All Gambling Terms Dictionary

X [Sailing]
A mark on a pirate's treasure chart that is supposed to indicate where the treasure is.
X Marks the Spot [Poker]
A variant of Southern Cross, played only in home games, in which each player is dealt five cards face down, and five cards are dealt face down in the center, in the form of a cross, forming three vertical and three horizontal cards, with each player allowed to combine any of the widow cards together with his original cards in forming a five-card hand. The widow cards are turned up one at a time, with the center card turned up last, each followed by a betting round. The center card and others of the same rank are wild. Also called criss-cross.
X-C [Skiing]
An abbreviation of cross-country skiing.
X-Car [Motor Sports]
An experimental car.
X-Out [Golf]
General term given to less than perfect balls. Usually top grade balls with a slight cosmetic or manufacturing defect, X-outs are identified by a row of Xs somewhere on the cover. X-outs are substantially less costly than first-quality balls.
Xba [Baseball]
Extra Base Hits Allowed
Xbh [Baseball]
Extra Base Hits
Xcd [Skiing]
An abbreviation of cross-country (X-C) downhill, to distinguish it from other forms of downhill skiing.
Xeroradiography [Horse Racing]
A costly type of x-ray procedure using specially sensitized screens that give higher resolution on the edges of bone and better visualization of soft tissue structures.
Xi (Chinese) [Martial Arts]
Xin [Martial Arts]
(Chinese) Also written Hsin. Means Heart, but the word is also used for Knowledge, Consciousness, Representation and Thoughts.
Xis [General]
The price of 6-1.
Xse [Wrestling]
Xtreme Sports Entertainment
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