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An arrow which has missed it's target, Japan.
A bow made from hazel, 11th century.
Anak, Panah
An arrow, Malay.
The location to which the hand that draws the bow string is positioned to when at full draw.
Anchor Point
The place where an arrows nock is drawn to before release, usually the chin, cheek, ear or chest. Used to help aiming.
The leather bracer of the Omaha.
Arbalest a Tour
A crossbow drawn by a windlass.
Arbalest, Arbalete, Alblast, Arblast
The European crossbow of the Middle Ages.
A cruciform aperture in a wall of a fortification from which a crossbow was shot.
Arbalete a Cric
A crossbow drawn by a rack and pinion.
Arbalete a Jalet, Pellet Crossbow, Prodd
A crossbow set up to shoot stones instead of bolts.
The stock of a crossbow.
Archer's Guard
See bracer.
Archer's Paradox
In period bows (without a shelf or centre shot) the arrow which is properly shot will fly in the line of aim although the string propelling the arrow moves directly to the centre of the bow. The arrow in fact bends around the bow after release but after passing the bow returns to its proper line of flight. See Spine.
Archer's Ring, Thumb Ring
An effective Eastern method of drawing the bow string while using the thumb protected by a ring.
Archer's Stake
A sharpened wooden stake driven into the ground pointing away from an archer to protect against cavalry.
Arcubalista Unis Pedis
A crossbow which only needs one foot to assist drawing the string.
The ancient form of ballista.
A device that protects the bow arm from abrasion by the string.
The missile shot by an archer from a bow.
Arrow Guide
See Majr„, Solenarion.
Arrow Spacer
A circular piece of leather pierced by 24 holes used to keep the shafts of a sheath of arrows apart from each other and prevent damage to the flights during transport.
The striking end of an arrow, usually made of a different type of material from the shaft such as iron, flint or bronze, depending the purpose of the arrow.
A maker of metal arrowheads.
[1] A tall narrow cupboard for storage of bows and arrows.

[2] Roger Ascham, 1515 - 1568, author of Toxophilus (1545).
A small bow used in magic, Japan.
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