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[1] An arrow, Japan.

[2] A bow in Salar, a Tibetan dialect.
Ya Bako
An arrow case, Japan.
Ya Bane
The feathers of an arrow, Japan.
Ya Bumi
A letter attached to an arrow to be shot, Japan.
Ya Dane
A supply of arrows in a quiver, Japan.
Ya Done
Projecting flanges on the checks of a menpo (face guard) to stop arrows.
Ya Gakari, Yagoro
A bowshot, Japan.
Ya Haki
A fletcher of arrows, Japan.
Ya Hazu, Ya Haru
The nock of an arrow, Japan.
Ya Jiri
The head of an arrow, Japan.
Ya no Ha
The feathers of an arrow, Japan.
Ya Omote
A bow shot, Japan.
Ya Saki
The point of an arrow, Japan.
Ya Tsugi
Fixing an arrow to a bow, Japan.
Ya Zama
An embrasure form which to shoot with a bow, Japan.
Ya Zuka
A bundle of arrows, Japan.
Ya Zutsu
See ebira.
A place for practicing archery, Japan.
To shoot with a bow at a target from horseback while the horse is moving, Japan.
A volley of arrows, Japan.
Yadzutsu, Utsubo
An arrow case consisting of a long bow with a short cover on one side near the end, Japan.
A Turkish bow.
The shaft of an arrow usually made of reed, Japan.
Yama Gata
A mound behind a target to stop arrows, Japan.
Yanagi Ha, Yanagi Ba
A type of Japanese arrow, usually straight sided and of diamond section but varying in size and shape.
Yanagi, Yanagi to Ba
A type of open quiver, Japan.
The shaft of an arrow, Japan.
[1] A Japanese arrow head which came in four main types: Yasagi-ha, willow leaf;

[2] Togari-ha, pointed but wide than type 1; [3] Karimata, forked and [4] Watakasi, barbed.
Yo Kyu
A small bow used for amusement, Japan.
To draw an arrow to the head, Japan.
Yu Gake
A Japanese archer's glove.
Yu Gote, Yu Kote
Japanese archer's sleeves.
A bag or case for a bow, Japan.
A bow, Japan.
Yumi Bukuro
A bag for a bow, Japan.
Yumi Dame
A form used to give a bow it's permanent curves, Japan.
Yumi Gote, Igote
See Yu gote.
Yumi Gumi
A company of archers, Japan.
Yumi Mato
A target for archery, Japan.
Yumi no Tsura
A bow string, Japan.
Yumi Shi
A bowyer, Japan.
Yumi Yari
A spear head to fit the tip of a bow, Japan.
Yumi Zira
A bow string, Japan.
An archer, Japan.
The left hand of an archer, Japan.
The handle of a Japanese bow.
A bow string, Japan.
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