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Fab Four
A term coined by Don Schlesinger used to describe the top four surrender plays that vary from basic strategy based upon the hi-lo counting system.
Face Card
The face cards are the Jacks, Queens, and Kings. They all have a value of 10. So including the face cards there are sixteen 10-value cards per deck.
Face Down (Game)
Dealing Style. In face down game, player's first card is up, second card is down. There is Face up game as well. Each style has slightly different table etiquette of play.
Face Up (Game)
Dealing Style. In face up game, both cards are dealt up and cards are not touched by player - presumably to prevent cheating. Each style has slightly different table etiquette of play.
False Shuffle
The shuffling action by a cheating dealer which preserves the original order of the cards or some pre-arranged order of cards that the dealer has set up while shuffling for a certain purpose (ie to deal himself a natural, to deal a winning hand to an accomplice etc).
The acromym for Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers.
Any series of numbers in which the two preceding numbers totaled together equals the next number in the series. An example would be 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55. There are a number of betting progressions which utilize a Fibonacci series.
1. The replenishing of chips by the casino at a table game. 2. To replenish the money or tokens in a slot machine or other kind of gaming machine.
First Base
This is the first player to receive cards when the dealer deals the cards. This is the player's seat farthest to the right at a blackjack table, from the player's viewpoint.
First Baseman
Term used to describe the player sitting closest to the shoe, on the Dealer's left hand side, and receiving the first card dealt.
Five-Card Charlie
Any five-card blackjack hand that totals 21 or less.
Flat Betting
To wager the same amount of money on each bet made during a playing session or a portion of the playing session.
Flea or Slot Flea
This is the casino's expression for someone who flits from machine to machine playing only those with positive expectations.
Floating Advantage
The concept whereby, in multi-deck games, the advantage we associate with every level of a True Count (TC) floats down the TC, the deeper getting into the pack of cards dealt, i.e. the deeper into the shoe the respective TC is encountered. The FA is of more theoretical than practical importance, because as a pack is depleted, the same True Count garners extra advantage, said advantage becoming especially interesting at those levels where the shuffle is most likely to occur.
A practice which reduces every "precise" index number to just an integer (Floored indices, or indexes). When Flooring, all the index numbers are taken down ("floored") to the nearest smaller integer. Examples: +2.95 becomes +2, +1.05 becomes +1, +0.10 becomes 0, -0.05 becomes -1, -3.99 becomes -4. Notice that flooring positive numbers is identical to truncating them. Of course, an index number which has been calculated to be "precisely" an integer, does not change: +3.000000 remains as +3. See also: Rounding, Truncating.
A casino executive who supervises a portion of a pit, usually under the direction of a pit boss.
This word describes the ups and downs of your bankroll. Sometimes abbreviated as "flucs".
Foreign Chip
A chip from another casino you are playing in. In Las Vegas many of the larger casinos will cash smaller denomination chips from other casinos as a favor to their customers but they are certainly not obligated to do so.
Front Loader
1. A dealer who exposes his hole card to a player seated at the table. 2. A player who intentionally manages to see the dealer's hole card and uses this information for his own play or relays it to a confederate playing at the table.
Front Loading
To glimpse the dealer's hole card and use the information for playing your hand.
The acronym for For What It's Worth.
The acronym for For Your Information.
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