All Gambling Terms Dictionary

Z-Car [Motor Sports]
Datsun/Nissan model of cars.
Z-Game [Poker]
The smallest game in a card room or casino. Opposite of A-game.
Z.P. [Skydiving]
Zero-porosity. Common slang for a type of fabric relatively impermeable to air. The less air that flows through the fabric wing of a ram air parachute, the more efficiently it flies.
Zamboni [Ice Hockey]
The machine used to clean and resurface the ice between periods.
Zan [Archery]
A bracer from Ghana, made from the tail of a squirrel.
Zantac [Horse Racing]
Trade name for the drug ranitidine, a medication used to treat ulcers.
Zazen [Martial Arts]
"Sitting meditation." The meditative posture and exercise of the Zen school.
Zebra Stripes [Motor Sports]
Another term for rookie stripes, the black-and-white stripes on the back of a rookie's car, much like a Student Driver sign, so that approaching drivers are fairly warned.
Zen [Martial Arts]
The discipline of enlightenment related to the Buddhist doctrine that emphasizes meditation, discipline, and the direct transmition of teachings from master to student.
Zen Count [Blackjack]
A level two counting system described by Arnold Snyder in his book, Blackbelt in Blackjack. It assigns a value of plus one to the 2s, 3s and 7s, plus two to the 4s, 5s and 6s, minus one to the Aces and minus two to the ten valued cards.
Zen Kutsu Dachi [Martial Arts]
Forward stance
Zenith [Sailing]
The point of the celestial sphere which is directly overhead.
Zenshin [Martial Arts]
The entire human body.
Zephyr [Sailing]
A gentle breeze. The west wind.
Zero [Roulette]
Number on the wheel. Green in color. Can be wagered the same way as numbers 1-36.
Zero in [Bowling]
To find the path to the pocket, usually after some poor hits and/or experimentation.
Zero Porosity [Skydiving]
Means Non-porous to air. (Not technically the correct term, but it's the one Skydivers use). Air does not go through it making ZP Canopies very efficient wings
Zhoo [Archery]
A bow, Western Tibet.
Zhou-Jia [Martial Arts]
(Chinese) Shaolin method of fighting of the Quan-Fa. Sometimes called Hong-Chay, this school was created from Master Long Zhou (1890-1919).
Zig Zag [Motor Sports]
To sharply move back-and-forth on the track. Drivers often zig zag on warm-up laps to heat up their tires.
Zilch [Video Poker]
Nothing. A dealt hand with no cards worth holding (i.e., you should redraw all five cards) or a final hand with no payoff.
Zillion [Golf]
That last hole was a bad one, I shot a ZILLION!
Zinc Iron Heads [Golf]
Iron heads die cast from an alloy of zinc. These heads typically are considered less expensive and less durable than their stainless counterparts and thus are designated primarily for beginner sets. Zinc heads can be identified by their non-magnetic properties as well as by their typically larger diameter than normal hosels.
Zinger [Croquet]
A tea made with red zinger (Hibiscus flowers, rosehips, lemon grass, orange peel, natural flavors, and citric acid) which when laced with Vodka or Everclear will affect your opponents play, thereby giving you a decided edge to being able to win. This can also be done with specialty coffees, etc. A tactic not recommended for polite play.
Zip [Poker]
In lowball, 4-3-2-A; always preceded by the rank of the highest card in the hand. For example, 8-zip is 8-4-3-2-A. Also, -nothing.
Zolnowski [Baseball]
RHP Ray Zolnowski is the final player on Notre Dame baseball's list of 792 all-time letterwinners. The 800th letterwinner likely will play in 2001 or 2002.
Zombie [Poker]
A poker player with no tells, one who has a poker face, shows no emotion, and otherwise exhibits no behavior to give away his holdings.
Zone [Soccer]
A type of defense that assigns each defender to a particular area in front of or around his team's goal in which he is responsible for marking any attacker that enters; often used in youth league games but rarely in professional competition.
Zone Defense [Basketball]
A defense in which each player is responsible for a specific area of the court and must guard any offensive player who enters that area. Illegal in the National Basketball Association.
Zone Rating [Baseball]
Simply the percentage of balls fielded by a player in his typical defensive "zone," as measured by STATS reporters.
Zone Rtg [Baseball]
Zone Rating (see Definitions)
Zones [Ice Hockey]
Three areas made up by the two blue lines; the attacking zone is the area farthest from the goal a player is defending; the neutral zone is the central area; the defending zone is the area where a playerís goal is (the goal where his teamís goalie is stationed)
Zoomie [Golf]
A drive that goes further than most drives ever hit by the golfer who smacked it.
Zuboshi [Archery]
The black spot in the centre of a target, Japan.
Zudnik [Freestyle Skating]
A trick in which the skier bends both the upper and lower body forward at the waist, toward each other.
Zuke [Poker]
Toke (Gambling term for "tip", as in "Toke the cocktail waitress". Comes from the term "Token of appreciation". A small amount of money (typically $.50 or $1.00) is given to the dealer by the winner of a pot. Quite often, tokes represent the great majority of a dealer's income.). This term is generally used only by dealers.
Zuki [Martial Arts]
Direct attack of the fist
Zulu [Sailing]
Used to indicated times measured in Coordinated Universal Time, a successor to Greenwich Mean Time. A time standard that is not affected by time zones or seasons.
Zyhgyr [Archery]
Persian for the thumb ring used by eastern Europeans and Islamic archers.
Zylin [Golf]
A proprietary cover material developed by Spalding that is claimed to produce feel and durability.
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