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Woodside Top
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A 6-by-4-foot rectangular structure of wood or fiberglass that holds the basket.
1. The area from the center line to the baseline nearest the basket being defended by the team. 2. A team's guards, considered as a unit, as in, "Duke has an excellent backcourt."
Backcourt Violation
The failure to bring the ball from the backcourt into the frontcourt in the allotted 10 seconds; a violation. See also over and back.
Backdoor Play
A fundamental basketball play in which one player passes to a teammate in the high post, and when the defenders follow the ball, another player cuts to the basket from the opposite side of the court to take a pass for an open shot.
The basketball is 9 inches in diameter and weighs 20 to 22 ounces.
Ball Fake
A fake pass or shot.
Ball Handler
1) The player in control of the ball. 2) A player known for skillful handling of the ball.
Bang the Boards
To go after a rebound very aggressively.
Bang the Glass
Same as bang the boards.
Bank Shot
A shot where the ball is first bounced (or banked) off the backboard at such an angle that it then drops into the basket.
1. One of the two lines that mark the lengthwise boundaries of the court. 2) A loosely defined area just inside the baseline, used in phrases such as, "He drove the baseline and made a layup."
Baseline Drive
A drive on which the player moves along the baseline toward the basket.
Attached to the backboard, it consists of a metal rim 18" in diameter suspended 10' from the floor, from which a 15-18" corded net hangs, and through which points are scored; also used to refer to a successful field goal.
Basket Interference
See goaltending.
Beat the Defender
When an offensive player, with or without the ball, is able to get past an opponent who is guarding him.
A team's substitutes, as in, "The Lakers have a very strong bench."
Blind or "no Look" Pass
A pass from a ball handler who does not see the receiver, but is estimating where he should be.
Blind Pass
A pass from a ball handler who does not see his receiver, but is estimating where he should be.
Block Out
See box out.
Blocked Shot
A shot that is deflected from its course toward the basket by a defensive player before it has reached its highest point. See also goaltending.
The use of a defender's body position to legally prevent an opponent's advance; the opposite of charging.
Bonus Free Throw
An extra free throw awarded after the opposing team has exceeded a certain limit. In the National Basketball Association, the limit is five personal fouls per period. After that, a personal foul results in two free throws for the opponent who was fouled. In college basketball, the limit is seven fouls per half, after which the opposing team shoots one-and-one free throws.
Bonus Situation
A team is said to be in the bonus situation when it's entitled to bonus free throws.
Alumni supporters of college teams.
Bounce Pass
A pass thrown by a player to a teammate that bounces on the floor.
Box Out
Use your body to stay between an opponent and the basket and thus get into better position for a rebound.
A type of defense in which four players form a box, with two of them on each side of the free throw line, while the fifth is initially stationed near the top of the key and chases the ball as the opposition moves it around.
A defense in which four players form a box, with two of them on each side of the free throw line, and the fifth covers an opponent one on one.
Boxing Out
A player's attempt to position his body between his opponents and the basket to get rebounds and prevent the opponents from doing so.
See fast break.
A poor shot, usually thrown on a low trajectory, that bounces hard off the rim or backboard.
Another name for the basket or a field goal.
An open, uncontested shot, usually a layup or dunk. Also: snowbird.
To sink a shot cleanly, as in, "She really buried that jumper."
Buzzer Beater
A shot that's made just before the buzzer sounds to signal the end of a period.
Woodside Bottom
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