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Bingo daber is a bottle of ink that has a foam top on it, when you touch the bingo card with the foam tip it marks the square.
Dancing Queen
Danny La Rue
An ink marker sold in a small plastic bottle for the purpose of marking off numbers on "flimsy" sheets. See definition of flimsy.
Dirty Gertie
Dirty Knee
Dispensing Device
A mechanical or electro-mechanical device with one or more stacking columns that dispenses a charity game tickets after the player inserts the appropriate amount of coin or currency.
Any person who purchases or obtains charity gaming equipment and sells, offers to sell, or otherwise provides charity gaming equipment to a charitable organization. Synonym: Supplier
Drag Arms
The drag arms are a couple of metal bars leaning up against cams on the front of the control unit. They periodically stop a couple of the cams from rotating briefly, and in the process alter the positions of the cam lobes between themselves and the rest of the control unit. The net affect is to randomize the timing of certain events during the cycling of the game, such as the amount of time the spotting wipers turn.
Duck and Dive
Woodside Bottom
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