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The flights on an arrow to aid in stability in flight.
Finger Tab
A piece of leather that protects the string fingers.
The measurement of the distance from the grip to the string of a bow, usually measured by placing a fist on the grip with the thumb extended towards the bowstring.
Fita Round
A round of 144 arrows, with 36 shot from each of four distances.
A modern bow with flat section limbs made from fibreglass and wood laminations, often referred to as a longbow.
Flemish Loose
A loose using two fingers only.
Flemish String
A bow string made in such a way that the loops are plaited from material without the addition of serving.
[1] An arrow maker.

[2] A person who attaches fletches to arrows.
The feathers that help stabilize the arrow during flight.
Flight Shoot
An archery distance shooting competition.
A swift arrow.
Flu Flu Arrow
An arrow with large feathers used for targets thrown in the air or shooting birds.
An arrow with over-sized feathers, used in bird hunting.
A Nicobar crossbow.
Footed Arrow
An arrow reinforced with a spliced hardwood foreshaft.
Footed Shaft
A shaft that has a hardwood section on its front end.
Fore Shaft
A supplementary hard wood shaft added to the front end of a shaft.
A bow that has sights. Also, competition conducted with such bows.
A bow, Japan.
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