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1) A carom of the ball off the backboard after a missed shot. 2) Gaining possession of the ball after it has come off the backboard. As a verb, to get a rebound. See defensive rebound; offensive rebound.
The player who receives a pass from the ball handler.
One of two or three officials in charge of a game; they are responsible for calling all violations and fouls, levying penalties, and signaling valid field goals. See also center official; lead official; trail official; umpire.
Regulation Game
Four 12-minute quarters in the NBA or two 20-minute halves in college; a game that ends without overtime periods.
To block a shot.
A blocked shot.
The moment that the ball leaves a shooter's hands.
Restraining Circle
There are three restraining circles on the basketball court: the two free throw circles and the center circle. When a player is attempting a free throw, no other player is allowed to enter the restraining circle until the ball hits the backboard, net, or rim. When a jump ball is being held, only the two players jumping are allowed in the restraining circle until the ball has been touched.
Reverse Dunk
A dunk that's made backward, over the shooter's head.
Reverse Layup
A layup that's made after the shooter crosses under the basket to lay the ball in from the other side, usually because the shot might have been blocked on the original side of attack.
An 18-inch metal ring that's attached to a backboard and holds a net.
Starting with the back to the basket, to make a quick turning motion around a defender, followed by a break to the basket. See also pick and roll.
A player in his first NBA season.
The list of players on a team.
Occurs when one team scores several field goals in quick succession while its opponents score few or none.
A shot taken by a player while running.
Running Jumper
A jump shot taken by a player while running.
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