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Rama Isihn
Arrows of Wetter Island.
Rama Ma
A bow, Wetter Island.
Rankling Arrow
An arrow with a detachable head which remains in the wound when the arrow is removed.
An arrow quiver of the 'Landsknechte', covered with fur and containing arrows up to 100 cm long with their heads pointing upwards.
A bow whose tips curve away from the archer.
Recurve Bow
A bow where the limbs bend away from the archer when held in the firing position.
The act of letting go of the string to launch the arrow.
Release Aid
A mechanical device that allows smoother release of the arrow.
Ribeaudiquin, Ribeaudeau
An engine based on a crossbow with a bow about eight feet wide.
A frame for carrying a small bow and it's arrows, Japan.
The bow's handle.
Robin Hood
The feat of driving the tip of an arrow into the end of another arrow that's already in the target. Named, of course, for Robin Hood's legendary accomplishment.
Fire arrows thrown by balistas, 14th century.
A certain number of arrows, shot from established distances, in competition. A round is made up of ends, as a baseball game is made up of innings.
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