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The acronym for Gambler's Book Club, a bookstore in Las Vegas.
The acronym for Gaming Control Board, the Nevada agency that regulates the state's casinos.
The dealer's name for a good tipper.
The acronym for a Las Vegas casino called Golden Nugget.
The acronym for Groaner Of the Month
Term for the Big Player who is ignorant of any advantage technique, sometimes even of Basic Strategy, and just follows the other team member's signals on how to play & bet on his hands. 2. Not very accurately, it's also used for the knowledgeable Big Player who plays & bets on his hands strictly according to directions.
Grand Martingale
A betting progression in which the player doubles his bet and adds one unit after each loss until a win occurs.
Graveyard Shift
Casino workers on the graveyard shift generally start at 2 AM, but may start a couple of hours earlier or later than that. Generally the least-experienced dealers work graveyard.
Green Chip
A $25 chip.
Peter Griffin, blackjack author.
Griffin Book
A series of books kept by Griffin which identifies card counters and suspected card counters. It may include profiles and photographs. The book also identifies and profiles other persons unwanted by casinos.
Griffin Investigations
An investigator firm hired by many casinos to identify and track cheats. They also identify and track card counters, as well as perform other investigative tasks for their clients.
1. To make money in small increments while gambling. 2. To eke out a profit over the long run.
Grind Joint
Usually refers to a low roller casino which caters to small bettors.
The acronym for Gold Strike, a casino.
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