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Short for technical foul or time out.
See tipoff.
Team Foul
A personal foul is charged to the team as well as the player (except for an offensive foul in the National Basketball Association). When a team commits a certain number of fouls in a specified period, the opposing team is awarded free throws for each personal foul. See bonus free throw.
Team Fouls
Each personal foul committed by a player is also counted against his team; when a team goes over the limit, its opponent is awarded free-throw opportunities.
Technical Foul
A type of foul usually called because of a procedural violation or misconduct not involving physical contact between players, although very violent contact is sometimes punished with a technical foul as well as a personal foul. Technical fouls are most commonly called for unsportsmanlike conduct, such as showing disrespect for an official through excessive argument or using profanity. In the National Basketball Association, the non-offending team is awarded a free throw and the team that was in possession of the ball at the time of the foul is given a throw-in. A player, coach, or team official is ejected after committing two technical fouls. In college basketball, the non-offending team is given two free throws and the ball for a throw-in.
Technical Fouls
Also known as "T's." Basically unsportsmanlike conduct; this can include vociferous trash talking between players, but most often involves abusive and insulting language directed at the refs. In the pros the penalty is one free throw for the opposing team; in college it's two. Can be called on coaches as well as players.
Technical Fouls or Ts
Procedural violations and misconduct that officials believe are detrimental to the game; penalized by a single free-throw opportunity to the non-offending team (2 free-throws in college).
Ten-Second Line
Another name for the center line when the ten-second rule is in effect.
Ten-Second Rule
The rule that a team, having gained control of the ball in its own backcourt, must bring it across the center line within ten seconds. Failing to do so is a violation. See also over and back.
The Paint
Another name for the foul lane. See above.
Three-Point Field Goal
A field goal made from outside the three-point line and therefore worth three points. The shooter must have both feet entirely behind the line before shooting or jumping to attempt the shot.
Three-Point Line
A semi-circle drawn around the center of the basket, with a radius of 23 feet, 9 inches in the National Basketball Association; 20 feet, 6 inches in international play; and 19 feet, 9 inches in college basketball.
Three-Point Play
A two-point field goal followed by a successful free throw.
Three-Point Shot
A field goal worth three points, taken from beyond an arc that is 22 feet from the basket.
Three-Second Rule
The rule that an offensive player can spend no more than three consecutive seconds within the free throw lane. Having any part of either foot on or inside the line is considered being in the lane.
Three-Second Violation
An offensive player may not stand in the lane for three seconds.
A method of putting the ball into play after it has gone out of bounds; after a score, a violation, or a personal foul for which no free throws are awarded; or at the beginning of a period, in some cases. The player making the throw-in has five seconds to pass the ball inbounds.
Tie Ball
See held ball.
Time Line
Another name for the center line.
When play is temporarily suspended by an official or at the request of a team to discuss strategy or respond to an injured player; there are full timeouts (100 seconds in the NBA, 75 seconds in college) and 20-second timeouts.
Tip in
To score a basket by tapping a rebound over and through the rim. Also used a noun.
To tip a missed shot into the basket.
The initial jump ball that starts the game.
Top of the Key
The area behind the free throw line but inside or near the free throw circle.
Trail Official
The referee or official who follows the ball upcourt after a change of possession, then works near the midcourt area marker. When the ball changes hands once more and begins to move back toward the other end of the court, the trail official usually becomes the lead official.
An offensive player who trails on a fast break but often is in good position to score after the first wave of defenders goes by.
The shift from offense to defense. Teams slow in shifting are often victims of the fast break, above.
A sudden double team on the ball handler. Also used as a verb.
A violation on which the ball handler takes too many steps without dribbling, drags or moves the pivot foot, or takes too many steps after having ended a dribble series. Also known as steps or walking.
A 3-point basket.
Triangle Offense
"The" offensive scheme of the 1990šs, as practiced by the Chicago Bulls and now the L.A. Lakers. Invented at USC in the 1940's, coach Tex Winter brought it to Chicago in 1985 but it was not fully implemented until the arrival of Phil Jackson in 1989. Gets its name because the set-up always begins with the 3 guards starting behind the 3-point line on the same side of the court. Superstar players dislike it because it relies on a lot of fast ball movement (i.e. unselfish play) and it can get complicated.
Triple Double
When a player scores double-digits in 3 categories during one game (points, assists and rebounds are most common, but it can also be blocks or steals); a sign of great versatility.
A relatively rare achievement in which a player accumulates double figures in three of the following categories in the same game: points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked shots.
Turnaround Jumper
A jump shot on which a player who is facing away from the basket pivots, jumps, and shoots.
When the offense loses possession through its own fault by passing the ball out of bounds or committing a floor violation.
Twenty-Four Second Clock
The shot clock in the National Basketball Association.
Two-Shot Foul
A foul for which the penalty is two free throws.
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