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Off the Dribble
A shot taken while driving to the basket.
The team with possession of the ball.
Offensive Board
1) The backboard behind the basket a team is shooting at. 2) An offensive rebound.
Offensive Foul
A personal foul committed by an offensive player. In the National Basketball Association and international amateur play, the ball is awarded to the opposing team for a throw-in. In college and high school play, an offensive foul is treated like a defensive foul, unless it's committed by the player handling the ball. See player control foul.
Offensive Rebound
A rebound of a teammate's shot, or of one's own shot.
Offensive Team
The team in possession of the ball.
The crew chief, referee and umpire who control the game, stop and start play, and impose penalties for violations and fouls.
A free throw attempt awarded in certain situations in high school and college basketball in which the player gets a second free throw if the first attempt is successful.
Descriptive of a situation in which two opposing players confront one another with no assistance from teammates. It may arise on a one-player fast break against a single defender or when a team has cleared out the side of the court where the ball is located.
When a player is unguarded by a defender.
Open Shot
A shot taken by an undefended player.
Abbreviation for overtime.
Out of Bounds
Outside of the playing area; beyond the sideline and/or the baseline. The ball is out of bounds when it touches the floor or any person or object that's out of bounds, or when it touches the back of the backboard or its supports. The team that last touched the ball is considered responsible and the ball is awarded to the other team for a throw-in.
Outlet Pass
A pass thrown by a player after getting a rebound to a teammate, generally near midcourt, to start a fast break.
Outside Shooting
Shots taken from the perimeter.
Outside Shot
A shot taken from some distance.
Over and Back
A violation on which a team has brought the ball into the frontcourt and then lets it return to the backcourt. As soon as a player from that team touches it in the backcourt, the ball is dead and is awarded to the opposing team for a throw-in.
Over the Limit
Beyond a given number of fouls. Each team is allowed four fouls per quarter for which no free throws are assessed (unless they are committed against players in the act of shooting ); after four fouls a team is said to be "over the limit" and free throws are assessed on all subsequent fouls.
To focus on one side of an opponent being guarded, usually the player's strongest side, in order to force a move to or a shot from the other side.
An extra period played to decide the outcome of a game tied after regulation time. Overtime generally lasts five minutes and, if the score is still tied, the teams play another overtime period.
Overtime or Ot
The extra period(s) played after a regulation game ends tied.
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