All Gambling Terms Dictionary

U-Groove [Golf]
Ype of groove used in iron face structure. More pronounced than traditional "V" grooves. See "Square Groove."
Ube [Blackjack]
The acronym for Universal Blackjack Engine, software by John Imming.
Ubz [Blackjack]
An abbreviation for Unbalanced Zen card-counting system.
Uchi [Martial Arts]
Interior, inside
Uchi Deshi [Martial Arts]
"Apprentice." An old Japanese practice where a student was apprenticed to a martial arts master in order to become an instructor in turn.
Uchi Hachiji Dachi [Martial Arts]
Standing stance with the feet pointed towards the inside
Uchi Komi Uke [Martial Arts]
Block (« going inside »)
Uchi Ude Uke [Martial Arts]
Block with the forearm from the inside to the outside
Uchi Waza [Martial Arts]
Striking techniques.
Uchi-Nagashi [Martial Arts]
(Japanese) Dodging techniques used in the Wadō-Ryū Karate Style.
Ucw [Wrestling]
Ultimate Championship Wrestling
Ude [Martial Arts]
Forearm or arm.
Ude Garami [Martial Arts]
An elbow hold that immobilizes the opponent's arm. Literally, "arm wrap."
Uechi Ryu [Martial Arts]
An Okinawan style of karate founded by Kanbum Uechi. It is characterized by linear patterns and forceful breathing.
Uefa [General]
Union of European Football Association.
Uer [Baseball]
Unearned Runs
Ufc [Wrestling]
Ultimate Fighting Championship
Uke [Martial Arts]
The person to whom a technique is applied; often taken to mean the opponent.
Uke Waza [Martial Arts]
Techniques of blocking blows.
Ukemi [Martial Arts]
"Breakfalling." The art of using shock-dispersing action such as rolls and breakfalls to avoid injury when falling.
Ukemi Waza [Martial Arts]
Techniques of rolling and falling safely.
Ulapa [Archery]
A self bow convex on the back and concave on the belly, Surinam.
Ultralight Shaft [Golf]
A class of composite shafts that weigh less than 2.00 ounces or 65 grams.
Ultrasound [Horse Racing]
1) Diagnostic ultrasound A technique which uses ultrasonic waves to image internal structures. 2) Therapeutic ultrasound a therapy to create heat and stimulate healing.
Uma Yumi [Archery]
A bow used for shooting from horseback, Japan.
Umbrella [Ice Hockey]
A formation often used by a team on the power play to spread the defense; so named because it resembles the shape of an open umbrella.
Umbrella Ball [Bowling]
A high hit that nevertheless results in a strike; so called because the pins fan out as they fall into something like an umbrella pattern, rather than being scattered around.
Umbrella Liability Policy [Motor Sports]
A liability coverage that goes above and beyond the normal coverage.
Umla [Archery]
A vegetable poison used on arrows in New Guinea.
Umpire [Tennis]
The umpire decides which player has won a point and also keeps the score. In major tournaments the umpire is assisted by a number of judges (e.g. line judges).
Unbackable [General]
A horse which is quoted at short odds that investors decide is too short to return any reasonable amount for the money they outlay.
Unbalanced Count [Blackjack]
A count in which the number of plus and minus cards is not equal. For example, the KO count has one more plus valued card than minus valued card, which makes it an unbalanced count.
Unbalanced Zen [Blackjack]
An unbalanced version of Arnold Snyder's Zen Count.
Uncalled Bet [Poker]
In any round of betting, a bet made by one player that is not matched by any other player (nor is any other player all in, which would still necessitate a showdown), thus giving the pot to the player who made the bet.
Uncle Charlie [Baseball]
Curve ball.
Uncock [Golf]
To straighten the wrists in the downswing.
Uncounterfeitable [Poker]
In a high-low game with community cards (as Omaha or hold 'em), describing a nut low hand that still makes a nut low (the lowest possible hand based on the cards showing.) if one (after the turn) or two (on the flop) of the active low cards are duplicated. For example, in Omaha you hold A-2-3-J, and the board is 4-7-8-T. Even if the river is A or 2, you still have the nut low.
Under [General]
A sports bet in which the bettor guesses that the total points scored by two teams will be under a certain figure.
Under Bare Poles [Sailing]
Having no sails up. In heavy weather the windage of the mast and other spars can still be enough to move the boat.
Under Contract [Horse Racing]
A trainer or rider formally signed for a specified time and compensation.
Under Double Wraps [Horse Racing]
A horse that is racing exceptionally well and under restraint.
Under Pair [Poker]
In hold 'em, a player's pair lower than any card among the community cards. For example, you start with 7-7, and the flop is A-Q-9.
Under Pressure [Horse Racing]
To be given a hard time or experience a hard run during a race. A horse may be placed under pressure by another runner in the field, for instance, when being attacked for the lead. Under pressure may also refer to a horse that is finding it hard to keep up with the pace (is weakening), or is not responding to the driver's command to accelerate.
Under Punishment [Horse Racing]
Horse being whipped and driven.
Under the Gun [Poker]
The first player to act after the blind bets is said to be under the gun.
Under the Guns [Poker]
The first player to act after the blind bets is said to be under the gun.
Under the Lee [Sailing]
On the lee side of an object, protected from the wind.
Under Way [Sailing]
A vessel in motion is under way.
Under Wraps [Horse Racing]
Horse under stout restraint in a race or workout to keep it from pulling away from the competition by too large a margin.
Under-Led Pass [Ice Hockey]
A pass behind or to one side of a teammate, making it difficult for him to control the puck.
Under-Raise [Poker]
To raise less than the previous bet; allowed only if a player is going all-in.
Under-the-Gun Blind [Poker]
A traveling blind game in which the first player to the dealer's left blinds the pot.
Underbet [Poker]
In a big bet game, make a bet smaller than one ordinarily might or than the situation calls for, sometimes in the hopes of enticing a raise (when one has a "monster") and sometimes to keep from having to call a larger bet if one passed instead of betting.
Undercall [Poker]
At the showdown, declare your hand as being worse than it is. Many card rooms, particularly in California, have a penalty for overcalling a hand, where they rule that if a player miscalls his hand as being better than it is, causing another player to discard his hand, he may lose claim to the pot; that is, the verbal announcement takes precedence over the actual cards. There is no penalty for under calling a hand, but, except for accidentally, it is usually done only to needle another player by making that player briefly think she has the winner.
Underclub [Golf]
To use a club that does not give the distance required for the shot.
Underclubbing [Golf]
Using a club that does not give the needed distance
Undercut [Poker]
1) Suffer an occurrence in low-hole-card-wild stud games in which a player's last down card is lower than his current lowest card, thus lowering the value of his hand. 2) Shuffle the deck in a cheating fashion, consisting of moving a prearranged packet from the bottom to the top of the deck, to produce a stacked deal
Underdog [Video Poker]
A person or hand who is not mathematically favored to win a pot. For instance, if you flop four cards to your flush, you are not quite a 2:1 underdog to make your flush by the river (that is, you will make your flush about one in three times).
Underfull [Poker]
Any full house other than that special hand known as big full, that is, three aces and two kings.
Underground Joint [Roulette]
An illegal casino.
Underlay [Horse Racing]
A horse racing at shorter odds than seems warranted by its past performances.
Underlisting [Golf]
The rubber or paper material onto which a leather grip is wrapped.
Underplay [Poker]
In a big bet game, make a bet smaller than one ordinarily might or than the situation calls for, sometimes in the hopes of enticing a raise (when one has a "monster") and sometimes to keep from having to call a larger bet if one passed instead of betting.
Underspin [Golf]
Same as backspin.
Understeer [Motor Sports]
Understeer occurs when the front wheels provide less steering than desired in a given direction. Usually the front wheels have lost adhesion and cannot steer effectively. This results in the vehicle "pushing" ahead and responding sluggishly to the steering wheel. Reducing speed can allow the front wheels to regain traction. Most vehicles are designed to exhibit understeer in normal conditions, because it is easier to control than oversteer.
Undertow [Sailing]
Strong offshore current extending to the shore.
Underwriter [Motor Sports]
A person who is trained to evaluate risks and determines rates for policies based on those risks.
Underwriting [Motor Sports]
The process of verifying data and approving a loan.
Undong [Martial Arts]
Undress. [Poker]
In draw poker, an exhortation, by the dealer, for the players to discard and reveal how many cards they're drawing.
Unearned Premium [Motor Sports]
The portion of an advanced premium that has not been used for coverage.
Unearned Run [Baseball]
A run that scores because of a fielder's error. These runsare not charged to the pitcher.
Uneven Bars [Gymnastics]
1) A piece of apparatus consisting of two bars, 148 centimeters and 228 centimeters high and a maximum of 150 centimeters apart. 2) A women's event performed on the apparatus, featuring swings, releases and re-grasps, and moves from one bar to the other.
Unfit for Play [Golf]
If the ball is badly cut or damaged then it can be replaced as long as you consult with your marker.
Unforced Error [Tennis]
An error made while under no pressure from the opponent, e.g. mishitting a ball.
Unfurl [Sailing]
To unfold or unroll a sail. The opposite of furl.
Unglued [Poker]
On tilt (Playing poorly and irrationally due to emotional upset, often caused by the player in question having had a good hand beat by a freak draw from another player (often in complete disregard of the odds and good play) or the player having lost a pot because of his own bad play. Also called steaming, having one's nose open, opened up, unglued and being wide open.); usually preceded by come. "He just came unglued after he had pocket aces beat for the second time by the same live one."
Unidirectional Tire [Motor Sports]
Tire whose tread pattern is designed to get optimum traction only when the tire is mounted to roll in one direction.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage [Motor Sports]
Insurance which pays for costs resulting from a hit-and-run or an accident with an uninsured motorist.
Union [Rugby]
The most common form of rugby, with 15 players on a side. See also league; sevens; tens.
Union Jack [General]
9 selections, 8 bets - 8 trebles from the diagram: A B C D E F G H I ABC, DEF, GHI, ADG, BEH, CFI, AEI, CEG.
Union Oil [Poker]
1) In lowball, a 7-6 hand; so called because a lowball hand is often expressed as a two-digit number composed of the top two cards of the hand, so a 7-6 can be called a 76. 2) In high, two pair, 7s and 6s. 3) In hold 'em, a 7 and 6 as one's first two cards.
Unit [Blackjack]
This generally means a card counter's minimum bet. When a counter is spreading $25 to $200 and says he won 10 units, he means he won $250. Although if he is spreading $50 to $200 with only an occasional $25 bet, he might be talking about $50 units.
Unitized [Golf]
A shaft in which one model can be used to build one entire set of irons or a one model may be used to build a full set of woods through successive trimming of the shaft tip section.
Unlap [Motor Sports]
A driver down one lap passes the leader to regain position on the lead lap.
Unlimited Poker Dictionary [Poker]
No limit (A poker game in which players can bet as much as they have in front of them on any given round.)
Unlimited Rebuy Tournament [Poker]
A re-buy tournament in which players are permitted to re-buy as often as they wish, generally only during a certain period of time, as the first hour, the first three levels, etc
Unload [Poker]
While cheating, get rid of unwanted cards, as drop them in one's lap, dispose of them in the discards, and so on.
Unloading (Shaft Unloading) [Golf]
The point of maximum energy release as a shaft is swung.
Unluck for Some [Bingo]
Unmade Hand [Poker]
In draw poker (high and low), a potentially winning hand that needs a good draw to become strong. Without a favorable draw, the hand is a probable loser. For example, in lowball, joker-ace-deuce-trey, plus some useless card like a king, is the best possible one-card draw, but it is still an unmade hand that can be spoiled by catching a pair or face card. In high, three cards to a straight flush plus the joker (and some other unrelated card that will be discarded on the draw) is a good unmade hand.
Unmarked Cards [Poker]
A deck that has no markings, and presumably cannot be used for cheating (at least not by virtue of any marks).
Unnatural Money [General]
Large wagers that suddenly appear against the conventional wisdom of the odds makers and handicappers.
Unpaid Shill [Poker]
A player who plays in few pots, and when he does, makes small bets and rarely raises, basically just plays along, apparently trying to last as long as possible. Also, a player who is the first to get into a given game, and the last to leave.
Unpat [Poker]
Draw out on someone's pat hand (usually in high draw poker). "No cards, huh? Let's see if I can unpat you
Unplayable Lie [Golf]
A lie from which it's impossible to play the ball, such as when it's wedged between two rocks. The player is allowed to drop the ball, incurring a one-stroke penalty.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct [Soccer]
Rude behavior.
Unsprung Weight [Motor Sports]
The weight of the wheel, tire, and suspension parts that are not supported by the springs. More unsprung weight means more inertia in the suspension, which usually means less responsiveness and poorer handling, so reducing unsprung weight is a major preoccupation of suspension, wheel, and tire designers.
Unstitched Buffing Wheel [Golf]
Type of wheel (approximately 6” in diameter) used along with a bench grinder and Glanz Wach to add a high luster to polyurethane-coated club heads.
Unsu [Martial Arts]
Name of a Karate Kata
Untried [Horse Racing]
1) Not raced or tested for speed. 2) A stallion that has not been bred.
Unweighting [Skiing]
Taking weight off the ski, usually prior to a turn.
Unwind [Horse Racing]
Gradually withdrawing a horse from intensive training.
Up [Poker]
Designates the higher card of a hand consisting of two pair. Thus, "Queens up" refers to two pair, of which the higher pair is queens and the lower pair is unspecified.
Up and Down [General]
An "Up and Down" bet is an abbreviated method of writing two "Any to Come" bets, e.g., £1- win A "ATC" £1-win B - £1- win B "ATC" £1-win A. In different parts of the United Kingdom the wager is variously described as: "Cross Over," "Lap," "Over and Over," "Reverse," "Stakes About," "Twist" and "Vice Versa."
Up and Under [Rugby]
A high, shallow kick that gives the kicking side a good chance to run under and recover it. Also known as a Garryowen, for the Irish club that invented it.
Up Card [Blackjack]
The dealer's first dealt card, placed face up.
Up Final Strides [Golf]
Won the race in the final stage.
Up for [Poker]
Having one's name on the list (the board) for a particular game. "Are you up for the 20?"
Up Front [Poker]
Pertaining to an early betting position. "He came out swinging up front," in a no-limit game, means that the first bettor made a large bet, and implies the bet was made with no hesitation.
Up Ice [Ice Hockey]
In the direction of the team's attacking zone.See also caught up ice.
Up Jumped the Devil!. [Poker]
1) A player says this in draw poker or lowball, usually when drawing one card and turning that card face up for the table to see, and that card (presumably) makes the hand. Comes from craps, where it is used in the situation in which a player sevens out. 2. Sometimes a player says this when catching the joker (or hoping to).
Up Pops the Devil [Craps]
Betting that the next roll will be the number of 7 (5&2).
Up Scope!. [Poker]
I raise.
Up the Country [Croquet]
Another name for taking croquet.
Up the Slope!. [Poker]
I raise"; sometimes "Up the slope went the antelope.
Up to [Poker]
Pertaining to the person whose turn it is to bet; often followed by a pronoun or the name of a player. "Who's it up to?" "It's up to Pete." A card room homily goes, "It's always up to the person who says, `Who's it up to?'"
Up to Tricks [Bingo]
Up-and-Back [Badminton]
A doubles formation in which one partner is basically responsible for shots near the net, while the other is responsible for shots nearer the baseline.
Up-Unweighting [Skiing]
Rising up to unweight the skis prior to turning. For Nordic skiers, this is often the easiest way of unweighting skis.
Upcard [General]
The dealer’s exposed card.
Upcourt [Basketball]
Same as downcourt, oddly enough.
Uphill [Poker]
Fighting the odds; usually preceded by go. "You're going uphill whenever you're in a pot with him."
Uphill Diagonal-Striding [Skiing]
A modified form of diagonal striding directly up a hill, by shortening the stride-length, quickening the tempo, and lowering the hips.
Uphill Lie [Golf]
A lie on which a right-handed golfer's left foot is higher than the right foot.
Uphill Traversing [Skiing]
Diagonal stridingup a hill at an angle (more than 0°, less than 90°) to the fall-line.
Uphill Turning [Skiing]
Making a downhill turn away from the fall-line, and thus decreasing the angle of descent.
Uphill Two-Skating [Skiing]
See offset skating.
Upright Lie [Golf]
A club’s lie that is more upright than the standard specification for that particular head. For example, a 62 degree head would be 2 degrees upright if the stated specification was originally 60 degrees.
Upright Style [Croquet]
Another name for the front style of swinging the mallet, which gives greater movement and more power.
Upright Swing [Golf]
A swing in the club head is carried directly backward and upward from the ball, with little deviation from the center.
Uprights [Powerboating]
Twin tail fins.
Ups [Poker]
In high (draw, usually), the top pair in a two-pair hand. If two players have two pair, one might say, "What are your ups?" wanting to know whether the other has, for example, aces up, or kings up.
Upset [Basketball]
When a higher-seeded (better) team loses to a lower-seeded (inferior) one.
Upside-Down [Motor Sports]
A situation which occurs when the value of your vehicle is lower than the outstanding balance on your vehicle loan. Also called negative equity.
Upstairs!. [Poker]
"I raise"; sometimes preceded by going
Upstream Gate [Canoeing]
A gate on a slalom course that is to be traversed in the direction against the flow of the water. To be distinguished from a downstream gate.
Upw [Wrestling]
Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Upwind [Sailing]
To windward, in the direction of the eye of the wind.
Ura [Martial Arts]
Reverse," "hidding," or "rear.
Ura Zuki [Martial Arts]
Flip side punch (near distance punch)
Urahazu [Archery]
The ends of a bow, Japan.
Uraken [Martial Arts]
Reverse fist.
Uraken Uchi [Martial Arts]
Back fist strike
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