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An abbreviation for Multiple-Action blackjack. Your hand is played out once. The dealer's hand is played out multiple times, starting with the same up card each time. Standard blackjack strategy applies.
An IOU to the casino signed by a player who has casino credit.
1. One of the oldest betting progressions in existence. It requires a player to double the size of his bet after a loss and to continue doubling his bets until a win is achieved, resulting in a profit equal to the size of the original bet. It is impossible to win in the long run using this system. 2. Often used as a term for any system which requires increasing a bet after a loss. It is not a winning method of betting in any form.
1. The acronym for Michael Dalton, author and publisher. 2. The acronym for Multiple Deck.
The acronym for Ken Uston's book entitled Million Dollar Black Jack.
1. Someone who can manipulate a deck of playing cards. 2. Slang for dealer who cheats, often by dealing "seconds," that is holding top card in reserve for later use.
An abbreviation for MGM Grand, a casino.
Money Management
A phrase often used by gamblers to describe how they handle their bankroll. To non counting system player, it may mean establishing a stop-loss or win goal. To a card counter, it may mean considering things like bankroll, risk of ruin and the use of Kelly betting strategies.
Money Plays
Cried by the dealer to alert the pit boss when a player puts down money as a bet without wanting to exchange them for chips. Also said by the player to the dealer, declaring that he doesn't want the money changed into chips.
A face card, probably a corruption of "monarchy." Shouted by players from far east (Vietnam, Laos, etc) when asking for a good hit from dealer when doubling down.
The acronym for Main Street Station, a casino.
To remove small cards from the deck and replace them with ten valued cards and aces. It is cheating. The word can also be used to describe the opposite, which would be for a casino to remove high cards from the deck.
Multiple Deck
A phrase used to describe games, usually blackjack, in which more than one deck of cards is used.
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