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A button on the foot rail with a single letter R on it. In order to score your wins, you need to push the R-button. On games where you could rearrange winning combinations via things like the magic screen, you need to push the R-button for every winning combination you set. The main reason for the R-button was to have more control over when scoring happened, and it had the nice side effect of reducing wear in the game, as the search disc was held stationary until the R-button was pushed. On earlier games where the search disc was rotating constantly, the contacts on the search disc and the search relays would wear away.
Rainbow Pack
A paper pack that allows players to play for three or four different prize denominations at once.
Rebound Rubber
The rubber disk mounted at the top left of the playfield that the ball bounces off if you shoot the ball hard enough.
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Reflex Unit
A simple mechanism in the game which stepped up when credits were won and stepped down when credits/coins were played. As it stepped up/down, electrical circuits in the game were broken/made. The circuits were used when playing for increasing the scores/features or extra balls. Bally marketing speak referred to the reflex unit as "proportioning the game". What that really meansis that as credits are awarded, the game is less likely to give you extra balls or increase the scores/features. As credits are played off/coins deposited, the game gets more generous. The reflex unit does not reset between games, so if you win big, leave the game and let someone else loosen it up with their money!
The series of blank lines preceded by a numeral, letter, or symbol combination that appears on a coin board, seal card, or tipboard and is the place where players holding a ticket with the corresponding numeral, letter, or symbol combination sign their names.
Reno Night
An evening of casino games like blackjack and roulette. These are sometimes held in bingo hall Is but more often in restaurants and hotels, Eagles & Elks clubs and other fraternal organizations.
Reno Trip
A blackout played for a Reno Trip for Two as the prize. The trip usually includes air fare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. Winners have a choice of taking the trip or a cash alternative, usually about $250 to $300.
Replay Counter
A mechanical unit inside the machine that keeps track of how many credits the player has been awarded for various wins. In early games, there is one of these units. If, for example, you win 12 credits for a 3-in-line, the counter will step up as the credits are added to the replay register. When the counter reaches the 12-level, payout stops. If you then pot another ball to give you a 4-in-line, the counter starts stepping up from where it left off until you reach the 4-in-line level. Later games have multiple replay counters, so they can pay wins independently. For example, games with triple deck advancing odds/scores have three replay counters, one each for the red/yellow/green winners.
Replay Register
The three or four digit unit that shows the player the number of credits they have. Not to be confused (much) with a replay counter.
Random Number Generator; the machine used to pick the numbers for a game of bingo. Most are electronic.
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