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An abbreviation used to signify that the rules of a particular blackjack game include requiring the dealer to hit a soft seventeen.
1. The cards held by a player or the dealer to form a complete play. 2. A reference to a completed round of play. 3. A completed play at other table games, such as craps.
Hard Hand
Hands without an ace, or with an ace valued at 1 are said to be hard in that they can only be given one value, as opposed to "soft" hands.
Hard Total
The total of any hand not containing Aces or the total of a hand where the Ace is counted as 1. So a 10 and an 8 is a hard total of 18, or a hard 18. An Ace and a 7 is a hard total of 8.
The acronym for High Card: 10, J, Q, K, or ace.
Heads Up
Playing one-on-one against the dealer. No other players at the table.
The pressure a casino puts on a winning player, typically someone who is suspected of being a card counter. It can range from very mild forms, such as a pit boss intently watching a player, unnecessary comments to more overt forms, such as a pit boss counting down the cards in the discard tray, particularly after a player has raised his bet, accusations of counting cards, intent scrutiny of your game by the pit bosses or other casino personnel. Most counters consider heat to be a warning sign that the casino suspects they are counting.
Hi-Lo Count
A balanced level one counting system which values the 2 through 6 cards as a plus one and the tens, face cards and aces as a minus one. It has become the universal language of card counters, in the sense that many of the standard references to the count in games use the Hi-Lo count as a basis, such as the Illustrious 18. Often, when there is no other frame of reference, if someone refers to a count number, it is assumed that the reference is based on the Hi-Lo count. The most comprehensive guide to the Hi-Lo count can be found in Stanford Wong's book, Professional Blackjack.
Hi-Opt I.
A balanced level one counting system included in Humble and Cooper's book, The World's Greatest Blackjack Book. It assigns the value of plus one to 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's and minus one to ten valued cards.
Hi-Opt Ii
A balanced level two counting system which is sold separately from the Hi-Opt I system. It assigns a value of plus one to 2's, 3's, 5's and 6's, plus two to 4's and 5's, and minus two to ten valued cards.
High Roller
A person who makes large wagers in the casino. What constitutes a high roller in one casino may be very different from one casino to another one. For example, a $100 bettor may be considered a high roller in a small downtown casino such as Fitzgerald's, but wouldn't attract too much attention at the Mirage.
High-Low Light
Card counting system similar to Red Seven, but slightly more powerful. Recommended for those having mastered Red Seven.
High-Low Pick-Up
The way the dealer picks up the players' or his cards from the table, is rigidly set down by each casino. "High-low pickup" is when the dealer, while pretending to follow house rules, picks up in separate slugs (small amount of cards) a pack of high cards (like face cards) and low cards, and then proceeds to control these slugs in the shuffle for a certain purpose (ie dealing high cards to a confederate at the table, dealing himself stiff hands etc).
Hit / Hitting ( Draw / Drawing )
A decision by the player to take another card. The request is almost never made verbally. In a hand-held game, it is made by scratching the cards against the felt, and in a face-up game, it is made by tapping the felt when it is the player's turn to either refuse or accept another card.
Hit Card
1. A card requested by the player during play. 2. Additional cards the dealer must take to complete a hand.
The amount of money won by the casino, often expressed in terms of the percentage of total wagers made in the casino. It can also be expressed as a monetary amount.
Hole Card
Dealer's first card dealt, always face down. Always assume it is a ten-value card.
Hole Card Play
To play blackjack with the knowledge of the dealer's unexposed hole card.
Hopping the Deck
The action of a cheating dealer in single deck blackjack with which he nullifies the player's cut of the cards and returns them to their pre-cut order.
Hot Deck
Playing situation with a high count value, very favorable to player.
House Advantage / House Edge
The term "house edge" refers to the percentage advantage of casino over the player.
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