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At-Bats per Grounded Into Double Play
At-Bats per Home Run
At-Bats per Runs Batted In
The Notre Dame baseball squad posted a 3.19 team grade-point average in the 2000 fall semester-the program's best semester in the seven-year tenure of head coach Paul Mainieri. Nine players turned in a Dean's List semester (3.4 or higher) in the fall of 2000, with 21 at 3.0 or higher. Irish baseball players have earned GTE Academic All-America honors 13 times since 1982, including a pair in 2000: 2B Jeff Perconte (3.76 cumulative GPA, double major in economics and government, now attending Notre Dame Law School) and current senior LHP Mike Naumann (3.92, pre-professional science, three 4.0 semesters, already accepted into and plans to attend Baylor Medical School). Notre Dame was one of seven Division I baseball teams with multiple Academic All-Americans in 2000 and only two of those schools-Notre Dame and North Carolina-participated in the 2000 NCAAs. Top All-America candidates for 2001 include Naumann, junior 3B Andrew Bushey (3.33, finance) and sophomore RF Brian Stavisky (3.69, Mendoza College of Business).
A team's best starting pitcher.
Active Career Batting Leaders
Minimum of 1,000 At Bats required for Batting Average, On-Base Percentage, Slugging Percentage, At Bats Per HR, At Bats Per GDP, At Bats Per RBI, and K/BB Ratio. One hundred (100) Stolen Base Attempts required for Stolen Base Success %. Any player who appeared in 1995 is eligible for inclusion provided he meets the category's minimum requirements.
Active Career Pitching Leaders
Minimum of 750 Innings Pitched required for Earned Run Average, Opponent Batting Average, all of the Per 9 Innings categories, and Strikeout to Walk Ratio. Two hundred fifty (250) Games Started required for Complete Game Frequency. One hundred (100) decisions required for Win-Loss Percentage. Any player who appeared in 1995 is eligible for inclusion provided he meets the category's minimum requirements.
Ahead/Behind in Count
For hitters, ahead in count includes 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 2-1 and 3-1. Behind in count for hitters includes 0-1, 0-2, 1-2 and 2-2. The opposite is true for pitchers.
Air Outs (Ao)
Out is recorded when defensive player catches the ball before it lands on the ground.
Notre Dame baseball players have combined for 16 major All-America awards (14 since '89, eight last three seasons). Junior pitcher Aaron Heilman owns six of those awards, as he was named third team All-America by Collegiate Baseball magazine as a freshman and sophomore while also earning 1999 third-team honors from the American Baseball Coaches Association before earning All-America from Collegiate Baseball, the ABCA and Baseball America as a junior (2000). Infielder Brant Ust was tabbed by the ABCA and Baseball America as a third-team All-American as a sophomore in 1998.
The section of the outfield between the outfielders. Also "gap."
Notre Dame's 792 baseball monogram winners include several who have gone on to successful administrative careers: executive director of the Notre Dame Alumni Association Chuck Lennon (catcher, 1960-61), recently-retired Notre Dame assistant vice president for special events Jim Gibbons (P/OF, '52-'53), commissioner of the Mid-American Conference Rick Chryst (OF, '81-'83), Xavier University athletic director Mike Bobinski (P, '78-'79), Indiana lieutenant governor Joe Kernan (C, '67-'68), Detroit Tigers executive John McHale (1B, '43) and former Notre Dame athletic director Dick Rosenthal (1B, '52-'53). Former Irish pitcher Steve Whitmyer ('83) is in his first season as the head baseball coach at Navy.
Brothers Sturgis and Cap Anson helped popularize baseball on the Notre Dame campus in 1866 (Cap later became one of pro baseball's most dynamic players in the late 1800s). Notre Dame began playing off-campus competition in 1888 and baseball became a varsity sport in 1892. The program's first varsity game was held April 21, 1892, a 6-4 home win over the University of Michigan.
Fly Outs
The act of a fielder claiming to an umpire that there was a violation of the rules by the offensive team.
Around the Horn
The 5-4-3 double play -- third to second to first. In the infield the numbers go: Pitcher #1, catcher #2, 1st base #3, 2nd base #4, shortstop #6, 3rd base #5.
Help from a fielder in putting an offensive player out. A fielder is credited with an assist when he throws a baserunner or hitter out at a base.
Assists (A)
Number of times a defensive player assisted on an out. Not counted if the play results in an error. Example: Batter hits a ball to the shortstop who throws to first base, where the batter is out. The shortstop gets an assist.
At Bat
The offensive teamís turn to bat the ball and score. Each player takes a turn at bat until three outs are made. Each Batterís opportunity at the plate is scored as an "at bat" for him.
At Bat (Ab)
Number of times a player has been up to bat. Not counting the times the plate appearance resulted in a walk, or sacrifice fly.
At Bats
An official plate appearance that counts for scoring. Walks, sacrifice bunts, sacrifice flies, obstruction calls, catcher's interference, or being hit by a pitch do not count as an at bat.
Batting Average Allowed by Pitcher
A pitch out of the reach of a batter. Also a team retired in its half of an inning.
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