined number of spots available.
Qualifying [Motor Sports]
The competition among drivers to determine the starting line up or starting grid of a race. The driver with the fastest lap earns the pole position, the second highest lap speed gets the outside pole position, other starting positions are filled accordingly. Since there is a limited number of starting spots available a driver may fail to qualify for the race.
Qualifying Competition [Tennis]
Tournament giving low-ranked players the opportunity to qualify for the tournament proper.
Qualifying Draw [Soccer]
The division of teams into groups for World Cup qualifying matches, held 2 years before The Draw.
Qualifying Matches [Soccer]
Games played in the 2 years preceding the World Cup to determine which teams participate in the tournament.
Qualifying School [Golf]
Where would-be professionals attempt to qualify for the PGA and LPGA tours.
Qualifying Shot [Croquet]
The shot that begins a turn.
Quality Start [Baseball]
Any start in which a pitcher works six or more innings while allowing three or fewer earned runs.
Quan-Fa [Martial Arts]
(Chinese) The rules of the Martial Arts. Name of the Chinese Martial Art, also called Ch'uan-Fa, Gong-Fu, Kung-Fu or KempŰ in Japanese.
Quando [Martial Arts]
See "bisento."
Quantum Mechanics [Croquet]
The laws of Quantum Mechanics do not necessarily apply to croquet but make a fascinating study. A most excellent reference is The Dancing Wu Li Masters, by Gary Zukov, William Morrow and Co. 1979.
Quarantine [Horse Racing]
1) A process used to isolate foreign horses for a short period of time to ensure they are not carrying any diseases. May be at a racetrack, airport or specially designated facility. Horses must be cleared by a federal veterinarian before being released from quarantine. 2) Any facility used to keep infected horses away from the general equine population.
Quarantine Flag [Sailing]
The quebec pennant is flown when first entering a country, indicating that the people on the ship are healthy and that the vessel wants permission to visit the country.
Quarrel [Archery]
A crossbow arrow.
Quart [Poker]
Four cards in sequence of the same suit, that is, four to a straight flush.
Quarte [Fencing]
The fourth guard or parry; blocking the opponent's blade by moving it high and to the inside so it points beyond the chest or stomach.
Quarter [Poker]
1) Twenty-five dollars, often symbolized by a green casino chip. 2) To divide half a pot between two tying hands. In split pot games, a player who "ties" another player for their half of the pot is said to be "quartered".
Quarter Bet [Roulette]
One wager that bets four numbers at the same time. Also known as a Corner Bet or a Square Bet. Pays off at 8-1.
Quarter Check [Poker]
Twenty-five dollars, often symbolized by a green casino chip.
Quarter Chip [Poker]
Twenty-five dollars, often symbolized by a green casino chip.
Quarter Crack [Horse Racing]
This is a crack found in the wall of the hoof in the area of the quarter. It usually runs from the bottom of the wall up to the coronet.
Quarter Game [Poker]
1) A small home poker game, in which the stakes generally are nickels, dimes, and quarters. Also, nickel-dime-quarter game. 2) Any small-stakes game.
Quarter Horse [Horse Racing]
Breed of horse especially fast for a quarter of a mile, from which its name is derived.
Quarter Midget [Motor Sports]
A scaled down version of a full midget, with about an 80-inch wheelbase, the size of a go-kart. Unlike go-karts, they have full suspensions. Most classes run on standard gasoline, but the top class AA engines burn alcohol. Quarter midgets have two sanctioning bodies, Quarter Midgets of America and Junior Sprint Cars of America. QMA restricts drivers from 5 to 16 years of age, while JSCA allows drivers to race until they're 19 years old.
Quarter Panel [Motor Sports]
The sheet metal on both sides of the car from the C-post to the rear bumper below the deck lid and above the wheel well.
Quarter Pole [Horse Racing]
Colored post at infield rail exactly two furlongs from the finish line.
Quarter Shot [Golf]
A shot made with a reduced swing, less than that for a half shot.
Quarter White Stocking (Leg Markings) [Horse Racing]
The white marking extends up to and includes the lower one-quarter of the cannon.
Quarterback [Football]
The leader of a teamís offense, he takes the snap from the center and either hands the ball to a running back to run with, passes it to a receiver or runs with it himself; he also communicates each play to his teammates.
Quartered [Poker]
Winning one-fourth of a pot, usually due to splitting the low half of the pot in a high-low split game.
Quartering Sea [Sailing]
A sea which comes over the quarter of the boat.
Quarters [Craps]
A term used by experienced players meaning chips with a twenty-five dollar denomination.
Quatre [Roulette]
Corner, 4 number bet.
Quay [Sailing]
Also a wharf. A section parallel to the shore for docking and unloading vessels.
Queen [Poker]
A face card, the one that ranks between the jack and the king.
Queen B [Bingo]
Queen High [Poker]
1) In high poker, a no pair hand whose highest card is a queen. "I have a queen high; can you beat that?" "Yeah, I got king high." 2) In low poker, a hand topped by a queen.
Queen-High [Poker]
Pertaining to a straight or flush topped by a queen. "I was drawing to a queen-high flush but all I made was queen high."
Queens Full [Poker]
A full house consisting of three queens and another pair.
Queens Over [Poker]
1) A full house consisting of three queens and another pair.2) Two pair, the higher of which are queens.
Queens Up [Poker]
Two pair, the higher of which are queens.
Queer [Poker]
Any of several cheating devices, such as a holdout machine.
Questionable Stroke [Croquet]
A play of dubious legality, or in which there is a chance of a foul. Referee should be consulted.
Quick [Baseball]
Fast (noun) pertaining to running or pitching; a distinctive Australian baseball expression out of the 60s.
Quick Change Rear End [Motor Sports]
A type of rear end which is designed so that the gear set can quickly be changed with another set having a different drive ratio, without removing the rear end from the car.
Quick Command [Golf]
Leads field from the early stages of race.
Quick Eight [Bowling]
An apparently good pocket hit that knocks down only eight pins, usually leaving the 4-7 or 6-10.
Quick Flashing Light [Sailing]
A navigational aid with a light that flashes about once per second.
Quick Hooks and Slow Hooks [Baseball]
A Quick Hook is the removal of a pitcher who has pitched less than 6 innings and given up 3 runs or less. A Slow Hook occurs when a pitcher pitches more than 9 innings, or allows 7 or more runs, or whose combined innings pitched and runs allowed totals 13 or more.
Quick Pick [Lotto]
A method of playing a lottery game where a computer, usually built into the lottery agent's terminal, randomly picks numbers for the player.
Quinella [Horse Racing]
Wager in which first two finishers must be picked, but payoff is made no matter which of the two wins and which runs second.
Quinella Double [Greyhound Racing]
A wagering term describing the two greyhounds finishing first and second in any order in two designated races.
Quinella Pool [Horse Racing]
The total amount bet in a race designated as a quinella.
Quiniela [Golf]
A wagering term describing the two greyhounds finishing first and second in either order.
Quiniela (Quinella) [Greyhound Racing]
A wagering term describing the two greyhounds finishing first and second in either order. (UK, Reverse Forecast).
Quinine [Poker]
1) In lowball, a 9. 2) In hold 'em, Q-9 as one's first two cards.
Quint [Poker]
Straight flush.
Quint Major [Poker]
Royal flush.
Quinte [Fencing]
The fifth guard or parry. In foil or epee, a low line on the side away from the sword arm, with a pronated wrist. In sabre, a high guard that protects the head.
Quintuple Peel [Croquet]
A five wicket peel, rarely seen.
Quit [Poker]
Cash in your chips and leave a game.
Quit Race [Keno]
Cashing in a multi game ticket before all games have been played.
Quitting on the Ball [Golf]
Not hitting through your shot with complete effort.
Quitting Time [Poker]
In a home game, the prearranged time at which the game is supposed to end. (This is often violated when the losers insist on playing "just one more round" or "just another hour" in a usually-vain attempt to recoup their losses, and the winners sometimes accommodate them, knowing the losers will likely lose even more
Quiver [Archery]
A case for holding arrows.
Quiver, Querquer [Archery]
A bag or case to carry arrows.
Quorum [Poker]
The minimum number of players, usually six, required to start a poker game.
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