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Game Clock
Shows how much time remains in each of the four 12-minute quarters of an NBA game or two 20-minute halves of a college game.
A fundamental play in which one player passes to a teammate, then cuts to the basket to receive a return pass for an open layup or dunk.
Interfering with a shot while it is on its downward flight toward the basket, while it is on its upward flight toward the basket after having touched the backboard, or while it is in the cylinder above the rim. If committed by a defensive player, the shot counts. If committed by an offense player, it is a violation and the ball is awarded to the opposing team for a throw-in.
1. One of two players who usually operate from somewhere behind the free throw line in the frontcourt when on offense. They are typically responsible for bringing the ball out of the backcourt, setting up plays, and taking outside shots. See point guard; shooting guard. 2. To follow an opposing player while on defense, attempting to prevent an open shot.
The act of following an opponent around the court to prevent him from getting close to the basket, taking an open shot or making easy an pass, while avoiding illegal contact.
The 2 players on each team who are the smallest on the court; they usually handle setting up plays and passing to teammates closer to the basket.
A frequent shooter.
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