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S / I Cards
Score/Instruction cards. The score cards defined the payouts for 3,4, and 5-in-line/section, and the instruction cards gave minimal info on what the features did. Many games also have a third/fourth card which explained unique features of the game, or indicated the OK game/red letter game guaranteed minimums.
This is the unit which sits on top of the barrier and contains the mechanisms used in the game - typically the coin mechanisms, valid & credit displays, and claim buttons. Most pod tops have the equipment for 4-6 playing positions. Also Pod Top.
Saving Grace
Score Disc
The score disc is a stepper unit that lights the odds lamps, determines payout amounts, and adjusts the odds of getting features. As the scores advance, the chances of lighting additional features reduces.
Seal Card
A board or placard used with charity game tickets which contains a seal or seals, which when removed or opened, reveal pre-designated winning numbers, letters, symbols or monetary denominations. The seal card also may contain a register and serve as the game’s flare card.
Search Disc
A large unit inside the game that is used to detect winning combinations. It works by controlling a set of five or more search relays. As the unit operates, it closes the search relays when balls are in the particular holes it is looking at. If the correct number of search relays are closed, the search stops and payout circuits are activated. After payout completes, the search continues for more paying combinations. Higher payouts can actually get broken into two pieces - payout for a 3-in-line, a pause, then the remainder of the payout for a 4-in-line or higher.
Search Index
The search index assembly is mounted underneath the control unit cams just to the left of the search disk. It consists of a coil, some switches, and an arm. In it's inactive state, the arm is lowered away from the search ratchet, and the search wipers are free to turn (unless held by something else). When a winner is detected and payout is needed, the search index coin is activated and the arm engages a tooth on the search ratchet, thus causing the search wipers to stop on the winning contacts until the payout is complete.
Search Ratchet
A gear connected to the search wipers which the search index can engage to stop the search wiper unit from turning.
Search Relays
The search relays are used in conjunction with the search disc to detect winning combinations of lit numbers. It's the search relays that make all the clicking noises heard on the early bingo's. The amount of clicks increase as more balls are in playfield holes.
Serial Number
The minimum five-character number printed by a manufacturer on each set of charity game tickets. Each ticket in a set contains the same serial number.
Indicates the number of unique faces that a single set will contain. For example: a 9000 SERIES has 9000 unique faces.
An entire evening or daytime program of bingo consisting of "regular" games usually played on "hard cards" and special games played on "throwaways" or paper sheets. A session usually lasts somewhere between two and a half hours and three hours and 15 minutes.
9000 bingo faces numbered in sequence and all one color.
Seven Dozen
Shutter Board
A hand-held plastic board with pre-printed numbers, usually in a 4x4 format. These numbers are marked off by closing shutters over them.
Shutter Panel
A thin wooden board mounted to the bottom of the playfield. When slid away from the player, holes in the board would allow the balls to drop beneath the playfield onto another sloping board, which would direct the balls into the ball trough. The shutter panel normally closes when the first ball lifts the ball gate on a completely reset machine. Complete reset of the machine requires all balls to be in the ball trough, so if you power off a game with a ball in the ball runway, then power on and start a game, shooting the first ball will not close the shutter. Once all the balls are beneath the playfield, reset is complete and shooting the next ball will close the shutter.
Six Dozen
Six numbers in a block on one card.
Snakes Alive
A coil of wire wound around a spool and a metal plunger partway inserted in it. Apply power to the coil and the plunger is sucked into the spool, pulling whatever is attached to it.
A game played on a flimsy sheet: Bingo cards printed on thin sheets of paper. There are usually three cards printed on a single sheet but flimsies are also printed in one, two, four, or six or 9-card formats. Typically a flimsy sheet costs one or two dollars and a win on a flimsy on a "special" game usually pays quite a bit more than a win on a "regular" game. Also called "throwaways" in some areas.
Speed Bingo
A variation of regular bingo. Numbers are called very quickly and you can bingo in as few as three numbers. Usually played before or after a regular session.
Spin Cycle
The spin cycle is when the game is eating your coins/credits as you attempt to improve the scores/features. "Spin" comes from the flashing lights that sequence around the back-glass.
Split Pot
A bingo game in which the winner splits the sales of the game (the pot) with the bingo hall or "house." For example the winner might get 60 percent of the sales and the house would keep forty percent.
A number being lit on the bingo card without a corresponding ball being it the hole. Usually spotting occurred before the game started, but some games used the roll-over buttons to spot numbers.
Spotting Index
The spotting index assembly is mounted on the back door just to the right of the spotting disk. It consists of a coil, some switches, and an arm. In it's inactive state, the arm is engaged on a tooth on the spotting ratchet, and it stops the spotting wipers from turning. When the coil is activated, the arm moved away and releases the spotting wipers.
Spotting Ratchet
A gear connected to the spotting wipers which the spotting index can engage to stop the spotting wiper unit from turning.
Spotting Wipers
The metal fingers on the spotting unit that rotate and make contact with the rivets on the spotting disk. The rivets that the wipers stop on are the first hurdle to overcome to get odds advancement, features lighting, or extra balls awarded. The mixers decide whether to ignore the spotting disc or not.
Stage Displays
Most large bingo clubs use electronic displays to show information to the customers - from the current called number and ticket sales to prize money and advertisements.
Staying Alive
Stop and Run
Sunset Strip
Sweet Sixteen
Woodside Bottom
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