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V6 [Motor Sports]
A vehicle with six cylinders. The cylinders are divided into two banks, each of which is angled away from the other at the top, forming a 'V'. Typically, this angle is 60 degrees on V-6 engines.
V8 [Motor Sports]
A vehicle with eight cylinders. the cylinders are divided into two banks, each of which is angled away from the other at the top, forming a 'V'. Typically, this angle is 90 degrees on V-8 engines.
V Position [Skiing]
The ski position that most jumpers use while in the air, with the skis touching or nearly touching at the tails and spread apart at the tips, thus forming a V.
V-1 Skating [Skiing]
The American's preferred term for two-skating.
V-2 Skating [Skiing]
The American's preferred term for one skating.
V-Type Engine [Motor Sports]
In a V-6, V-8 or V-12 engine, the cylinders are divided into two banks, each of which is angled away from the other at the top, forming a 'V'. Typically, this angle is 60 degrees on V-6 engines and 90 degrees on V-8 engines.
V.M.D. [Horse Racing]
Veterinary Medical Doctor.
V/H [Motor Sports]
Vintage/Historic racing. Races for cars built and prepared to pre-1975 specs.
Vajramushti (India) [Martial Arts]
Literally the "The Diamond Fist". This is a very ancient Martial Art and was created in India approximately thousand years before J.C. Vajramushti was practised by Indian priests and also by a caste of Indian warriors. The method resembles to boxing because of the fist attacks similar to modern boxing but contains also wrestling techniques.
Valentines Day [Bingo]
Valera Dominique [Martial Arts]
(French) French Karateka born in 1947. One of the best european traditional Karate/Kumite fighters. Having problems with judging he then changed to Full Contact and became very famous.
Valet [Horse Racing]
An employee who takes care of a jockey's equipment, ensures that the correct silks are at the jockey's locker, and the jockey has the proper weight in the lead pad. The valet carries the saddle and equipment to the paddock, helps the trainer in saddling the horse, meets the jockey after the race, and carries the saddle and equipment back to the jockey's room after the jockey has weighed in.
Validation [Bingo]
Eligibility required to win additional jackpot amounts. Price varies by number of cards played.
Valle Card [Poker]
Any 3, 5, or 7; comes from the game of panguingue, in which those cards have value (which is the meaning of the word valle) and for which other players pay a player who melds them
Value [Poker]
1) Getting paid off for a good hand (by someone who calls); often part of the phrase full value. A player in a lowball game who holds a pat bicycle, and busts three other players with it because of the way the action comes down, might say that he got value out of the hand. If he was not prone to understatement, he might even say that he got full value out of the hand. 2) The worth of a hand in comparison with its chances of winning. 3) Value means the return you get on your investment; the expected increase in your equity in the pot (your return), as compared to the size of your bet or raise (your investment).
Value Bet [Poker]
Bet for value (Betting in order to raise the amount in the pot, not to make your opponents fold.).
Valve [Motor Sports]
Device that opens and closes the combustion chamber of an internal-combustion engine to admit the fuel-air mixture or exhaust the gases.
Valve Float [Motor Sports]
What happens when an engine is run at an RPM higher than what the valve train is capable of operating at, resulting in the valves' failing to close completely during the compression stroke. An engine suffering from valve float has a characteristic sound; the engine will suddenly began "cutting out", making a sort of rumbling, flatulent noise. Valve float causes loss of power and usually leads to engine damage.
Valve Train [Motor Sports]
The valves and camshaft(s) within an engine, and any parts attached to the valves, such as rockers and pushrods, to move them up and down.
Valves [Motor Sports]
Many overhead-cam engines, particularly multi-valve models, are described by the total number of intake and exhaust valves in the cylinder head. A 24-valve V-6 engine would have four valves per cylinder: two intake and two exhaust valves. A 16-valve V-8 engine has only the standard single exhaust and single intake valve for each of its eight cylinders.
Valves (E.G. 24 Valves) [Motor Sports]
Signifies the total intake and exhaust valves in an engine. For example, a 24-valve V-6 would have 4 valves per cylinder: 24/6=4. A 16-valve V-8 would have 2 valves per cylinder: 16/8=2. More valves allow the engine to breathe better at high RPM and produce more power.
Van [Motor Sports]
A box-shaped truck with a forward cab and a cargo area to the back bumper.
Van (The) [Horse Racing]
Front of field. Head end.
Vandalism [Motor Sports]
The willful physical damage to a property.
Vane [Sailing]
A flat device that is affected by the wind. Vanes are used in wind direction indicators and some self steering gear systems.
Vang [Sailing]
A hydraulic ram or block and tackle used to hold the end of the boom down.
Var [Blackjack]
An abbreviation for variance.
Vardon Grip [Golf]
The overlapping grip, so called because it was popularized by the great English golfer, Harry Vardon, early in the 20th century.
Variable Face [Golf]
A golf club face (either in a wood or an iron) that exhibits a different face thickness on one or more areas of the face. Typically, variable face irons have thicker faces toward the sole, while variable face woods usually have thinner face perimeters and thicker centers.
Variable Pitch [Sailing]
A type of propeller that has adjustable blades for varying speeds or directions, and may be able to reduce drag when under sail.
Variable Speed [Golf]
Term given to a machine, such as a drill or drill press, that can be run at more than one speed. Slow speeds are better for cutting metals, while faster speeds drill wood more efficiently.
Variable-Assist Steering [Motor Sports]
A power-steering system that varies the amount of assistance it provides according to driving conditions. It provides maximum assistance at low speeds for maneuvers such as turning into a parking space or turning a corner after leaving a stop light. It provides minimum assistance at cruising or highway speeds to provide greater vehicle stability.
Variance [Poker]
Variance is the statistical measure of just how widely your results will be dispersed. If you have a sufficient advantage at the game you're playing, you expect to make money over the long haul. This is true whether the game is poker, blackjack, or craps, and whether your advantage is due to skill, cheating, or psychic powers.
Variation [Sailing]
Magnetic variation. The difference between magnetic north and true north, measured as an angle. Magnetic variation is different in different locations, so the nearest compass rose to each location on a chart must be used.
Vault [Gymnastics]
An event performed over the vaulting horse by both men and women. The gymnast races down a runway, vaults from a springboard onto the horse, landing with the hands, and then vaults off to a standing position. Each competitor performs two vaults and the scores are averaged.
Vaulting Horse [Gymnastics]
A piece of apparatus, 35 centimeters wide by 160 centimeters long, used for the vault. The men's vaulting horse is 135 centimeters high, the women's 120 centimeters high.
Vector [Sailing]
A line drawn to indicate both the direction and magnitude of a force, such as leeway or a current.
Vectors [Croquet]
Vectors are lines defined by moving objects. For instance, when red is struck the line that red travels is its vector. If red were not affected by any other forces, it would travel at the same speed and direction to infinity. However, red may strike yellow, in which case yellow will alter the direction and speed of red, as well as moving along its own vector at an equal and opposite direction from that of red. (see Newtonian physics).
Vee (Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis) [Horse Racing]
A highly contagious disease affecting the central nervous system that can cause illness or death in horses and humans.
Vee Engine [Motor Sports]
An engine with cylinders arranged in two rows at an angle to the common crankshaft. Has a "V" shape when viewed from the front.
Veer [Sailing]
A shifting of the wind direction, opposite of backing. Clockwise in the northern hemisphere, counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere.
Vegas Night [Bingo]
An event held for a specific period of time (generally beginning in the afternoon and ending by midnight) during which a qualified organization is entitled to hold casino-style gaming events. Games conducted include: Pulltabs, bingo, roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, gin rummy, five card stud poker, and merchandise wheels. Also Casino Night.
Vehicle Identification Number (Vin) [Motor Sports]
A seventeen-digit identification number, unique to each vehicle, which includes codes for the manufacturer, year, model, body, and engine specifications.
Velocity [Golf]
The speed of a golf ball. Also known as initial velocity, the USGA limits conforming balls to velocities of no more than 250 feet per second (76.2m/s) as measured on USGA test equipment. A 2% tolerance is allowed at a test temperature of 23 degrees Celsius +/-1.
Velocity Made Good [Sailing]
Also VMG. Actual boat speed after adjusting for such factors as current and leeway.
Velodrome [Cycling]
A track built specifically for bicycle racing, made up of two long straights and two short, curved end sections that are sharply banked. Most velodromes are 1/3 of a kilometer around, though some are as short as 200 meters and others as long as 500 meters.
Vent [Motor Sports]
Hose On an Indy car, the alternative to a catch can for recovering fuel that overflows from the fuel cell during the refueling process.
Vent Man [Motor Sports]
Pit crew man who handles the vent hose.
Vented Disc Brakes [Motor Sports]
A brake disc that has cooling passages between the friction surfaces.
Ventral [Horse Racing]
Down; toward the belly.
Venue [Keno]
A Club or Hotel where Gaming Machines are played. Also known as a Site.
Verb [General]
The process of giving Prices to possible results.
Verbal Bet [Poker]
A wager made by announcing the size of the bet but without actually putting any chips or money in the pot. In some (not all) establishments, oral declarations made in turn are binding; nonetheless, cautious players wait till the chips are actually in the pot before either calling the bet or showing their hands.
Verbal Declaration [Poker]
A statement made by a player on his turn of his intentions: pass, fold, bet, or raise (and, in a no-limit game, how much). Also called verbal declaration.
Vertical [Skiing]
A section of a cross-country course where there is an uphill climb.
Vertical Clearance [Sailing]
The distance between the water level at chart datum and an overhead obstacle such as a bridge or power line.
Vertical Flow Weighting [Golf]
The method of flow weighting in which the weight moves vertically from a concentration of weight toward the sole of long irons to more traditional weighting on short irons.
Vertical Position [Synchro Swimming]
A position in which the body is extended perpendicular to the surface with the head down and the legs together. Head, hips and ankles should be in line.
Verticals [Powerboating]
Same as uprights.
Very Lightweight Shaft [Golf]
A weight classification of shafts that falls within 3.40-3.79 ounce weight range for steel or alloy shafts and 2.00-3.19 ounces for composite shafts.
Very Quick Flashing [Sailing]
A navigational aid with a light that flashes between 80 and 159 times per minute. Usually around twice per second.
Vest Holdout [Poker]
A kind of holdout machine (A mechanical device enabling thieves to surreptitiously hold out. Holdout machines used to be more popular many years ago, but are not often seen now, probably because thieves are becoming more sophisticated, and also because being caught with one is dangerous.). A vest holdout is worn under a thief's coat. Also called breastworks.
Vet's List [Horse Racing]
List of ill or injured horses declared ineligible for racing by the track veterinarian.
Veteran Free Agent [Basketball]
A player who completes his contractual obligation to his team and becomes free to sign with any NBA team, as per terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Veterinarian [Horse Racing]
Commission The commission (or board) veterinarian, sometimes referred to as the state veterinarian, is usually appointed by the state racing commission. This person serves as professional adviser and consultant to the State Racing Commission on veterinary matters including all regulatory aspects of the application and practice of veterinary medicine at the track. Association Sometimes referred to as the track veterinarian, this person is employed by the racing association and serves as a professional adviser and consultant to the racing association and its operational staff at the track. Practicing Private practitioner employed by owners and trainers on an individual case or contract basis.
Vft [Golf]
Eneric term applied to Variable Face Technology. See "Rebound Effect" and "Trampoline Effect." Also the name given to a line of Callaway woods and irons.
Vg [Greyhound Racing]
Vhf [Sailing]
(1) Very High Frequency radio waves. (2) A radio that transmits in the VHF range. VHF radios are the most common communications radio carried on boats, but their range is limited to "line of sight" between the transmitting and receiving stations. Also see single sideband.
Vic [Roulette]
Sucker. Short for victim.
Vice Skip [Curling]
The assistant captain, who assists the skip in planning strategy and tactics.
Victory Lane [Motor Sports]
After winning the driver proceeds to an area of the race track grounds designated as Victory Lane for official ceremonies such as interviews, photos and presentation of the trophy and winnings. The ultimate destination of any race car driver.
Victory Lap [Motor Sports]
A celebratory lap taken by a race winner, after the race is over. Generally, the driver will remove helmet or gloves and wave to the fans.
Victory Rip [Poker]
In a draw game, at the showdown, spreading your hand triumphantly. (It's usually done in the same manner that a blackjack or poker dealer spreads an entire deck fanned face up on the table in front of her. Spreading one's hand in this fashion, by the way, is something of a needle, and is not practiced by a refined player, who, when he has an obvious powerhouse, gently and diffidently turns it face up on the table.)
Victory Roll [Poker]
In a draw game, at the showdown, spreading your hand triumphantly. (It's usually done in the same manner that a blackjack or poker dealer spreads an entire deck fanned face up on the table in front of her. Spreading one's hand in this fashion, by the way, is something of a needle, and is not practiced by a refined player, who, when he has an obvious powerhouse, gently and diffidently turns it face up on the table.)
Video Controller [Skiing]
An official who watches on closed circuit television. If the video controller believes that a skier missed a gate, it must be reported to the gate controller.
Video Endoscope [Horse Racing]
See endoscope.
Video Keno [Keno]
Keno played on a computerized machine similar to video poker. Uses a random number generator to pick the numbers.
Video Lottery Terminal (Vlt) [Lotto]
Electronic games of chance played on a video screen. They often simulate popular casino games such as blackjack, poker, or spinning-reel slot machines. Unlike slot machines, video lottery terminals do not dispense money. Rather, a winning player is provided a ticket that is redeemed by the retailer for prizes.
Video Patrol [Horse Racing]
The system by which video cameras are strategically placed around a racing oval to broadcast and record the running of each race from each possible angle.
Video Poker Dictionary [Poker]
The game played on a video poker machine.
Video Poker Machine [Video Poker]
The use of a video display to simulate the real game of poker. There are literally hundreds of models of Video Poker Machine. Broadly, these may be categorized into the types: Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker - bigger payoffs for certain hands, Wild Card Games like Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. By law, the Payoff Table listing the payout for each winning hand must be posted on each machine. Also by law, each machine must operate by drawing randomly from one deck of cards. There is no motivation for Casinos to try to cheat on the random draw, since there is no law against a Payoff Table with a lousy Maximum Average Payback.
Vig [Blackjack]
1. A colloquial expression for the house advantage on a game. 2. Used to describe any fee collected for play. It derives from a gangland term for the interest charged by loan sharks and is short for vigorish.
Vig or Vigorish [Roulette]
The casino tax on a bet. Also known as juice.
Vigorish [General]
Bookmaker's commission, most often refers to the 11 to 10 football bettors lay on straight wagers. Also known as juice.
Village People [Poker]
Four queens.
Vinyl Shaft Clamp [Golf]
Type of clamp used to hold a club in a vise. The clamp holds the club by the shaft; the fact it is made of vinyl (or rubber) prevents damage to the shaft.
Violation [Basketball]
An infraction of the rules that doesn't result in a free throw; however, the ball is turned over to the opposing team for a throw-in. Also known as a floor violation.
Vip [Baccarat]
A Very Important Person. Usually a big bettor or a high roller.
Viraton, Vireton [Archery]
A crossbow bolt with spiral fletching.
Vires, Viroax [Archery]
A crossbow bolt used for hunting.
Virgin [Lotto]
A colloquial term popular among regular players that refers to a number or number combination that has never been drawn. Few virgin numbers remain in the older lottery states. This term is almost exclusively used to refer to daily numbers games, as four-digit and lotto-type games have such a large number of combinations that many, if not almost every one is a "virgin" combination.
Virgorish [General]
The commission the bookmaker receives.
Virgornish [General]
The commission paid to the bookmaker.
Virtuosity [Gymnastics]
The amount of rhythm and harmony displayed during a movement.
Vis-a-Vis [Motor Sports]
A four-seater in which two passengers faced the driver. Used around the turn of the century.
Viscoelastic Material [Golf]
A proprietary material used by the Cleveland Golf Company to assist in providing vibration absorption in their patented VAS™ clubs.
Vise Pad(s) [Golf]
Typically made of wood covered by thick felt, vise pads are used to secure a club head in a vise without damaging it during work on the club. May also be made of hard rubber.
Visor [Luge]
A rounded sheat of clear or tinted plastic attached to the front of the helmet to protect the face.
Visual Bearing [Sailing]
A bearing taken by visually observing the location of known landmarks.
Visual Fix [Sailing]
A fix taken by visually observing the location of known landmarks.
Visual Wheel Tracking [Roulette]
The ability to judge where the ball will land by sight.
Vl [Greyhound Racing]
Victoryland, Alabama
Vmg [Sailing]
Velocity made good. Actual boat speed after adjusting for such factors as current and leeway.
Vocal Folds [Horse Racing]
The membranes attached to the arytenoid cartilages in the larynx. Vibration produces vocalization.
Void [Motor Sports]
A term used to describe a policy contract that is free of all legal effect.
Void Bet [General]
A bet which is declared invalid. The stake is returned without deduction
Voisins Du Zero [Roulette]
It's a bet on a specific group of numbers on a section of the roulette wheel neighboring the zero. This is a French phrase which is common in European casinos.
Voiture Legere [Motor Sports]
A light car, especially a racing car falling between the heavy cars and the voiturette. Term seldom used to describe production cars. Not used after 1914.
Voiturette [Motor Sports]
Early two-seater touring car. Name first used by Leon Bollee and then applied to any small car.
Volar Neurectomy (High Nerved) [Horse Racing]
This operation is performed on the volar nerve that lies between the bottom of the knee and the fetlock joint. Horses that have been high nerved are barred at most race tracks.
Volatility [Greyhound Racing]
A measure of how widely the result of an event may vary, and therefore a measure of the risk involved in a market. For example, 'cricket runs' is a very volatile market whereas 'total goals' in an FA Cup final is not.
Volley [Table Tennis]
To hit the ball before it has bounced. Illegal in table tennis; the offender loses the point.
Volume [Golf]
A numerical designation given to the size of a wood head as measured by liquid displacement.
Vortex [Motor Sports]
In wet conditions, race cars can produce vortexes off their rear ends or wings. These vapor trails are similar to those produced by the engines of jet planes.
Vp [Blackjack]
The acronym for Video Poker.
Vs. 1st Batr (Relief) [Baseball]
Describes what happened to the first batter a reliever faces.
Vs. 1st Batter (Relief) [Baseball]
Describes what happened to the first batter a reliever faces.
Vscc [Motor Sports]
Vintage Sports Car Club - Club for Vintage sports car owners.
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