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Short for an Ace.
[1] Acronym for Atlantic City, NJ, the city [2] Acronym for Anthony Curtis, author and publisher.
[1] Card with value one or 11 [2] One dollar [3] A swell guy
Ace Adjustment
Usually refers to a side count of aces kept in addition to the main count. An ace adjustment is commonly used to vary strategy and bets based upon both the main count and the number of aces counted.
Ace Neutral Count
Any counting system which does not assign a value to aces.
Ace Poor
A point where less aces than normal expectation would dictate have been dealt. The deck, pack or shoe is then considered to be ace poor.
Ace Reckoned Count
Any counting system which includes aces as a part of the main count. For example, hi-lo is an ace reckoned count, but Hi-Opt I is not.
Ace Rich
Whenever there are more aces in the deck, pack or shoe than normal expectation would dictate.
Your act is the persona you portray in a casino, what you do to make the people watching you think you are a gambler and a loser.
[1] Amount of money bet or "put into action" by a player during entire playing session. Ten bets of ten dollars each is $100 of action [2] Large amount of checks or cash being bet, "I've been dealing to action all night" [3] Game in progress
Advanced Omega Ii System
A Level 2 card counting system described in Bryce Carlson's book, Blackjack for Blood. It is a balanced count which assigns the values of plus one to 2s, 3s and 7s, plus two to 4s, 5s and 6s, minus one to 9s and minus two to ten valued cards.
Player's or more rarely the casino's expected rate of win or loss, usually given as a percentage of total money put into action. A player may be said to have a 1% advantage in a certain game. This means that the player can expect to have a 1% return on all of the money bet in that game.
An abbreviation for Away From the Keyboard, used during chat
A player working with a floorman or dealer to cheat a casino
Anchor / Anchorman
The player closest to the dealer's right which is to receive the last card before the dealer. "I'll be the anchorman or play third base". If you are new to Blackjack you may want to avoid this position. Other players will sometimes blame the anchorman for giving the dealer an advantage by not hitting or standing in the same way they would. If you're card counting, this is the best place to sit.
Ao Ii
An abbreviation for the Advanced Omega II System
An abbreviation for AmericaOnLine, the company.
The acronym for Advanced Point Count, a counting system associated with Ken Uston.
Small half-circle of heavy cloth imprinted with the casino name and logo, worn around the waist. The function is to cover the pockets so no chips can be stolen and to protect the dealers clothes from wearing out as they rub against the table.
The acronym for Arnold Snyder, author and publisher.
A "try out" at a gaming table in a casino where a dealer must exhibit his or her dealing skill and sophistication to the management before being hired.
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