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The ability of a bow to project an arrow.
A cutout section above the grip that allows the archer to shoot through the center of the bow, rather than from one side.
The string of a Bhil bow (kamptu), Central India. Both bow and string were made of bamboo.
A bow and arrow stand, Japan.
A transverse crack in the belly of a wooden bow caused by the crushing of the fibres.
Chu-Ko Nu
A Chinese repeating crossbow.
A hook on the belt of a crossbowmen used to draw the string on the crossbow. The crossbow was held by putting the foot in a stirrup at the front and the claw was hooked on the string as the crossbowmen was bending over, as the crossbowmen straightened up the string was drawn into position behind the nut.
Cloth Yard Arrow
An arrow of a certain length used for medieval English arrows, about 36 inches in length.
A white cloth placed on the ground as a marker for long distance shooting.
Clout Shoot
An archery contest where the aim is to hit a target laid out horizontally on the ground.
Cock Feather
The feather at right angles to the string position in the nock on three feathered arrows.
A quiver.
Composite Bow
A recurve bow made from a number of materials laminated together (eg. wood, sinew and horn).
Compound Bow
A modern bow using a system of one or more pulleys to develop mechanical advantage.
Compound Crossbow
A crossbow fitted with pulleys dating from the 15th century.
Corytus, Coryto
A bow case.
Cranequin, Cric
A rack and pinion turned by a crank used to draw a medium sized crossbow.
Allowing the arrow to edge forward at full draw just before the release of the arrow.
Slight forward movement of the arrow point before actual release.
The identifying coloured rings applied to the arrow shaft forward of the fletchings used to mark ownership.
A projectile weapon consisting of a bow attached at right angles to a shaft. When the string was drawn it was held by a nut. The bolt was loaded and the nut was released by a lever turning the nut thus firing the bolt.
The poison used on arrows and blow pipe darts in South America.
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