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Man-to-Man Defense
The defensive style used in the NBA, where each defensive player is responsible for guarding one opponent.
March Madness
See NCAA Tournament.
Any pairing of players on opposing teams who guard each other.
The portion of the court between the midcourt area markers.
Midcourt Area Marker
One of four lines extending 3 feet in from a sideline, 28 feet from and parallel to a baseline.
Midcourt Line
See center line.
Moving Pick
A personal foul on which a player is in motion while setting a screen and, as a result, comes into contact with an opponent.
Multiple Foul
The situation in which a player is fouled by two opponents at approximately the same time, with the second foul coming before the whistle has blown because of the first foul. Each foul carries a separate penalty. Compare double foul; false double foul; false multiple foul.
Mvp (Most Valuable Player)
An award recognizing the NBA player who contributed most to the regular season or to the Finals.
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