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The side of the bow farthest from the archer.
Back of the Bow
The surface of the bow furthest from the archer when they hold the bow in the firing position.
Backed Bow
A bow consisting primarily of wood but having a thin strip of a material (wood or hide) attached to the back of the bow.
Reinforcement on the back of the bow.
Balista, Ballista
An engine sometimes in the form of a huge crossbow, used to project darts or stone balls.
Banqui, Hanqui
A short bow wrapped with rattan, Japan.
A rearward turned point on an arrow head.
Bare Bow
A bow without sights.
An arrow which is thickest in the middle and tapers to the ends.
Bastard String
A string used to draw the bow of a crossbow so that the regular string can be strung.
Bedor, Pana
An arrow with a leaf shaped or barbed head, Java.
A small bow used by children to shoot fish, Nicobar Islands.
The side of the bow nearest the archer.
Belly of the Bow
The surface of the bow closest to the archer when they hold the bow in the firing position.
Bend Uter
[1] A toy crossbow where the bolts are shot through a tube.

[2] A slur bow.
An arrow with a point of hard wood, Travancore.
A type of arrow head.
Bois D' Arc
The French named osage orange (toxylon pomiferum) because the wood was used by the Indians of the Southwest for their bows.
Bolt, Carreau, Quarrel
The missile projected from a crossbow.
Buriat for a plaited straw archery butt shaped like a skittle pin. Used in an archery contest were the object of the contest is to dislodge the stake with an arrow and drive it the furthest from its original position. See Mishen.
An arrow with a head with rounded knob with a sharp point projecting.
A projectile weapon consisting of a shaft with the two ends joined by a string used to shoot arrows.
Bow Arm
The arm which holds the bow.
Bow Case
Mainly an Eastern usage, made of leather to accommodate the lower half of the recurve bow.
Bow Marks
Archery targets.
Bow Puller
A supposed Roman release aid made from bronze.
Bow Release
The way a bow string is released when loosing an arrow. Varieties of release techniques included; primary, secondary, tertiary, Mediterranean, Flemish and Mongolian.
Bow Stave
A roughly trimmed length of wood from which a complete self bow is fashioned.
An archer.
The string of bow made from such materials as; plant fibre, silk or sinew, used to transfer the energy from the bow to the arrow.
A maker of bows.
To string a bow.
Bracer, Archer's Guard, Arm Guard
A covering for an archer's left wrist, used to protect the wrist from the slap of the string.
Bending the bow to place the string in the notches.
Swiss incendiary crossbow bolts from the 15th century.
The part of an arrow which touches the bow when the arrow is placed on the string ready to be drawn.
Broad Arrow
An arrow with a broad barbed head.
A wide steel arrowhead used on hunting arrows.
The gold center circle on a target.
[1] An earthen mound used as a backing for a target.

[2] A target made from compacted straw.
Butt Fields
English public archery practice grounds, 15th century.
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