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1. The special place in the table where the dealer keeps the house chips, stacked horizontally in rows. Also Tray. 2. In some casinos, players can ask for racks to hold their chips.
Rainbow Bet
A bet, usually large, comprised of chips of various denominations, randomly arranged in a single pile, mostly in order to camouflage a bet increase.
Rainbow Blackjack
Variation of blackjack which identifies each player's position at the table with a color. Each player has betting spots for each of the other colors, allowing him to bet on other players' hands as well as his own. This game is not widely offered, seen mainly in southern Mississippi.
Rat Holing (Chips).
When the player secretly sneaks a portion of his chips into purse or pocket in order to hide from the pit crew how much he's winning.
Determination by house that a player's skill level is on the professional level. A player's rating may be stored by computer and communicated to the pit.
The acronym for Running Count.
An abbreviation for regarding.
Red Chip
A $5 chip.
Red Seven Count
An unbalanced counting system devised by Arnold Snyder and included in his book, Blackbelt in Blackjack, which strikes good balance between power and ease of use. It gets it's name from the fact that the player counts only the red sevens as plus one and assigns a zero value to the black sevens. The other values assigned include plus one for 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's and minus one for ten valued cards and aces.
Splitting pairs after splitting a pair for the first time if another like card is dealt.
Resplit Aces (Rsa)
The unlimited ability to re-split aces. Many casinos set a limit to the number of times that aces can be split.
An abbreviation for complimentary Room, Food, and Beverage.
The acronym for Rec.Gambling.Blackjack, a usenet newsgroup.
Rider Bet
The bet made by a player (the "Rider") behind another player's bet. Most casinos allow two Riders max. The total amount of bets placed on the betting circle (spot) cannot exceed the table maximum. In most casinos, the player who has the original bet on the spot gets to direct how the hand will be played. The original bettor also gets to fill up the spot up to the maximum bet at any time, if he so chooses, leaving out anyone else who wishes to place Rider bets. In some casinos, the player who gets to direct the play of the hand is the player who has placed the largest bet, even if he's a Rider. If a Rider has the option of making the extra bet on pair splits, there are some variations to basic strategy that can help the rider. Also "Over-the-shoulder bet".
The act of shuffling the cards by dividing them into two equal stacks and blending them together, accomplished by holding the cards between the thumb and the first two fingers of each hand.
Risk of Ruin
Describes the likelihood of losing all of one's bankroll.
The acronym for Random-Number Generator.
1. The acronym for Risk Of Ruin. 2. The acronym for Rate Of Return.
The acronym for Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
A completed hand to all players at a blackjack table.
A practice which reduces every "precise" index number to just an integer (Rounded indices, or indexes). When Rounding, all the index numbers are rounded to the nearest integer, following the mathematical rules which apply when rounding numbers. Examples: -1.50 becomes -2, -1.49 becomes -1, -0.50 becomes 0, +0.49 becomes 0, +0.50 becomes +1, +1.49 becomes +1, +1.50 becomes +2. Of course, an index number which has been calculated to be "precisely" an integer, does not change: +3.000000 remains as +3. Also Flooring, Truncating.
The acronym for Revere Point Count.
An abbreviation for Resplit Aces.
Rule of Six
A policy followed by many casinos at single deck. They require a dealer to deal five rounds to one player, four rounds to two players, three rounds to three players and two rounds to four players. Some casinos carry this rule to the extreme and only deal one round to five or more players.
Running Count
The total number of points a card-counting system assigns to the cards seen from the beginning of the deck or shoe. The running count is updated by the value of the point count after each hand.
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