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The person who calls out the numbers as they are drawn; machines are normally used to randomly generate these numbers. Most clubs use two callers; the job of the main stage bingo caller tends to involve more showmanship than a prize or parti bingo caller's.
Candy Store
Your playing card.
Cash Ball
A progressive jackpot that pays off with a bingo on the called number (number is drawn before the session begins). Validation is required to win the jackpot.
A form of bingo where the prize is a cash payout. This is taken from the money paid in, and must be a minimum of 50% of the available stake.
Casino Night
An event held for a specific period of time (generally beginning in the afternoon and ending by midnight) during which a qualified organization is entitled to hold casino-style gaming events. Games conducted include: Pulltabs, bingo, roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, gin rummy, five card stud poker, and merchandise wheels. Also Vegas Night.
Coin Door
The front door that can be opened for access to the cash box. Early machines used a wooden door, while later games used metal. The condition of this door can tell you a lot about how the game was operated. If the coin door has extra metal, locking bars, or gouges from attempts to pry it open, the machine has had a hard life.
The color of each sheet in your collated bingo book.
Coming of Age
The prize or prizes offered on some "special" or "flimsy" games if there is no winner in a predetermined number of calls.
This is a pattern where you must cover all numbers on the card to win.
Cup of Tea
Indicates the direction in which a sheet of faces will be cut from the master sheet. (square, horizontal, or vertical).
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