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The number of hands (sometimes expressed in hours of playing time) theoretically required to be played with a certain set of rules and strategy (count, spread etc.) before the player reaches his goal to be ahead by at least one standard deviation. It has been supported as a main measure of every situation's (rules & strategy) assessment mostly by Brett Harris. It is expressed as N0 = Var / EV^2.
When an Ace and a 10 value card are dealt as the first two cards totaling 21 in value. This hand typically pays 3:2 odds and can also be referred to as a Blackjack.
An abbreviation for New Black Jack, a different system, which black jack players describe as a nonsense system.
An abbreviation for News Group, such as rec.gambling.blackjack or rec.gambling.blackjack.moderated.
A $5 chip.
No Double after Split (Ndas)
Casino rules that do not allow doubling when the player has split two cards.
No Hole Card
This describes any blackjack game in which the dealer does not take a second card until after all player hands are finished. If a player who has doubled down or split loses only the original bet to a natural by the dealer, the player's strategy and edge are the same as if the dealer took a hole card and checked it. If the player loses all on doubles and splits against a natural, the game is generally called "European no hole card".
An abbreviation used in the subject of a post to mean the subject is the whole message and the post contains No Text; usually enclosed in parentheses.
1. A player's bankroll. 2. The overhead expenses of a casino or a player. 3. The best possible hand in a round of poker, given the cards that are dealt.
The acronym for New York New York, a casino
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