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Ya [Archery]
[1] An arrow, Japan.

[2] A bow in Salar, a Tibetan dialect.
Ya Bako [Archery]
An arrow case, Japan.
Ya Bane [Archery]
The feathers of an arrow, Japan.
Ya Bumi [Archery]
A letter attached to an arrow to be shot, Japan.
Ya Dane [Archery]
A supply of arrows in a quiver, Japan.
Ya Done [Archery]
Projecting flanges on the checks of a menpo (face guard) to stop arrows.
Ya Gakari, Yagoro [Archery]
A bowshot, Japan.
Ya Haki [Archery]
A fletcher of arrows, Japan.
Ya Hazu, Ya Haru [Archery]
The nock of an arrow, Japan.
Ya Jiri [Archery]
The head of an arrow, Japan.
Ya no Ha [Archery]
The feathers of an arrow, Japan.
Ya Omote [Archery]
A bow shot, Japan.
Ya Saki [Archery]
The point of an arrow, Japan.
Ya Tsugi [Archery]
Fixing an arrow to a bow, Japan.
Ya Zama [Archery]
An embrasure form which to shoot with a bow, Japan.
Ya Zuka [Archery]
A bundle of arrows, Japan.
Ya Zutsu [Archery]
See ebira.
Yaba [Archery]
A place for practicing archery, Japan.
Yabusame [Martial Arts]
(Japanese) Very ancient Martial Art consisting of gallopping a horse and shoot with a bow on predefined targets along the distance covered. Nowadays it is a Japanese sport called Ky-Jutsu.
Yabusuma [Archery]
A volley of arrows, Japan.
Yacht [Sailing]
A sailboat or powerboat used for pleasure, not a working boat.
Yadzutsu, Utsubo [Archery]
An arrow case consisting of a long bow with a short cover on one side near the end, Japan.
Yag [Archery]
A Turkish bow.
Yagara [Archery]
The shaft of an arrow usually made of reed, Japan.
Yakker [Baseball]
Curve ball.
Yama Gata [Archery]
A mound behind a target to stop arrows, Japan.
Yama Zuki [Martial Arts]
mountain punch
Yame [Martial Arts]
Stop; a command.
Yanagi Ha, Yanagi Ba [Archery]
A type of Japanese arrow, usually straight sided and of diamond section but varying in size and shape.
Yanagi, Yanagi to Ba [Archery]
A type of open quiver, Japan.
Yang [Martial Arts]
"Active" or "positive." In ying-yang theory, the positive aspect associated with what is described as centrifugal, expansive and extroversive.
Yank the Shot [Bowling]
To hold onto the ball too long, thus pulling it across the body before release.
Yankee [General]
4 selections, 11 bets - 6 doubles, 4 trebles, 1 accumulator
Yano [Archery]
The shaft of an arrow, Japan.
Yano-Ne [Archery]
[1] A Japanese arrow head which came in four main types: Yasagi-ha, willow leaf;

[2] Togari-ha, pointed but wide than type 1; [3] Karimata, forked and [4] Watakasi, barbed.
Yard [Sailing]
A spar attached to the mast and used to hoist square sails.
Yard Arm [Sailing]
The end of a yard.
Yardage Rating [Golf]
An evaluation of the playing difficulty of a hole based solely on the distance from tee to green.
Yari [Martial Arts]
Yaw [Sailing]
Swinging off course, usually in heavy seas. The bow moves toward one side of the intended course. Also see rolling and pitching.
Yawl [Sailing]
A two masted sailboat with the shorter mizzen mast placed aft of the rudder post. A ketch is similar, but the mizzen mast is forward of the rudder post.
Yaz [Baseball]
Yes, Carl Yastrzemski attended Notre Dame in the 1957-58 academic year (see p. 59) and would have been on the varsity as a sophomore if he had not signed a six-figure pro contract with the Boston Red Sox. "Yaz" continued to attend classes at Notre Dame and graduated from Merrimack College.
Year (Year) [Baseball]
When the stats were recorded.
Yearling [Horse Racing]
A horse in its second calendar year of life, beginning Jan. 1st of the year following its birth in Northern hemisphere and August 1st on southern hemisphere..
Yeast [Poker]
Raise. "Let's give it a little yeast" means "I raise."
Yellow Card [Field Hockey]
An intentional foul, such as rough play or a high stick, is penalized by suspending the player from the game for five minutes or longer. The penalty is signaled with a yellow card presented by the referee. The team plays short-handed, as in ice hockey, for the suspension period.
Yellow Flag [Motor Sports]
Flag used to slow down the racers in the case of a crash, debris on the course (like car parts), slick fluids on the track or the weather has become a factor with rain. During a yellow flag the pace car, with the top lights flashing, joins up with the race leader and sets a slower speed on the track. This is done to preserve the driving order on the track as cars cannot pass one another under a yellow after crossing the start/finish line. Drivers generally use this time to pit for refueling, new tires and adjustments.
Yellow Light [Motor Sports]
Caution on the speedway. Maintain position; no passing.
Yellow Stripe [Motor Sports]
In many oval track series, a rookie driver is required to put yellow strips of tape on rear of their car.
Yellowtail [Motor Sports]
A rookie NASCAR driver, so called because cars driven by rookies have yellow rear bumpers.
Yielding [Horse Racing]
Condition of a turf course with a great deal of moisture. Horses sink into it noticeably.
Yikwon [Martial Arts]
Yin [Martial Arts]
"Passive" or "negative." One of the fundamental metaphysical elements of yin-yang whose balance is believed to be the center of existence.
Yip [Golf]
To mishit a putt due to an attack of yips.
Yips [Golf]
A severe case of nerves resulting in convulsive shakes that make it very difficult for a player to putt accurately.
Ymmv [Blackjack]
The acronym for Your Mileage May Vary.
Yo [Poker]
11, in respect to the size of a bet. Probably comes from craps dealers who pronounce the word clearly, loudly, and distinctly to distinguish amid all the casino noise from the similar sounding seven. Often they drag it out to eeyoleven, and this is sometimes shortened to eeyo.
Yo Eleven [Craps]
Betting that the next roll will be the total sum of 11 (5&6).
Yo Kyu [Archery]
A small bow used for amusement, Japan.
Yodan [Martial Arts]
Fourth-degree black belt.
Yoi [Martial Arts]
Ready, be ready !
Yoi Dachi [Martial Arts]
Ready posture
Yojimbo [Martial Arts]
"Bodyguard." The name given to a masterless samurai (ronin) who hired themselves out as professional bodyguards.
Yok Sudo [Martial Arts]
Ridge hand.
Yoko [Martial Arts]
Side" or "lateral.
Yoko Aruki [Martial Arts]
One of the unique ninja walking techniques to move stealthily through woods or narrow areas.
Yoko Enpi Mawashi Uchi [Martial Arts]
Circular side elbow strike
Yoko Enpi Uchi [Martial Arts]
Side elbow strike
Yoko Geri [Martial Arts]
Side kick
Yoko Geri Keage [Martial Arts]
Side snap kick
Yoko Geri Kekomi [Martial Arts]
Side thrust kick
Yoleven [Poker]
11, in respect to the size of a bet. Probably comes from craps dealers who pronounce the word clearly, loudly, and distinctly to distinguish amid all the casino noise from the similar sounding seven. Often they drag it out to eeyoleven, and this is sometimes shortened to eeyo. Also, yo.
Yonhon Nukite [Martial Arts]
Four-finger spear hand
Yonsok [Martial Arts]
Yoppiki [Archery]
To draw an arrow to the head, Japan.
Yori Ashi [Martial Arts]
Glissade, glide of both feet
You Roll Two [Poker]
A form of seven-card stud, found exclusively in home games, in which each player receives four cards face down, turns any two up, and then the betting commences.
You Win Some, you Lose Some Rule [Wrestling]
If a title change at a house show is not taped by a production crew, it never happened.
Young and Keen [Bingo]
Younger Hand [Poker]
An obsolete term for any player to the left of the eldest hand (that is, the one immediately to the left of the dealer).
Youngest Hand [Poker]
An obsolete term for the player immediately to the right of the dealer.
Ypw [Wrestling]
Yankee Pro Wrestling
Yr [Baseball]
Yu [Greyhound Racing]
Yuma, Arizona
Yu Gake [Archery]
A Japanese archer's glove.
Yu Gote, Yu Kote [Archery]
Japanese archer's sleeves.
Yubi [Martial Arts]
Yubukuro [Archery]
A bag or case for a bow, Japan.
Yudansha [Martial Arts]
One who holds a first degree black belt or higher.
Yuko [Martial Arts]
A near waza-ari. However, yukos cannot be accumulated to make a higher score. (Judo)
Yumi [Archery]
A bow, Japan.
Yumi Bukuro [Archery]
A bag for a bow, Japan.
Yumi Dame [Archery]
A form used to give a bow it's permanent curves, Japan.
Yumi Gote, Igote [Archery]
See Yu gote.
Yumi Gumi [Archery]
A company of archers, Japan.
Yumi Mato [Archery]
A target for archery, Japan.
Yumi no Tsura [Archery]
A bow string, Japan.
Yumi Shi [Archery]
A bowyer, Japan.
Yumi Yari [Archery]
A spear head to fit the tip of a bow, Japan.
Yumi Zira [Archery]
A bow string, Japan.
Yumitori [Archery]
An archer, Japan.
Yunde [Archery]
The left hand of an archer, Japan.
Yurchenko [Gymnastics]
A mount for the vault, consisting of a roundoff onto the springboard, then a flic-flac onto the vault, followed by a back flip dismount. Named for Soviet gymnast Natalia Yurchenko, who created it.
Yusei Gachi [Martial Arts]
A win by superiority. (Judo)
Yuzuka [Archery]
The handle of a Japanese bow.
Yuzura [Archery]
A bow string, Japan.
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