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A personal foul on which a player hits an opponent on the hand or forearm, usually while trying to knock the ball away.
Half-Court Offense
The offense run by a team after getting the ball into the frontcourt. There are many different half-court offenses, but they're all based on using player movement and ball movement designed to get an open shot.
Half-Court or Set Offense
When a team takes the time to develop a play in its frontcourt, such as the give-and-go or a screening play; opposite of fast break.
Half-Court Press
A press that's applied as soon as the opposing team gets the ball into the frontcourt.
Hand Check
To use one or both hands, intermittently or continuously, on an opposing player, especially the ball handler. A personal foul.
A violation in which a defender uses his hand to impede a player's progress.
Hang Time
The amount of time a player can stay in the air while attempting a shot.
See midcourt area marker.
Held Ball
A situation in which two opposing players have joint possession of the basketball and neither can gain sole possession without being over-aggressive. The ball is blown dead; in the NBA, a jump ball is used to restart play, while college teams use the alternate-possession rule.
High Percentage Shot
A shot that is likely to go in the basket, such as a layup.
High Post
An area in the frontcourt, near the free throw line, where the center is often positioned. See also double post; low post.
Using the hands to interfere with or limit an opponent's freedom of movement.
Hook Shot
A one-handed shot on which the player is sideways to the basket and the ball is released above the head from the hand farthest from the basket.
Basket or rim. Also slang for playing basketball.
The game of basketball, as in, "We played some hoops yesterday."
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